Sunday, May 29, 2011

Vintage Paris…

Bonjour, mes amis!

So glad to have you joining in with us today as we visit Paris…it may be only through our  music, our crafting, our photography, our beautiful drawings, or our dreams…but it’s still Paris…

I couldn’t celebrate the beautiful City of Light in any way but vintage…


…a scrapbook page, filled with vintage images and LOTS of sparkle…for Paris sparkles and shimmers in my mind’s eye…


{“Paris” and fleur-de-lis cut from the “Destinations” and “Home Decor” cartridges using my Cricut}

beautiful Art Deco-style letters covered with real silver glitter…perfect for Paris…


…a delicate fleur-de-lis, of course,  likewise silver-coated…


Our dreamy trip to Paris wouldn’t be right without a view of the iconic Tour d’Eiffel…shown here at the turn of the century…


Postcards from Paris…isn’t everything the French do so beautiful?  Even the back of a vintage postcard is so lovingly designed…


A lovely Parisienne…tres chic, non?  If you look closely at the bottom of the original, you will see…

 Parisienne Flapper image--moonlight images {this gorgeous vintage image courtesy of Magic Moonlight}

…”Leo, Paris” …just perfect!


A trio of very shabby chic rosettes finish off my handmade tribute to gay Paris…but I cannot leave my daydreams without memories of a very different kind…

“In an old house in Paris that was covered in vines…”, begins the much-loved tale of Madeline and Paris…they are intertwined, are they not?  First published in 1939…the same year my dear mother was born…so I’d better not label it “vintage”, I suppose!

A series of stories rediscovered by me as a young mother…read over and over again to a delighted first daughter…far to young to read it herself…

Julie & Chelsea, April 1994, SLC

She loved it so much that she had the first book memorized…would “read” it for all who would hear…I can still hear her sweet little voice…

“…in two straight lines they broke their bread…”

“…brushed their teeth, and went to bed…”

Such a delightful way to visit the sights of Paris—through the little girl eyes of Madeline and the joy of my own little one…

That same little daughter of mine—still in love with the stories of Madeline and Paris—is now about to embark on her life as a teacher…a room full of sweet second-graders will be her very fortunate first class this fall…oh, where does the time go?

Thank-you for joining me today on this sweet, vintage trip to that dreamy place unlike any other…


Please make sure you go by and visit Anita—our gracious hostess for this lovely trip—and all of the others participating with us today…

A Journey to Paris!

And so, au revoir…until we meet again…




  1. Julie,
    I love this and adore the story of your daughter who loved "Madeleine" and will become a second grade teacher!!! I remember reading that to Katie. They are such wonderful books! I was a special ed/el ed major and my two favorite classes were Kiddie Lit (as we called it and Kiddie Art. So much fun and I devoured those books. My favorite thing I own is my collection of vintage primers (boy I am way off the subject on my own thing but you sure put me in a happy place!

    We are in San Francisco at a wedding, child of a good friend, and having a wonderful time. I laughed so hard last night that I still hurt.

    Big hugs!

  2. JULIE!!!!! DEAREST, I visited earlier but it was before you posted, then I spent some time in the garden. I am back and WOWOWOWWWWWWW! I knew your beautiful vintage heart would shine with all the glorious images and art that speaks PARIS TO US ALL...and Madeline...I was in first grade when I first encountered here and it was then that this little Hispanic girl said, "I want to speak French." And so I learned and that started the whole love affair...thank you for coming over and I am so happy that your daughter was enchanted by BALZAC...that scruffy boy!!! LOVE TO YOU ALL, Anita

  3. It is great to be with you in Paris darling....hope we meet again.....nice party from love ......bisous

  4. Dear Julie, a beautiful celebration -and a beautiful memmory from back then when your daughter was a beautiful little girl-I as sure she is still beautiful, but now grown up, as you tell.
    Your page with the roses, that I adore,- and the wonderful shimmering adds are so beautiful.
    xo, dear.

  5. You have a very beautiful blog dear! I'm so very glad Anita is having this Paris Party....I'm following along new friend!

  6. Bonjour Julie!! Merci for stopping by my blog. You are such a gifted artist!! I love your work, especially your beautiful pink roses! And the story of your daughter is wonderful! It's so great that Anita had this event, she has awesome friends! xOxO

  7. I adore Madeline! She is one of my favorite children’s characters. When the movie came out, I thought I would be disappointed, but it wasn’t too bad. The set was beautiful and made up for any shortcomings in the script. I love the photo of you and your daughter. Thank you for the Paris inspiration.


  8. Oh Julie,
    What a tender story...My mom was a primary teacher as well. There are stories that I so very much cherish from my childhood, that happily, have been passed on to my babies(now in their early 20's) What a perfect girly getaway...wandering through the streets of beautiful PARIS with friend NEW and OLD...pure bliss...thank you SO very much for popping revoir pour l'instant...xoxo...Rosie

  9. Oh Julie,
    This post is so "ooh-la-la!" I love it all and your gorgeous creation!!! I wanted to link to this Paris Party, but I couldn't figure out how to do it!! I hope you're having a great weekend.

  10. Hi Julie, Oh yes, that Madeline... so fun to see the world through her eyes! Lovely vintage Paris post, a fun party!

    ~ Violet

  11. Oh I wish I could visit there...beautiful story of the Madeline dd loved them too!

  12. Julie.... Madeline such a wonderful story and so glad to visit you during our Paris Party with Anita!!

    Come over and see my posting!

    Art by Karena

  13. I knew you would have a very sweet Paris post and I was soooo love Madeline!

    Hugs my sweet friend.

    Hope you are enjoying time with your lovely daughter.

  14. Hi Julie,

    Love your sweet Paris post and all your scrapbooks and vintage photos and was great to discover your blog, from Anita's party.
    Madeline was one of my favourite books and my daughters also.

    Happy weekend

  15. My girlies loved Madeline too...and I have a red head as well.

  16. My girls loved the Madeleine books as well. I did so love reading to my children. Your creation here today is beautiful as always! You have such a talented eye Julie! As always. I have been to Paris when I was 4 years old, which unfortunately I can't remember very well. I have seen a photo of me in front of the Eiffle Tower though. I must go back now as an adult, and with my Todd. Hope you have a blessed day today! Lots of love coming your way! xxoo

  17. what a sweet post Julie. I love the madelaine stories myself, only I didnt read the books to my kids, we watched the cartoon on saturday mornings. your card is lovely.. you do amazing work.
    have a great memorial day weekend!
    I hope youre picnicing with your family!!

  18. Bonjour Julie
    I am apologising to everyone that I am a day late visiting their Paris posts.
    Your post is a wonderful dedication to Paris and with fabulous artwork.

  19. Hi Julie, I just love your vintage Paris post... and you do the most beautiful artwork, it's all so gorgeous!!!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  20. What a lovely story Good luck to your daughter (time flys way to quickly) I remember this story being a TV program my boys loved to watch maybe I will keep my eyes open for the books. Your Paris art is so delicious to me I love Paris!

    D xx

  21. Time surely does fly by doesn't it? We love the Madeline books here at Mimi's Cottage too. Still have a few dolls hanging around. Thanks for the trip to Paris. I needed a little vacation. Mimi

  22. What a lovely post Julie! been following your blog. You always have an interesting topic entry. I always having a good time bed stories with my two little kiddos, they loved Madeline books as always.
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  23. It truly is magical the way you interweave your stories -- from Paris to Madeline, and memories of your first born to where she is now. Lovely! Have a beautiful day. Tammy

  24. My daughter loved Madeline when she was younger. I remember reading and rereading it.

    Love your layout and the beautiful flowers.

    Have a wonderful week.

  25. Hi Julie,
    Such a lovely photograph of yourself and your daughter. Very charming. I have always been enamored with Madeleine everything, but even more so as an adult. Therefore, I made sure that darling daughter was always surrounded by Madeleine books and dolls. Thanks for bringing us to vintage Paris! :)

  26. Yes, Paris is SO special, the cards are beautiful. I too read the Madeline stories to my girls, they loved them and I did too. Very special memories.
    Mary x

  27. Wow, so beautiful and special as is all of the art you create. The stories you share with them are so full of life and love, thank you for being an inspiration.

    Have a great day!