Friday, May 25, 2012

Letters Home


I often wonder, when reading an old letter from one person to another from long ago…did the writer ever wonder if they would see their loved one again in this life?

In the ever-westward moving of the 1800s, so many adventurous souls left their homes and families to seek more out west…more land, more space, more opportunities…more freedom.


I imagine it crossed their mind at parting that this could be the last embrace, the last loving kiss, the last look with tender eyes…how hard would it be to pull away at last and ride off to the unknown?

I don’t think I really can fully imagine…


One of my fourth great-grandmother’s story recently discovered…the name I knew, but I knew nothing much about her life until now.  And I’m devouring every precious word

A great poet and writer of songs, Julia Hills Johnson was also devoted to writing her family members far away back east…


Loving letters, informative letters…gently chiding letters…here’s just a bit of one such letter…

“My dear Sister: How long a time it is since I received a line from you, and how much longer since I saw you?  I have waited long for a letter, but getting none, I improve this opportunity of informing you that myself and family (those about home) are well…and I do really hope that this may find you enjoying the best of earthly blessings…”

image {image found online}

“Oh, my sister, do not put off writing as you have done, but write soon and inform me of your present circumstances and situation…of your future prospects and hopes…

“…Now my dear sister, I must draw to a close by requesting an interest in your prayers and by subscribing myself as ever your affectionate sister…Julia”

Just a moment in a life shared…one’s hand reaching out in the hope of reaching the other’s eyes…

DSC09635_edited-1 {the newest page for my heritage album}

How much easier it is for us today to keep in touch with our family near and far…a call, a text, an email--so many ways to communicate…do we do it anywhere near often enough?

Off to call my mother…


{Beautiful rose print paper and vintage “buttons” from Crafty Secrets’ “Creating with Vintage Illustrations” CD.  “Memory” key from the Tim Holtz collection.}