Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Good Lives Led…..


A young man—Jonas—was born in Sweden in 1850…life was beautiful there……

When he was a young man, a new-found faith led him across the ocean to America and the Wild, Wild West…

Jonas Ostlund, young
Jonas Ostlund kept a general store in the small western town he settled in…and life was beautiful there, too…

Jonas Ostlund

His son, Hjaldermar (isn’t that a wonderful Swedish name?),  was born in that small western town in 1878.
He helped his father in the store when he was a teenager. 

Hjaldermar Ostlund--young man_edited-1

As a young man, a wonderful opportunity arose…and work on a new canal led him to Alberta, Canada…His father and family soon joined him there.

Years later, Hjaldermar Ostlund became a distinguished Canadian barrister. 

Hjaldermar Ostlund

His son, Dow, was born in a small town in Alberta, Canada in 1912…and life was beautiful there…what a wonderful childhood he had!

Dow Ostlund, about 1915

When he was a young man, service for his Church led him to America—Portland, Oregon.  While serving there, he met a beautiful young woman from Arizona…

Dow Ostlund--Missionary

After Dow’s time of service was over, he thought often about this young woman, and they began to correspond…a family visit was made…a through-the-mail proposal was later offered—and joyfully accepted…

Velda Ellen Stapley--young

…and love led him to Arizona, where he became a banker…and life was beautiful there…………….

Dow Ostlund--Bank Portrait

…more stories for other days…

Another Fathers page made yesterday at the special request of my sweet Mother…Dow’s daughter…


Three generations of very good men who led very good lives…I’m so grateful for that…


Beautiful stamped photo corners from Crafty Secrets’ “Photo Studio” stamp set…


Rough, rustic twine isn’t girly, is it?  (Even if you make a bow out of it???)


I love these keys from the Tim Holtz collection…


The beautiful print paper and vintage journaling sheet are from Crafty Secrets’ new “Vintage Paper Patterns” CD…love them!

Good lives led….
                                    …I will try to do the same…..