Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sweet Vintage


An early morning yesterday spent surrounded by elements of vintage goodness…

My grandmother on my mind—her favorite recipe on my mind, as well…


Newly into September, the holidays are soon to be here—and one of our favorite things in our family?  Grammie’s English Toffee….Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without it!

The hours she would spend in the kitchen—either hers or ours—making batch after batch of the buttery sweets—tartan tins lining the counter, just waiting to be filled with the delicious gifts for family and friends…


I can still remember seeing her carefully written-out grocery lists on the counter…ingredients not-to-be-forgotten…

A little page made for my heritage story book just to remember…


Another little vintage card made—this time for a girlfriend, perhaps—all pink, ribbons & lace…


“Made just for you”, it says…something Velda might have said as she lovingly handed her toffee to an eager friend, I think…


And, just for you, too—a recipe to share:

Velda’s English Toffee

Velda’s English Toffee

1/2 lb. butter                              chocolate chips

1 cup sugar                                  chopped pecans

2 Tbsp. water                              pinch of salt

Put in heavy saucepan.  Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly with wooden spoon until light golden brown.  Pour into buttered 9″ square pan.

Immediately sprinkle 3/4 package of chocolate chips over top.  Let melt a minute and smooth with spatula.  Then, sprinkle with chopped pecans–almost a cup.  Pat lightly to set nuts in chocolate.

When cool, break into pieces with point of a sharp knife.



See you soon with something new…


{all elements & papers used on my projects today (except for ribbon, buttons & blue flowers) are found at the wonderful Vintage Street Market}


  1. Is that the cutest Grama ever!? Anyone named Velda is already adorable and that 1940s picture, gasp! I think every girl in the 40s looks so cute! The recipe had me husband bought a pound for our anniversary on Aug. 5 and it's...dare I admit it? GONE! And I'm 99% responsible! YUM!

  2. Julie, I adore how you added all the vintage ephemera to your pieces. They are delicious as is the recipe from your sweet Grandma Velda.
    hugs Lynn

  3. For one awful moment I thought you were going to leave us without the recipe...
    Thank you. My grandmothers didn't leave any recipes so I pinch other people's. :) xx

  4. Hi sweet Julie,
    your pieces are so beautiful, and I love the one with your grandma- and thank`s for the tasty recipe.

  5. What a beautiful layout and card. I can't wait to try the recipe as my beloved grandmother fixed toffee for Christmas but never wrote the recipe down. I'll be trying your grandma's recipe this year. Thanks!

  6. don't know how I found you blog but I'm glad I did, you are so darling. I had to put you on my winner list for the Liebster award. pop over to my blog to see the award you won. Thank you for such a great fun blog cant wait to see what you do next!

  7. LOVE the card you made. I'll try the recipe. How many chocolate chips???

  8. How sweet that you would share this recipe with us. I remember MY grandmas making homeade carmels, and wrapping them in wax paper. Oh the things we remember and cherish eh.

  9. mmmm... your making my sweet tooth twitch!

  10. Toffee is just the best - especially English Toffee - I LOVE the recipe!! I just love how you have preserved your memories of your family and celebrate them in such a lovely way :)
    Mary x

  11. I so love reading your stories.All of my grandparents were gone long before I was born.Your memories are what I always imagined it would have been to have them.Thank you again for sharing them.

  12. How nice to get the recipe as well as se the pages and hear the story. I wanted you to see
    the pages I did using the crafty secrets stuff you sent me when we swapped. here is the link to the post: and I hope you have had a nice summer with family. i have been away from home for a couple of weeks now. My youngest daughter had her 2nd baby boy 2 days ago. This is so fun!

  13. Hi again, thanks for visiting my post. I had not scrapbooked for so very long. I know it is impossible to visit everyone's posts. I just wanted you to see them more than anyone else. And I must say that I am in love with your 'ABC' book
    I should make one to have around for my grandkids. Wow that is so cool! Love ya


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