Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vintage Trinkets


Hello, dear friends!

Just a quick little post today…much to do!

We’re on day three of our new homeschooling experience—what an adventure!  I really love having my girls home with me—so much to learn…

Part of our home-learning is working on homemaking skills.  I’ll be sharing some of our experiences with you as we go along…


Yesterday, my youngest daughter Annie (who wants to be an expert cake decorator), made homemade fondant all by herself (NOT an easy task!)—and it turned out perfectly!  I think she’s well on her way to achieving her dreams…!


It’s such a funny time of year…still very much summer, but school is in full-swing wherever you go…whatever happened to the good-old days when school started after Labor Day?!


Feeling the need to get a little gluey and glittery last night, I made four little trinkets that I’m quite happy with…


First, a sweet little fairy—just a touch of iridescent glitter on her wings—is the star of this crystal pendant…she can be found in Crafty Secrets’ new “Mini-Vintage” Creative Scraps…{as are all the images I used in my projects today…}


…the crystal pieces and ball chain are from the Tim Holtz collection {{{LOVE!}}}, and Platinum Stickles surrounds the crystal for a simple but shimmery finishing  touch…


A beautifully ornate pewter-colored pendant (from the Melody Ross collection) is the base for this lovely Victorian cherub image…I just cut out the image, glittered it up a little, and covered it with an epoxy circle…can’t get any easier than that!


Another sweet cherub takes a ride on a beautiful butterfly…I love this “bottle-cap” frame (a bit bigger than the pendant bottle-cap frames)…


…looks just like a miniature pie tin, doesn’t it?!  Think I’ll back this one with a magnet…


And, possibly my favorite one of all, this royal little birdie…why do crowns just make everything better???


Well, that’ about it…not bad for a night’s work, huh?!

Hope you’re having a beautiful summer/school-time day, and I’ll see you soon with something new…



  1. Wonderful projects and beautiful cake!

  2. Hi Julie,
    We must be on the same wavelength as I have been busy posting my brand-new jewelry on Etsy! Then, I came over here and you have just created these GORGEOUS treasures!!! Kindred spirits, I think. I hope you're having a beautiful day, my friend.

  3. Julie, I am going to enjoy following along your homeschooling journey. The best part is how much time you'll have to spend with your daughters! Twyla

  4. Your new pieces are beautiful, Julie...I can see where Annie get's her creativity! She did a wonderful job on the looks too pretty to eat. Best wishes with the home schooling and I agree, school shouldn't start until September!!


  5. Beautiful little charms! The cake looks too good to eat! Enjoy your time with your girls.

  6. Beautiful trinkets, Julie.

    Here in Michigan, public schools start after Labor Day just like in the "good ol' days". The start date had been creeping earlier, but a few years ago, we voted to make it after Labor Day. Kudos for homeschooling your girls...what a task that must be!

  7. hi there Julie! Had to pop in and tell u that it's awesome u r homeschooling! I think there are alot of blogs out there sharing about homeschooling too! Wish I would have- Awesome post today too.. :) jane

  8. All so pretty Miss Julie! Vicki

  9. Oh I think it's wonderful you are teaching your girls and sharing with us too.
    Those crafty things you made are just so sweet. I especially love the fairy necklace so darling and sweet she is.

  10. Hi Julie, your pendants are so sweet and simple but oh so pretty. I'm impressed that Annie's fondant came out so beautifully. Definitely sounds like she is well on her way to being a fantastic cake decorator. Sure wish my boys would figure out what their passions and interests are. I have no doubt all of you will be successful with the homeschooling. You are teaching them so much more than they could ever learn in school. I'm curious -- are they taking online courses? A friend is still researching homeschooling for her 9th grade son who has auspergers and is on the low end of the autism scale. They've been in Qatar for a year now and she didn't feel like he was getting everything in school that he needs to be successful. When they are stateside, they live in San Antonio, but she couldn't find any kind of homeschooling assistance there. Not sure where she is at in the process at this point but they head back to Qatar the beginning of September. I must get dressed now and head off to school myself. Have a great day. Tammy

  11. I love your Trinkets Julie! As always you do such beautiful work. Love the picture of your girl deep in concentration on her project and love the way it turned out! This time spend home teaching will be a real blessing in all your lives I am sure! I send love and hugs. xxoo

  12. woooooooooooow!!!!!beautiful!!!!amazing job!!!congrats!!!kind regards from greece!!!!

  13. Julie,
    I love Annie's fondant cake. She did a beautiful job. I have heard the real thing is hard to make. Your little pendants are adorable, too. I love working with resin. I am anxious to see the new little pictures! I have friends who have had great experiences home schooling. i think you are going to have a wonderful year.
    Big hugs,

  14. I think its wonderful your home schooling your girls, We home schooled my son during high school, best thing we ever did.
    Your pendants are just darling! great job on all of them.
    now to do soe catching up on your blog!
    hugs Lynn

  15. Hello Miss Julie!
    Home Schooling your Sweet Girls will Make Memories for a Life time for you all! What a Wonderful Adventure! Your Sweet Annie is already displaying the same amazing talents her Mother has! Your Charm Pendants a Lovely! Glad you are fitting time into Creating. It keeps us Balanced doesn't it?!
    I Have missed you Friend!

  16. Your night's work is gorgeous, all your works are, Julie. You keep amazing me with your beautiful fairy designs.
    Here's to a wonderful, creative weekend! xxxx

  17. Hi Julie, I have so enjoyed catching up on your past posts. What a busy summer you have had! I especially enjoyed your family visit to your homestead. What a wonderful legacy! This is such exciting news to have your daughters home for school. I very much look forward to posts about their progress in Home Economics - my favorite subject for sure! All good things wished for you all! Elizabeth

  18. Hi Julie, Annie's cake looks beautiful. She'll become a fantastic professional cake decorator.
    Your pendents are very lovely! You've been a busy girl!
    Have a wonderful Sunday :-).

  19. Hi Julie,

    That is sweet that you can homeschool your girls! Your little trinkets are so pretty :)! Your daughter looks like she's on her way, good for her to know what she wants to do at such a young age!

    Laura and Michel

  20. Such joy having your girls at home this year...we start school the day after labour day still up here in Summer is almost over. xoxo
    Your daughters cake is amazing!

  21. Kristina M. AndersonAugust 22, 2011 at 6:16 PM

    Beautiful pendants. Just love them. Thank you for sharing them.

  22. I love things like this, and the pewter is just perfect for that picture ;0) All are wonderful and your Baby Girl is very clever good for her she has a dream ;0) Dxx