Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sororities, Scrapbooks & Cards, Oh My!

Good evening, my friends!

Lots to show you tonight…trying to get ready to leave for my parent’s house…the big Anniversary party is this weekend! 

My family is gathering from all over the country, and we’ll all be happily lumped together into one lovely, big house—sounds like fun to me!

First of all…my “rush” photo to join in the new Bloggerette Sorority!  Karen (Some Days are Diamonds) kindly gave me permission to post this early—the actual party is on Friday—so sad I’ll miss it!

We were to create a card, or anything we wanted, with a beautiful vintage image she provided, then photograph it with ourselves in the picture…so here we go:


Here I am in my backyard…card in hand…am I in, Karen?!

Here’s a close-up of the card…


Next,  I wanted to show you a few more pages from my parent’s finished wedding scrapbook…procrastination kills, I tell you!  Got about 30 or so pages done, and I’m very happy with it—hope they will be, too!

Here’s {quite!} a few pages…


The happy couple…


The beautiful bride and their parents…


Cutting the cake…look how sweet they’re being…no cake smashing here!


Scenes from the reception…


One of my very favorite photos ever (I probably say that a lot!)…ALL FOUR of my great-grandmothers in one photo!  I’ll bet that doesn’t happen very often!

They all knew each other and liked each other very much…isn’t that wonderful?


I LOVE this shot!   Not too long after their wedding, after both graduated from college, they moved out to Boston…Dad went to Harvard Business School, and this was a quick weekend trip they took to New York City…isn’t this gorgeous?!

All the stamped embellishments on the scrapbook pages were from Crafty Secrets’ “Frame It” and “Flourish” stamp sets.

Still with me?!  On to the next thing…a couple of Anniversary cards I made this morning…(should have been packing, but…!)


A sweet little image I found online…isn’t it adorable?


My girls said it even reminds them of my parents….I would have to agree!

Some white lace, Martha Stewart red seam binding, black button, platinum Stickles…that’s it!

And this one…


This image is from Crafty Secrets’ “Love & Romance” Vintage Cuts…”A Love that Lasts”, it says…

Some soft pink lace, Martha Stewart chocolate seam binding, paper roses sprayed with “Red Velvet” Glimmer Mist, and platinum Stickles…that’s about it!

Now you’ll get a break from long-winded me!  I’ll be gone for three weeks, and will probably only post once a week while I’m away—time is not your own when you’re with family, is it?!  But that’s just the way I like it!

I’ll be checking into my favorite spots to say hello & see what you’re all up to…see you soon!


  1. Three weeks?!! What a great vacation that will be! I loved the picture of you...you are a very beautiful lady my friend! I love your cards too...you have been so busy! Have a super wonderful family time! :D

  2. Hey Jules...great to read this post and catch up with you. Looks like you will be off for some fun and relaxation and of course, a good time...stay safe : )

  3. Whoo hoo! It is fabulous Julie! YES! you are in! Yay!
    I'm still having a cow over your four great grandmothers!
    Have a wonderful time! Talk to you when you get back! Safe travels!
    Karen - Some days are diamonds

  4. Happy Anniversary to your parents! I hope you and your family all have a marvelous time. Love all that you did for your parents. What a great picture of all your great-grandmothers! Such sweetness!

  5. My you have been one busy lady! The book, your cards and your soriorty piece (you are so clever) I thought we had to be in the picture and I couldtn't figure out how to do that!!! Mind if I borrow your idea? All look go great!
    Have a fantastic time at the party, I'm sure it will be a huge success!!!!

  6. Love that photo of your parents in NY. Candid shots like that are always special. Your wedding journal turned out fantastic. And your cards always lovely. Have a fabulous 3 weeks with family. Best wishes, Tammy

  7. Oh Julie, I love your sorority piece. It's very beautiful, but I truly adore your anniversary pieces!! Your mom and dad will be so thrilled with the scrapbook and those cards are so very beautiful. I think the best and most treasured gift will be that little piece of your heart that you put into it all. I am off next week on my own travels and will be away for three weeks as well. I won't have any internet access so we will be out of touch for about a month I am thinking!! How awful!! But then again, I know you will be having a super time with your family and friends, as will I, so it's not all bad! I send oodles of love and hugs this day, and look for a postcard from me in the coming weeks! It won't be handmade or nice as yours, but it will come from the heart! Love you my dear sweet friend!

  8. Julie, you looks so beautifull,
    love your card.
    And that book for your parents are gorgeus, so many memories,collected for them in a little book of art.
    Wish you the most wonderfull party with them

  9. Totally in love with your cards. Super! I love what you did with the stickles!

  10. Lovely projects and you have some great family photos in those scrapbook pages! Have a wonderful time with your family - happy anniversary to your mum and dad!

  11. The one of them New York. Besides being such a beautiful candid. Doesn't it evoke a new marriage??!! Everything is beautiful and Happy Anniversary to your parents! Enjoy your vacation.

  12. love the cards and that wedding scrapbook!

    have fun on your vacation!

  13. Hi Karen..safe travel..and what a great memory trip!!

    The sorority frame is YOU!!Love it. Looking forward to you being back in the neighborhood of bloggerville..lol

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  14. Love your card (and the photo of you - beautiful)...your parents wedding album is gorgeous! I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip and create some great memories!

  15. Hello Julie... have a wonderful time and Happy Anniversary to your parents, I know they will adore your special gift to them... how precious, all four of your grandmothers together! xoxo Julie Marie

  16. Have a wovderful time Julie and cherish the moment. They are so precious and seem to go too fast as we age.
    Happy Anniversary to your parents.
    They must be so proud of you.
    Have fun!

  17. Love the very romantic 30's-syle couple card at the end of your post..very evocative!

  18. Your project for the sorority is great and I love your craqfty secret cards, too. You really must create even while you're asleep Julie! How wonderful to have 3 weeks with family...of course when you return you'll have another scrapbook to make of the festivities. Have a wonderful time! Blessings to your parents on this most wonderful occasion. Thanks for always taking the time to share what you're up to!
    Tata for now...

  19. You're just as cute and fun as your creative cards!! :-) Enjoy your family!! The scrapbook is priceless!!! They will LOVE it!!

  20. I loved the card and the picture of you holding it.

    What a wonderful talent you have.


  21. Wishing you a wonderful trip, Julie! Enjoy the memory making and story gathering! Looking forward to hearing all about it!

  22. Love all of your hard work, so pretty!
    Enjoy those three weeks with your precious family.
    Wishing you all the best,

  23. You are amazing girlfriend!!! How do you get so much done??? Your parents are going to LOVE this beautiful work of art you have created for them ... what wonderful cherished memories all in one place! Have a wonderful time with family ... can't wait to hear all about it!

    As far as your cards .. they are all WONDERFUL! Your cards are "so YOU!" and show the love you have for what you are doing!

    I am in AWE of your talents! Enjoy!

  24. LOVE it!!! So, so perfect. I can't find an email link on your blog. I wanted to ask you something Could you email me? pixiepetalsvintage@gmail.com

  25. Happy Aniversary to your parents..everything looks so lovely...what a great daughter you are..they are blessed. xoxo

  26. Welcome to the sorority! Great job! The wedding album is something else, I 'm sure they will love it.

  27. Very nice Vintage card!! Love your BLOG! :)

  28. Wishing you a fantastic trip with your family Julie - I've missed my visits to you these past few weeks. Have fun - kisses Kitty xxx

  29. Love your scrapbook of memories and LOVE your Bloggerette contribution!

    Happy to have you as a new SISTA!


  30. You've been busy I love the green in the sorority card - have not seen that color used yet.

  31. I just get flat out giddy when I see how wonderful your work is!! So well done!! The only thing cuter than your work is you!! (and those pics of your parents!!)

  32. Your piece is adorable! :) Love it!


  33. Love the card you made...well done.

    I also love your photo share...that was most enjoyable.

    My 'framed work for initiation/rush' is now posted---scroll down below the flower photos! Do come by if you have time today, I'd love to have you visit with me.

    Hootin' Anni's SHADES OF SUMMER

  34. Your cards and scrapping are so creative and clever. Nice to meet you, Sister.

  35. Came to you through Karen. Interesting that you know about spina bifida. My daughter was born with spina bifida, severe case, and is married to a man with spina bifida also. Email me or go to blog to leave message if interested in further convo....nancy

  36. Great Card creater you are!
    Looks like we're related now Sista!
    Loved all your other pohotos too.
    You do lovely work.
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  37. I love the card! Your parents are going to love what you're doing too! I am a new follower so I can visit more!

    In the Sisterhood,

  38. Hi, from New Jersey! Love your take on the photo, such a lovely card. Can't wait for the rest of the upcoming events. Enjoy the rest of the party.

  39. WOW I am out of breath watching you create all of these beauties! Love your Card for Rush and OMG those pages of your parents are priceless! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the one of them in New York!

    Great job my Sister! Thanks for stopping by and paying me a visit! Big HUGS! Enjoy your trip!

  40. Hi Sister Julie! Oh, what a beautiful card you made and you are just a gorgeous young lady! :)
    Your scrapbook you've made for you folks is so lovely!
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)
    Sorority sis from Texas

  41. Julie, You have brought such a bright spot to my day with your posting of your photograph. You are as lovely as your words. Your Grandmother's page is too sweet for words, and the vintage couple card you used is one I have saved because it is so cute! I wanted to let you know I am still waiting on tags; so most likely they will go out after your return from your special celebration. Have a wonderful time! Elizabeth

  42. Hi Julie,
    I love your card for the rush project-and everything else as well! Have a safe and happy trip.

  43. I love your photo with your card...and I am nuts over the scrapbook pages you shared of your Mom and Dad's wedding! Have fun with your family gathering. It was great meeting you through The Rush!! dana

  44. I just love everything you make, and so fun to see a picture of you. :)

    Hope your having a wonderful time at the celebration!

  45. Hi Karen,
    So nice to meet you! Wow! Your rush photo, your projects...so glad I found your blog today :0)

  46. Great job on your Rush project and your parent's scrapbook!! You are SOOO creative! I'm so glad to meet another Sister!! I can't wait to see what's next with our sorority ~ I look forward to getting to know you.

  47. What a cute picture, Karen. Thanks fpr visiting my blog. I am going to have to check out this bloggerette sorority again...I didn't quite understand it!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!


  48. Good work.
    Have a wonderful time at the celebration. xx

  49. Hi from Belgium new sister! Thank you for your sweet comment, you made a gorgeous 'rush card'.

  50. I'm absolutely delighted to meet you! Your card for the Rush is lovely..and such a beautiful picture of you with it! It was great fun, then, to go down and look at your parent's wedding scrapbook. I had to laugh at your procrastination comment...I know a bit about that myself. I think sometimes I talk about scrapbooking more than I actually do it!

    Thanks for stopping by and place and leaving such a nice comment. Have a great time while you're away...


  51. Oops...sorry for the typo. I hate when that happens! :(

  52. Hello there Sista. Nice to meet you. I look forward to getting to know you. You did a great job on your R*U*S*H project!! I am so excited about our sorority and all the F*U*N we will have!

    Blessings from your Back Porch Sista,
    {Our Back Porch in Tennessee}

  53. Hope you have a great time with your family. What a lot of beautiful work you did for you Mom and Dad. They will treasure it all forever. Boy I wish I lived close by you so you could show me how to make one that pretty for my Mom. I will give it a try. I am so Happy to meet you and am a follower on your blog now. I will join in on Pink Saturday soon. Kath' from www.lilbitoldlilbitnew.blogspot.com

  54. I am sure they will be thrilled with your scrapbook! It's fantastic! Wish i had such great photos of my parents but they had a little wedding and very few pics. Have a great time! Patsy from

  55. Hello sista JUlie. I like your picture and you are so pretty. This was a fun project. The photos of the anniversary were so neat. We just celebrated our golden anniversary in April. blessings

  56. Hello Julie,
    you did a great job. Really. What did your parents say to the scrapbook? It is so wonderful!I love it,too.
    You asked about the Quilt, yes i did it too. If you like to see more Quilt from me just go to
    http://ichbrauchfarbe.blogspot.com/, you find them there. The quilt you see there ist out of antic Linen an old laces. I still have to quilt it, it's not ready until now. I'm a patchworker.
    I 'm so glad to get t know you, my sista.
    I will follow you.


  57. The sorority card turned out so well, its gorgeous! Gosh, your weekend sounds so exciting, I am sure you are having a fabulous time! Have a wonderful three weeks away!

  58. Your parents will treasure this scrapbook! HAve fun! Love your album and your gorgeous cards!

  59. I love the card you made for our rush party, and the scrapbook pages, and the anniversary cards. I was interested in the flowers tthat you put the red velvet glimmer mist on. Are they flowers you made or bought? And how do you apply the glimmer mist, I make flowers but have never used this product. I see you can buy it thru ebay. Hoping you can fill me in. I'm originally from CA. born and lived there 50 years. just moved to MO three years ago. My kids still live in Bakersfield, where in Ca do you live? Hope to get to know you better, your work is exquiste! Hugs from sorority Sistter, Margaret

  60. Love your card--I havent been able to visit every sisters creation yet, but yours is the first I have seen in the form of a card. Your work is just stunning, and I enjoyed your folks wedding pics too:)

  61. Oh, Julie--so HAPPY to meet you sister!!! Your blog and ALL of your art is STUNNING! I'm actually from California and moved here after Hurricane Katrina...I was in the San Fernando Valley...what city on you in? What a joyful blog you have--I am in awe!

  62. Wow! Julie so very nice to meet you and come visit your blog...I love your creations and your style...just beautiful ... I will be back for a visiting...thanks for visiting me today...


  63. Thanks for dropping and introducing yourself. Love having new blog sorority sisters. Love your creation, very pretty colors.

  64. Thanks for the visit!! I love what you done with the sorority sisters picture. Those colors... yummy!
    But most of all I love what you have done for your parents' anniversary. That is so sweet. How fortunate your parents and family are to have someone so thoughtful in their family.
    I'm sure its been a fabulous weekend. Hope you blog about it.
    I'll be back.
    Ladybug Creek

  65. Julie, Thanks for visiting my blog. You did a great job on your card. I am now a follower. Warm Regards,Sylvia

  66. Love the Sisters card! SO sweet. And your parents' album is fabulous! I made a 50th wedding anniversary scrapbook for my in-laws and it was quite an undertaking but totally worth it! You are so talented ~ nice to meet you Sister.


  67. Your labor of love was met with tears of joy I bet. It's just beautiful!

  68. A lovely rush creation ... well done!! It's a pleasure to have a sweetie like you as my sister out here in blogland!


  69. hello! I love your photo for the sorority. I really should scrapbook too. Used to do a lot of it but haven't now for a couple years. Yikes!

  70. Hello Julie...so nice to meet another inspiring Sista! Love you cards and all your pages...but more importantly all the history behind the pages. Looking forward to hanging out at the "house" with my Sisters...have a wonderful week, fondly, Roberta

  71. Oh, your Bloggerette card is just scrumptious! You did such a fabulous job! And I love all your wedding pics and crafts.:)

  72. Hi JULIE!!!!!
    OH my your RUSH project turned out so beautiful!!!!You are an amazing scrapbooker and the project shows that as well!!!love the little embellishments you added!!!!
    I love your parents wedding/Anniv scrapbook you made them, they will cherish it I am sure!!!!
    I hope you had a marvelous time with all your family!!!!!
    Welcome to our little Sorority!!!!
    it will be a fun time!!!

  73. Lovely projects--I'm not a 'scrapper' but I think I'm getting inspired to start!

    Charlene @ A Virtuous Woman

  74. Hi Julie!
    Thank you for joining my blog and I love yours.. so much fun.. and yet oh so pretty.
    I think part of the sorority is so fun.. and I am so happy I joined!!
    I will visit you soon.. and I love what you did with the sorority photo!
    To cool.. !
    Many blessings and hugs, Darlene xo

  75. Julie, I hope that you are having a ball!
    You put such love into all that you create,
    and this book is no exception. Your parents ~ and the rest of your family ~ is going to LOVE
    IT!!! If I were more crafty I'd join the sorority, but alas, my pen/keyboard is my craft; and I'm working on my photography! Looking forward to following your family celebration. xx Suzanne

  76. Hello fellow Sorority Sister! I love what you did with the picture. I'm looking forward to having a lot of fun with all my new sisters.

    Hugs XX
    Moore Whimsies

  77. Julie, You did a pretty piece for the rush! So glad to know you and will visit again soon!

  78. Oh how fun!

    I just had some time to browse through your blog I've been a follower for awhile, but really got a chance to look through tonight.

    Love your parent's scrapbook! Those photos are truly a scrapbooker's dream come true. What a wonderful job you did! It almost makes me want to start up again...ALMOST : )

    Love your blog and plan to be back often.


    Starview Sonnet

  79. I hope the party went well! Can't wait to hear about it!

  80. My first time visiting your blog Julie and I found it very inspiring. Love your vintage card and the photos of your parent's wedding. Enjoy your family reunion and celebrations. TFS. ~Glen~ (in England)

  81. Hi Julie, gosh now you are on vacay..how fun. I love what you did with the bloggerette photo, just beautiful, and what a treat to have done your parents wedding picture scrapbook..lovely..
    Stop by and visit when you get back. I am also a CA blogger!


  82. Thanks so much for visiting my blog Julie, for leaving a lovely message and for becoming a follower. I notice that we both have 3 daughters! *Ü* I also have 6 precious grandchildren. When you visit my blog, you will see that I write about them - often. *Ü* Enjoy your vacation. ~Glen~

  83. Your work for the bloggerette sorority card is terrific. I love the scrapbook for your parents. I enjoyed my visit here today.

  84. Julie, I love the photo of you holding your card for the bloggerette sorority! How cute you are, and the card is lovely!...I so enjoyed seeing the photos of your parents. Beautiful scrapbook! Hope you had a great party! xo Paulette

  85. Oh you have been so busy! What great creations! I do so love them all! What a happy album!

  86. The album is an absolute treasure, and the cards are gorgeous as always! I love the vintage smiling couple-too cute!

  87. Hello Blogger Sister! Just getting around to the party and rush! Hope you are full of joy dear! Blessings.

  88. Greetings from Pennsylvania. Hope your trip is going wonderfully. What an awesome creation. I love what you did for rush and you are a beautiful girl. Hope you come by when you can and check my rush project.

    Take care,

  89. I have missed my friend!!! Love the cards and the memories! Just beautiful! Happy Times!