Friday, June 11, 2010

Wish You Were Here!


Happy Friday, everyone!

Aaahhh, the weekend!  Lots of quiet family time ahead…just the way we like it! 

Just a little to share with you today…I finally got my swaps finished for our “Wish You Were Here” vintage postcard swap, hosted by the wonderful Elizabeth of Creative Breathing


All lined up and ready to go—17 postcards waiting to be joined up with others from around the country by Elizabeth and then sent off to their new homes…


I chose California for my postcard, of course—so many fun images to choose from! 


Our instructions were to make them “flat”—no dimension, to speak of—but we would want to add images to give them a bit of personality, of course!


This little cutie has all the personality I could have wished for!  Found her on a little vintage reproduction Valentine I had in my collection…I just love her!  See the little twinkle in her eye?  Just a touch of Diamond Stickles—had to get a BIT of sparkle in there!


A bit more shimmer thanks to Stickles inside the California poppies—our beautiful state flower…

Elizabeth supplied us with a vintage postcard backing image to use—all it needed was a cute little vintage image, a little message from the sender, and it was ready to go!


I love this old produce crate image.  My mother-in-law was here this week while I was finishing these up…she grew up in Southern California, near Pasadena, and said she remembers seeing stacks of crates with this very sticker on it!  She remembered it being for oranges…

I found some other wonderful vintage crate labels to share with you.  These were all free images, so go ahead and create with them to your hearts’ content!






Aren’t those wonderful?!  They all came from this site…they have other wonderful free vintage images, so go and pay them a visit!

On a completely different note, just wanted to share this picture of my youngest daughter, Annie and her Grandma Campbell at her 8th-grade graduation ceremony last night…


She wasn’t smiling too much yesterday…braces were really hurting, poor sweetie!  We’re so proud of her and the great work she’s done so far…love you, Annie!

Well, that’s it for me tonight!  Elizabeth, the postcards will be on their way shortly!  Can’t wait to see them all gathered together—thanks in advance, ladies!


Have a wonderful weekend…see you soon with something new…