Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother and Child…


Is there anything more beautiful than an image of a mother and her beloved child?

Love, hope, faith…waiting…and finally!  That tiny little one you’ve been dreaming of…life will never be the same again…

DSC03063_edited-1 {some yummy seam binding, all wrapped up in a bow…topped off with some beautiful vintage millinery flowers in aqua…}

The same sweet story continued since time began…

A short search today for these images from my own family…just a few to share…

My great-grandmother, Estella with her baby Nathel in her arms, my grandmother, Velda in front, and her young brother next to her…aren’t they a handsome bunch?!

Now a momma…Velda holds my adorable, curly-topped mother, Karen, in her arms…

Velda & Karen Ann newspaper photo

Here they are again a few years later…a small picture article in the Phoenix newspaper…weren’t the 1940’s wonderful?!  Such sweet little domestic visits were considered newsworthy…isn’t that nice?

Another generation…my mother, Karen, holds her first little one…me. 

A few months later, here we are again on a beautiful spring afternoon in Boston…


Another generation!  My how they rush by…here we have a new mother…me.  In my arms, my sweet first daughter, Chelsea…next to me, my mother Karen…and her mother, Velda…

Velda, Julie & the girls at Mesa Temple, May 2001_edited-1

{Ten years and sixty pounds ago…!}

And finally---a few years later--there are two more beautiful girls to call my own…Here we are with great-grandmother, Velda…the very last time we would ever see her.  Sure wish my mother was in this picture, as well…

Mothers….a new card made this morning for mine…I love her more than words can possibly express, so this will have to do…


A beautiful new stamp set—“Love You, Mother”, from Crafty Secrets gave me the perfect images to help convey the joy of motherhood…

 Love You Mother  Clear Art Stamps picture

Isn’t it wonderful?!


And this beautiful background paper will soon be available on a new CD from Crafty Secrets, “Vintage Paper Patterns”, chock-full of fabulous vintage paper prints for you to use in your crafting…

Thank-you, Mom…for everything…

I love you.



  1. I simply adore all of your crafty creations and this one just makes me happy :) Happy Mothers day! Xoxoxo

  2. Beautiful~ I love my mother so much too!

  3. Wonderful photos and beautiful card!

  4. Ooooh how I love this tribute. Such a special post for a special mom. Have a lovely day.

  5. I just love how you tell your family's stories with the old pictures and how each creation ties back to your history. I wish I had so many wonderful letters and photos and stories of my ancestors. Who saved them all for you?

  6. Julie your posts always pull at my heart~strings! You are so blessed to have all these priceless photos. I love the newspaper clippings of a family visit! Those were the days when it was wonderful news, newsy news of a hometown. I was in the news paper a few times, school, girl scouts, engagement, you were too!

    Your work is so pretty. Wishing you a wonderful Happy Mother's Day sweet friend!


  7. Oh Julie the picture of 4 generations you are so darling in that photo holding your daughter on your lap. Lots of great photos here and yes small visits were big deals then people just didn't have the money to pop all over the place like they do now.

  8. So lovely my friend...that stamp is so sweet. What lovely family photos you share...sending you oodles of love for a weekend filled with Joy..Happy Mother's day. xoxoxo

  9. What a sweet post Julie. Love the photos of all the were sure a cutie with your blonde hair!
    Your Mother's Day card is beautiful, such pretty colors and your lace and embellishments are perfect!

  10. LOve the photos of your family through the years. It tells such a beautiful story of motherly love. Wonderful!!!

  11. Happy May to you Julie. I just read the wonderful post on your great-great-grandmother Margaret and had tears as I did. Maybe I'm just hormonal, but isn't it wonderful that she felt so compelled to make sure her family was healthy and then imparted that care and wisdom to others. Love that! You certainly come from a strong bunch of compassionate, creative, strong, loving women. It is so fantastic that you have their journals from so long ago and are able to piece together their lives with photos and words. Amazing! Your cards and heritage pages are always perfectly laid out to tell wonderful stories of long ago and to share a bit of happiness of daily life in the here and now. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. And Happy Mother's Day! Tammy

  12. Hi dear Julie, I love how you alwayes coordinate the colors so wonderfully- this is a beautiful example, on that -gorgeus.
    thanks for showing the pictures of your precius family.

  13. CONGRATULATIONS JULIE for having your blog featured on the Bloggerette Sorority sisters and Happy Mothers Day.
    The card you made for your Mother is beautiful...I know she will love it. I liked the pictures they use to publish in the paper when visitors came to your home or there was a reunion.
    It has been a pleasure to get to meet you...and now I need to read a few more posts so I can write something good about you...wink
    Have A Sugar Sweet Day
    Simply Debbie

  14. Lovely stamp Julie, beautiful card and wonderful sentiments. In short, the whole shebang! I love all that you create and all that you share so generously with us. I love the sweet gentle spirit that I feel each time I visit your page. You are a treasure. Love you oodles and oodles. xxoo

  15. Another beautiful post, so special to have those pictures of the generations. The older I get, the more precious my mum becomes.
    Happy Mother's Day for Sunday,
    Mary x

  16. Happy Mother's Day Julie! Thank you for sharing your family, your art and your heart...

  17. That is a beautiful card, Julie! Happy Mother's Day to you! Twyla

  18. I knew I could stop by and see beautiful pictures and great stories for Mother's Day!
    Have a wonderful weekend Julie!

  19. Another wonderful design! Have a happy weekend and a loveliest of Mother's day, sweet Julie xxxx

  20. Beautiful artwork! I enjoyed your post, Happy Mother's Day!

  21. beautiful card Julie. I attempted to make mothers day cards the other night, but i must admit, that they werent coming out like I wanted. so I made little banners and mailed them out instead. I wish you lived nearby and I could come watch you make some of your cards!
    happy mothers day!

  22. Happy Mother's Day,
    darling Julie! I
    smiled at the generations
    pictures, as I am so
    lucky to have some similar
    ones....And I think we
    had the same hair-dos with
    our first babies, except
    yours was naturally curly!
    Your mom is getting a
    xx Suzanne

  23. Beautiful card and wonderful pictures of your family. I'll be missing my mother this mother's day. Hope you have a wonderful day with the ones you love. Mimi

  24. What a great tribute with the beautiful card and your Mom/daughter over the generations photos. Don't you feel so blessed to have them to treasure? Thanks for your comment! I think I have a Cushman's advertisement for almost every occation! Thanks also, regarding my photo header. I love the expressions on both Mother and child! They are distant relatives.(not sure how?) The photo over 100 years old! I love it!
    Have a great weekend and a wonderful Mother's Day to you too! I'll be taking care of other's Mothers this weekend!

  25. I always enjoy your family history and pictures!

  26. The Happiest of Mother's Day wished for you Julie! What fun it has been to follow the mother's of your heritage. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us! Elizabeth

  27. Good evening pretty Julie! Oh this was a lovely posting and I have tons of pictures of my great grandmother, loads of grandma and many of my momma and me. I need to do this next year. Thank you for your kind words and yes, the hope of seeing our loved ones again is a faery tale too good to be true, but IT IS!!!!!!


  28. Julie,
    This was so very sweet! I love your stories and this one was particularly tender and sweet. Your three generations of "mothers" and your three daughters...what treasures!
    Have a lovely day tomorrow!
    Big hugs, friend,

  29. you have me in tears my dear....this has been a great great post....

  30. I'm sure your Mom loved your card, Julie. It's so beautiful!
    Hopefully you had a wonderful Mother's Day!
    Hugs to you, my friend