Thursday, May 10, 2012

Good, Better, Best


There are those small, quiet moments in life that may—just may—go completely unnoticed…

…but sometimes, if you’re very lucky, a loving eye will SEE such a moment, and capture it, holding it tight…save it and share it with you at just the right moment…

Barely 4-year old Chelsea sat at her grandparents’ table…holding a pen tightly in her sweet, chubby fingers…

Chelsea writes her name 1

I remember seeing this happening, but I was not the one to preserve it on film…that was her ever-watchful grandmother…I lost the moment in my mind until that same good grandmother gave me a little gift last month…

“Would you like to have these?”, she asked me, while handing me an envelope and two small photographs…the picture memory came flooding back as I sat there in the very same room my sweet girl sat so many years ago…


Chelsea had been quietly practicing her name, over and over again on the envelope for her Daddy’s birthday card that year…isn’t that wonderful?

Chelsea writes her name 2

She was so proud of her efforts!  And so were we—always trying, always learning, always practicing…that’s always been our Chelsea…

DSC09475_edited-1 {beautiful bow die-cut from Vicki Chrisman…see below}

Two weeks after this simple gift was given, I found myself remembering it with tears in my eyes as I sat in the enormous university coliseum, waiting for my daughter to parade in with thousands of her class who would be graduating that day…


That same little girl who held pen tight in those chubby little fingers now teaches many little ones to proudly hold pen in hand and do the same…


A teacher.  I couldn’t have imagined anything more perfect for this oldest daughter of mine…

 Chelsea graduation jump_edited-1 {this was my sweet girl blowing me a kiss as she jumped for joy after graduation…my heart is STILL jumping for joy…}

DSC09456_edited-1 {a new page made to celebrate my daughter…complete with my very own homemade tassel!} 

And for the icing on the cake that day, my photographer daughter, Sarah, brought this picture with us from home…


…a picture of me and my parents on my graduation day from the same university…24 years to the week earlier.  The same spot was found, a similar picture memory was taken…


What a wonderful day!


“Good, better, best--

Never let it rest,

Till your good is better

And your better is BEST!”

Remember that, Chelsea?  The quote that hung on our wall to celebrate the beginning of each new and exciting school year?  You took it to heart…it became part of you—and that’s exactly what you have done…each and every day…and I know you will continue to do so, each and every day………………………


We are so very proud of you…



{Fabulous bow die-cut from the amazingly creative mind of Vicki Chrisman—available HERE.  It was stamped using Crafty Secrets’ “Flourish” stamp set.  Lovely blue vintage background print from Crafty Secrets’ “Creating with Vintage Patterns” CD.}

The “Cap and Gown” and adorable vintage graduate girl graphics were given me by one of the greatest collectors and lovers of vintage I know…thank-you, Sandy!


  1. I know how proud you are of her, congratulations on the job you both did as parents. Love the photos and the old one in the same spot. Very pretty creation of your crafting skills. Nan

  2. What could be prettier than a spring day on BYU campus? All of our high school kids' graduations were held in the Marriott Center and pictures taken in a similar location. It's very hard for local kids to get into BYU...I'm glad my husband and I were able to attend. Congratulations to your sweet daughter.

  3. Congratulations to you daughter!! You must be so proud of her!! What a beautiful day it was!! Love the page you created!! So pretty!! xo Heather

  4. COngrats to Chelsea and I loved seeing your pics and wonderful layout!

  5. Mom, I love this! Thank you for your kind words and beautiful creation. You are wonderful!

    1. Julie you are wonderful! You're such a good writer, and creator of special meaningful momentos for your family. Your post is wonderful and I especially loved seeing the picture of your family.
      Your beautiful daughters and great husband. It is such a special event when kids graduate from college. I also love seeing those Provo Mountains in the background always, because that is where I am from. thanks for always an uplifting experience whenever I visit here, and tell your sweet Chelsea Congratulations!

  6. OH.. what a touching post. Made me teary. Congrats to your sweet girl! Thanks so much for using the bow.. you projects is fantastic as always. ps.. if any one asks ..I have them in my etsy :)

  7. Congrats to Chelsey and to you Julie! Im sure she is a wonderful girl and I'm sure that part of the reason shes a wonderful girl is because she had a wonderful mom! (and family!)
    What grade will she be teaching? sounds like maybe kindergarten.
    such fun!

  8. Congratulations to you all. You can see how happy and proud you all are and rightly so.

    I remember my daughter starting her first day at school aged 3 and a half in full uniform. She couldn't wait to get there. She came home later that day clutching her first reading book. It seems like just yesterday. She's never stopped learning since...she's 27 yrs now, graduated and practicing law. Last week she even sat yet more exams to be dual qualified in both Scottish and English Law.

    I love the two photographs taken in the same location...really thoughtful precious keepsakes.
    Good Luck to Chelsea in her new career. ;D
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Congrats Julie to your lovely daughter! How sweet to get those photos at this time. Like mother like daughter ... like daughter ... your family is so good about preserving memories! Best wishes, Tammy

  10. Congratulations to your and your daughter. I like all your photos... I am off to my daughters college graduation this weekend and will use some of these as photo inspiration Enjoy... these are the good times!

  11. what a warm and wonderful post, my friend. and chelsea has the same sweet, happiest face.

    i hope all is well and happy!


  12. I am so happy for you and your beautiful family. What a complete picture you are always able to present. Gorgeous daughters and family...many blessings....smiles...Renee

  13. Congratulations to Chelsea!!! What an accomplishment! I love that you were able to get a photo of your family in the same exact place where the photo of you and your parents was taken. That is so neat!

  14. Julie how beautiful! On sooo many levels! You're beautiful daughter, walked in your very foot steps...and now flys off to make a pathway to guide others! I'm starting to puddle up!
    Congratulations!! Those are the pictures of love!

  15. Julie I have tears in my eyes after reading your post. You must be so proud of your daughter! Congratulations to her and to you for doing such a wonderful job of raising her.
    Love that you had a picture taken in the same spot so many years ago.
    So many precious memories!
    Happy Mothers day my friend!
    Hugs Lynn

  16. Julie, Congrats to your beautiful daughter! You and Roger must have been so proud. A friend of mine (from my old Ward down South in Tunbridge Wells) had a daughter graduate from BYU recently too! I expect she and her husband were there in the same crowd as you all! Small world! You are such a dear sweet lady. Love you to bits! xxoo