Friday, August 26, 2011

Little Sister


Hello, dear friends!

Just a short little post for you today…a few sweet memories to share inspired by two wonderful new sets from Vintage Street Market…

Family Fashion Accessory Kit

{The Family Fun Paper Kit and Family Fashion Accessory Kits are available here!}

Family Fun Paper Kit

Paper Dolls!  What could possibly be more fun?!  These were waiting for me when I got home from vacation a few weeks ago, and I finally had a chance to play with them yesterday…


One of  the paper dolls—this sweet blondie here—reminded me so much of my Mom’s sister, Judy, that I just had to make a little memory page…


 {“Sister” locket tag and dolly journal page are included in the kit.  Platinum Stickles used as framing…}

Mom always wanted a sister…and finally, when she was  11, she got her wish…

Karen & baby sister Judy Ostlund, Oct. 1951

She was absolutely thrilled with her new little sister…and being so much older (but still just a girl herself!), she considered Judy “her dolly”.

{Sheet of little sister clothes from Vintage Street Market’s “Family Fun Paper Kit”}

She sewed clothes for Judy, took her along to friends’ houses with her, played dress-up with her…

FAM HIST 3 (53)_edited-1

{Judy dressed up in in some of her mother’s jewelry}

…fixed her hair, made fun little things for her…

DSC05523_edited-1 {plastic chunky button from Vintage Street Market…heart-shaped button punch and coordinating paper also from VSM}

…she even wrote a heartbreakingly beautiful poem about her, which I’ll share with you another day…


…they called each other “Pal”…


Life was not to last a long time for this little one…it was discovered she was blind when she was 3 years old—cancer.

DSC05535_edited-1 {Lilac” Baker’s twine used here and there on the page…comes in so very handy!}

My mom would take her little sister for walks…talking together, trying to help her “see” things as they walked along holding hands…

DSC05537_edited-1 {“Linen” Cellophane Tape from Vintage Street Market…really adds a vintage feel to your projects}

Sharing a bedroom, they would fall asleep talking to each other about the day…sharing the things that sisters share…

Even though her life was short, it was filled with oh, so much joy—the joy she felt in life herself, and the joy she gave in great abundance to her family and those around her…

 Judy on trike

…life is meant to be joyful!


I hope your day is filled with joy…See you soon with something new…



  1. What an adorable post! Little Judy... what a cutie! You've created something so very special. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Julie, haven't been by in awhile but I see you are still creating wonderful projects. What a great post about a very special relationship! The paper dolls are so cute and the little girl IS just perfect for this memory!!

  3. How cute! Love paper dolls and your card!

  4. Julie...these papers are wonderfully vintage. Beautiful work. Smiles...Renee

  5. Aloha Julie,
    What a wonderful tribute to your mother and her sister. I truly enjoyed this post. TFS and warm hugs

  6. Beautiful Julie. You put so much of your heart and soul into everything you create. I love it all. I am so grateful for my own sister. We are the best of friends, and always have been. I always loved paper dolls. I had a ton of them when I was a girl and I played with them every day. I used to make my own clothes for them as I thought the ones they came with too boring! Love and hugs to you and the family xxoo.

  7. You make the cutest vintage style layouts and cards, but when you put memories of your relatives and family into them and then talk about them, well your posts are just superb! I love the project and the post as always!

  8. Fabulous ~ your vintage mood boards are JUST so wonderful!

  9. Julie.
    I remember you writing about Judy before. It is happy and beautiful and sad all at once. I am so glad your mom had the time with her "Pal" and imagine she wished for more.I really look forward to reading the poem someday and loved this post so much.
    Big hugs,

  10. Julie,

    What a beautiful post baout a very special relationship... Love hearing about your family stories. Just love all the details that you put into your artwork.

    Have a great weekend.

  11. Oh wow, you have the most JOYFUL posts, Julie!!! I LOVE this! Your work is spectacular and I love all the family photos--perfection!!!


  12. Theres nothing quite as special as a sisters love, such a bitter sweet story. I'm glad your mom had her own special baby doll to care for. what memories. Love your paper doll memory page and I'm sure your mom does too.
    hugs Lynn

  13. Oh sweet Julie, thank you for your visit and ALSO for this nostalgic post that reminds me of the JOyS of childhood. I LOVED MY PAPER DOLLS and I still love them!

    Have yourself a splendid weekend! Anita

  14. Everything is as lovely as can be, as always Julie. Eye candy!
    Have a happy happy weekend xx

  15. We love this post and it is inspirational to us! We need to do a memory page of my parents and my grandparents. Great idea! Your story about you mother and her sister is sweet. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    Laura and Michele

  16. That was wonderful, to call your sister PAL.
    My sister and I are pretty close to, and I think I could indeed call her my pal.
    How sad that she had cancer, but yet your mom certainly "opened up" the world around her, For her.
    your scrap book page is a real tribute to her

  17. when I said "your sister" I was actually speaking as a whole....
    all of us, with sisters

  18. What an adorable and sweet post Julie!

  19. Julie, I remember the last post about this little angel girl. Truly her time here was joyful for those who loved her. What a beautiful piece you have made to remember her. Hope school is going well! Elizabeth

  20. Hi Julie,
    I havent been to visit for a while. Sorry about that!
    Your projects are beautiful as ever! Such a wonderful blog post!
    Big Hug from me in Norway