Saturday, September 22, 2012



As you’re already very much aware, I’m SO loving my new art journaling addiction!


One of the best parts of it, to me—besides just the sheer fun of making each one, is that I seem to learn something every time…whether about the process of making the page—or something about myself…


Favorite quotes from favorite people grace many of my pages so far…even sometimes from someone “Unknown”…

We all strive for perfection, don’t we? It’s not always possible though, is it? And sometimes, that’s just really okay.

As I was outlining my ribbon frame, my pen kept slipping…YIKES!, I thought—I’m going to have to cover the mistakes somehow…


Then, I read the quote that I had just written inside the frame, and I breathed a little sigh…and forgot all about the mistakes.  And was happy.


And one of my very favorite quotes. EVER.  What a wise, wise woman was Mrs. Roosevelt…


Thank-you, Eleanor.

Go ahead, make some mistakes.  Learn something.  Be happy.  And don’t let anyone let you feel otherwise.