Friday, March 4, 2011

The Proposal…


A lazy afternoon in  1935.  A young woman, home from work at the family store to eat her lunch hears the door bell ring.

vintage mailman_edited-1 (Vintage mailman image found online.)

Waiting for her at the door is the postman with a small package and a letter…  “Sign three times please…here, here…and here.”


Recognizing the name on the envelope, she excitedly—but carefully—opens it…What could be in the package?  Perfume?!


In the note from the man she secretly loved, a request.  Please open the package and put the ring on your left hand…“Will you marry me?”



A couple of years earlier, Velda had left home for an opportunity to work and learn to serve others away from home in Portland, Oregon.  There, she met a young man from Alberta, Canada—Dow. 


Working together for a while, they began to care for each other quite a lot…but nothing was said then, and it was soon time for Velda to return home.  Dow stayed on in Portland, working in a bank.
A family trip from Canada down to Mexico with a stop in Mesa, Arizona…it was on the way, after all!  Families met…the acquaintance rekindled…feelings hadn’t changed…then on again to Mexico.


As quickly as could happen after the family trip was over, and all were back at home, a letter and a special package were sent from Oregon to Arizona…


Ring newly placed on her finger, paper and pen quickly grabbed for her joyful reply…


“Happy?  It’s choking me!  How will I ever manage to write this note?”


“The ring is gorgeous, mister dear, only much to beautiful for my homely hands.”


“It’s useless to say more now, my brain is in too much of a whirl. I’m sure I’m not deserving of such happiness…”


“All my love, Velda”

Many more words were actually written in the small, three-page note, written in Velda’s tiny, immaculate handwriting--I just chose a few of my favorites…

I so wish I had a copy of Dow’s proposal letter, but so glad we have  Velda’s answer…

Another page made today for my heritage scrapbook…the beautiful “Love Letters” image and sweet cupid are from Crafty Secrets’ new and gorgeous “Love Mail” Creative Scraps.

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend…