Friday, June 3, 2011

What’s Cookin’?


Does morning get any more gorgeous than this?!


I certainly don’t think so!  I’m always so grateful for this early morning view from my backyard each and every day…no matter what the weather may be…

Just a few things to share with you today…


A fun kitschy kitchen card with some fabulous new elements from Crafty Secrets


A collage-style image from one of my favorite Creative Scraps sets—“Domestic Goddess”


A computer-typed greeting in a good, old-fashioned typewriter font…


A wonderful recipe card image—complete with pretty borders & kitchen gadgets—from the very soon-to-be-available “Vintage Paper Pattern” CD from Crafty Secrets—you’re just going to love it!


Here’s a close-up look at two of the vintage paper designs from the CD—love the shabby blue print and red polka-dots—so sweet!

I used one of the shapes from the “Accent Essentials” cartridge and my Cricut for the nice, big label-shaped background…

Making this card reminded me of some of my wonderfully kitschy kitchen finds I’ve had lately while at yard sales…

A sweet little bit of vintage kitchen linen, topped with…


…old cookie cutters…slightly bent and dinged-up, but just beautiful to me—I LOVE them!


…I’ve been particularly on the look-out for these lovely scalloped ones lately…just perfect for my favorite Scottish Shortbread cookies…


All these wonderful old gadgets!  I just love them all!


I love these old sifters…need to work on getting that  label off!


And this perfectly shabby old masher—love the chipped paint on the wooden handle!


Aren’t these wonderful?! 


This old bundt pan is one of my favorite finds…”KAISER”, “Made in W. Germany”…

My girls and I are having so much fun “junkin’”, as we call it!  Just started taking them with me a few weeks ago, and they’re hooked!

Well, that’s all from my kitschy kitchen today…

See you soon with something new.

***To all of you whom I seemingly haven’t visited lately—it’s because I can’t leave comments!  I can leave comments on some of your blogs, but not others…so frustrating!  I AM reading your posts, but just can’t let you know…I’ll keep trying!***



  1. Very sweet Julie, I love the old vintage things. I have and use the old cookie cutters and potato masher. Love your morning view too! :D

  2. Love your vintage cookware collection!
    Sandra Evertson

  3. Hi Julie, I am like you, I love the mornings... it is my favorite part of the day to just sit and take in all the beauty of Nature around me... love your cute cards too, and your latest vintage kitchen finds... how fun your girls love "junkin'" with you too!... I inherited my mama's and grandmothers cookie cutters, potato mashers, rolling pins and so much more and I cherish them dearly... wishing you a beautiful day... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. Hi Julie,
    Yes, you have a beautiful morning view indeed. Love your Kitchenware too, especially anything from Kaiser! Have a great day!

  5. LOVE your vintage goodies and project! :)

  6. Love the kitchen equipment - especially the cookie cutters - you can NEVER have enough!
    Mary x

  7. Julie this is all so perfectly vintage. Well done...smiles...Renee

  8. How lovely all around! I like those things too and if you lived nearby I know we'd be junkin' together too.

    I am intrigued by your card. Is it paper, stamps or....just printed from your computer? I really like it!

  9. I love the old kitchen tools, in fact, I got my mom's old potato masher recently. She made the best potatoes so I am hoping I will, too!! lol!


  10. HI Julie! LOVE the view you have. I'm a morning person, most often up at 5:30 even on days off. and on days that I have to work I dont have to leave until 8:30 but still like to be up at 5:30. This time of year espcially, I love to listen to the birds waking up. Great old kitchen stuff..
    have a fun weekend

  11. My daughter loves
    nothing more than
    junking with me, too.
    Her dad gets a little
    worried when he knows
    we are headed out, though!
    What a beautiful view
    you have, Julie!!
    xx Suzanne

  12. You have quite a collection of old tin ware! Must be nice to have your daughters go with you "junkin'". EVEN nicer to have that view!!! My daughter had a beautiful view from her kitchen window while living in Idaho!

    Are you able to leave comments yet or is your computer troubles still following you? ;)
    Have a great weekend!

  13. Such cute projects and I love my old cookie cutters, too :)
    Your view is so pretty and I bet you can sit and watch the beautiful scenery for hours!

  14. Very cute love your creations and the kitchen gadgets always melt my heart away, I to love them I buy them collect them and then sell them... Hugs, Diane

  15. That is a beautiful view to greet you each and every day. A bit of a dust storm here right now so skies are drab and dreary. Your thrifting finds are wonderful. I have cranberry scones in the oven right now. A friend used to make me the most wonderful shortbread ever. I tried the recipe once but they didn't turn out as well. She had a knack for making them perfectly. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  16. Love all your vintage finds Julie and of course your newest creation! I love vintage anything and I adore your work! What a beautiful view you have out your window. It must be heaven to wake up to that each morning. Me, I wake up to terraced houses, but even they have their own beauty, depending on the day! Happy Friday and hope you have a great weekend planned! Somehow I know you will. Love and hugs coming your way sweet friend! xxoo

  17. Pretty, pretty JULIE! Look at you...that could light up Chicago with that smile!!!! AND THESE VINTAGE mommy had ALL THESE THINGS IN HER DRAWERS...I am going to cry! THANK YOU PRECIOUS for your participation in the Paris was fun, n'est-ce pas? What fun and friendship was had and I hope will continue for more fun and encouragement! Merci for coming to my Provence...have a lovely weekend, Anita

  18. Oh I love love vintage cookie cutters....your cards are adorable...I hope to spend sometime in the kitchen this weekend...if I can find some energy..Hugs and love to you. xoxox

  19. Hi your new finds and love that you are having fun finding them!!

  20. Your artwork is beautiful. My daughter and I love to go junkin' too. A special time spent together. Have a wonderful weekend.

  21. stinker.......what a view you have! I'm so jealous and you know I'd never have anything like that here. I used to live in Visalia years ago and I so miss the views when we'd drive around California, up to the redwoods, down the coast on the 17 mile drive in Monterey and Carmel. My husband and I went on a wine tour in Napa a few years ago, and I fell in love with the area......but, even as much beauty as there is in California.....Arizona is my home and I do miss it when I'm away.

    Thanks for sharing the views and the lovely card.

    Big Hugs,

  22. Hi Julie, What a gorgeous view you have from your backyard!
    Your kitchen card turned out very sweet! The papers and colors you used are wonderful.
    I love your vintage kitchen items. Do you use some of them? Some years ago I bought an old cast iron bundt cake mold. One day I thought I should just try to use it and it worked out perfect. Ever since I bake my bundt cakes with this one.
    Have a great weekend!
    Hugs to you,

  23. Hi Julie, I love your view, because it is amazing. I love your old cookie cutters and love the old jello molds. But I guess I love your vintage look cards the most! They are adorable.
    I would love for you to see the modeling pictures
    of my mother!

  24. Darling as ever your Kitschy kitchen card! Don't you just Love junkin!!!! Your teaching your girls well!
    hugs Lynn

  25. Oh, JUlie,
    Thank you for helping me to remember the pleasures of everyday life and the incredible beauty of the Earth. You are such a treasure!
    Huge hugs,

  26. "Junkin'" with daughters is the best fun of all!!! I have shared many a sweet hour with my daughters introducing them to the vintage life! And we've also enjoyed having our own garage sales for others to share! GREAT FUN!
    Have a beautiful week, dear friend!

  27. Oh Julie,
    Gee, does this remind me of "the good ol' days!" Thank you for this post, my friend--It is amazing!!! WOW!!!

  28. What a fun post Julie! I love your cute kitschy card. The papers and embellishments are so fun! And I'm loving the colors too!
    I'm going to have to get me some of the Crafty Secrets goodies...everything you use is so cute.

    Love your great kitchen finds. They just don't make cool looking stuff like that anymore!

  29. the view from your backyard is beautiful. It must bring you JOY every day no matter the weather.
    I love old kitchen gadgets. It is always amazing to me when I think of the things my grandma used in her kitchen. We used to make butter together. Good memories.

  30. Love this card Julie! I love all retro and your bake ware is priceless!


  31. Pretty card and I love all your vintage cookie cutters. I have a collection too!

  32. Hi Julie. How is my lovely friend? I love this post ;0) the vintage cards are fabby but I am loving your vintage kitchen implements jelly moulds and cookie cutters all so wonderful ;0)

    Love Dawn xx