Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Middle-Aged Girl

DSC09505_edited-1 {isn’t she sassy?!}

Oh, the journaling!  I’m definitely getting hooked, I’m afraid…

A few more pages to share with you…I promise—I’ll get to different things in my next post!

My title page:

DSC09510_edited-1 {lace border stamp from Crafty Secrets’ “Antique Trims” set}

Yep…a middle-aged GIRL, that’s me!


I am so enjoying the watercoloring with these iridescent paints…so much prettier than it comes across in pictures…striping is awfully fun!

Two more pages…


Not sure why I did these two back-to-back…but then that’s the fun thing about journaling—it just doesn’t matter!  Whatever comes out of you thoughts at the time is absolutely perfect {even if it’s imperfect!}

DSC09515_edited-1 {scallop border stamp from Crafty Secrets’ “Artsy Banner” set}

One of my very favorite quotes… “It’s kind of FUN to do the IMPOSSIBLE”…quite a saying from one of the most imaginative men I can think of…Walt Disney. 


What is it about vintage moon faces that makes me so very happy?  I have no idea, but there’ll be plenty on the pages yet to come, I’m sure!


Little paper stars cut from an old book page, then outlined & glittered up—can’t be a proper star if it doesn’t sparkle!

And finally…

DSC09532_edited-1 {a bit of a gloomy day today…the pinks on this page are actually much pinker…oh, well!}

A favorite quote from Theodore Roosevelt found on Pinterest (one of my favorite places!)  “Comparison is the thief of joy”…isn’t that the truth?!

Just a page about my thoughts on the subject…

DSC09541_edited-1 {flower doodle stamps at bottom from Crafty Secrets’ “Art Blooms” set}

No more joy thievery for me, please!

DSC09538_edited-1 {my sweet, little muse of joy comes from the stamp set “Fairy Jar”, designed by Hope Wallace Karney}

Well, that’s all for me today.  I really hope you give journaling a try!  Just dive in…put pen in hand and see what comes out!  You’ll be SO glad you did!

See you soon with something new…