Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It’s a Good Day

It IS a good day, isn’t it?!  Each and every day could and should be…
A few journal pages to share with you today…I can’t tell you how much I love being inspired by gorgeous vintage images…they never fail to give me more & more ideas…
Watercoloring, stamping, cutting, glueing, doodling…what could be more fun?!
Why do I love vintage hand images so much?  I have no idea, but I really, really do!  This vintage hand inspired a bit of writing about…writing!
Ralph Waldo Emerson…he just always knew just what to say, didn’t he?  This simple little quote—profound in its simplicity, isn’t it?
I love using these black & white images of women on my pages—definitely inspired by the beautiful journals of Hope Wallace Karney…thanks, Hope!
I love this thought.  It’s a wonderful thing to let others inspire us, but it’s so very important to be ourselves, isn’t it?  BE UNIQUE.
What beautiful words will you write down on this VERY good day?


  1. Jeg elsker at se hvor frit og naturligt du skriver på dine sider, det er en stor kunst at kunne det. knus morkaren.

  2. My word describes your artwork Julie-superb!!!

  3. Good Morning Julie! Your Character book is such a lovely idea. I just know you will enjoy filling it's pages with all the women who have inspired you. I particularly liked in your October page the dress you created with Bingo stamp and sheet music. Absolutely beautiful! Each of these pages is so lovely, what a keepsake for your daughters to enjoy. Have a lovely week. Elizabeth

  4. The pages of your journal as SO PRETTY. BUt, you have beautiful handwriting.
    My handwriting is I don't think it'd come across as lovely (tee,hee) and you are a good, imaginative "doodler"

  5. Such a sweet journal Julie! You are making such Treasures for your generations to come!

    Hang in there Mommy! How proud you must be of your precious daughter! How wonderful, a daughter on a mission! We have sister missionaries in our area and we love them to pieces! Blessings will pour into your home now!


  6. Today was certainly a much better day than what I've been having of late. Love always to see your beautiful journaling -- and no, I haven't even started yet. :/ Best wishes and blessings, Tmamy

  7. I love those pages! The images you used are awesome!

  8. I'll write some happy thoughts in my journal tonight. I had a very good day and I feel that 'good' tired tonight! I love your art! You journal the way I hope to some day!

  9. great pages,wonderful image and love your writing.janex

  10. Julie, I am loving how your art journal is shaping up. Just beautiful. You do such a lovely job with everything you do. Much love from cold and wet UK. Ahh . . . to be in California. I hear it never rains in California. xxoo

  11. Your journal pages are beautiful. They are giving me the incentive and inspiration t get back to my long ignored journal.

  12. I can just imagine how inspiring writing these journal pages must be. They are ever so beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Ohh Julie! Your pages are just fantastic!! :) Love them so much!

    Happy Friday!!