Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Very Sugary Cupcake...and Sweet Mother's Day Memories...

Good morning, dear friends!

Seems like I haven't posted forever--just a few days, though!  It's been busy here, but today is nice and quiet...{sigh....!}

I have a couple of things to share with you today...first off...I've been needing some birthday cards to have on hand, so I finally got one done yesterday:

I LOVE these colors together--one of my favorite combinations--just makes me really happy!  I used three of my favorite Pink Persimmon stamp set for this:  "Vintage Cupcake", "Vintage Greetings", and "Sweet Greetings"...each one is just delightful!

Lots of silver Stickles, lace and the perfect shade of vintage pink rick-rack trim were used...and some oh, so fabulous German clear glass glitter for the frosting!

Also added some Diamond Stickles on some random pink polkadots on the background paper--I just can't seem to stop with the sparkles!

I've also been working on things for Mother's Day...My Mom asked me last week if I would make something with my Grandmother's picture on it for her Mother's Day display in her "shrine", as we call it...the place in her entry that she always decorates so beautifully for each and every holiday.  Here's what I came up with:

This is LaPriel when she was just 17 years old, in 1929...my Dad's mother.  I love her.  She passed away when I was just 3 1/2 years old,  but I do remember her.  What I remember the most is that she absolutely loved me.  That warm, sweet thought is stuck in my memory, and I know it will never go away...

 I used yellow and turquoise for the card because they were her favorites...As I worked on this, my thoughts kept revolving around her.  I have a copy of her journal--the only one I know she had, and in it is found this lovely Mother's Day memory from 1946...

"Mother's Day--I woke up early this morning and went in the front room and there were four lovely potted plants on the mantle with notes on them to me from my boys...I squealed out loud and out came my precious boys grinning from ear to ear.  They said that wasn't all.  They asked me to go outside, and out there they had planted flowers all out in the front...they had signs on them.  One said, 'Dear Mother, I hope these will bloom.  But they never can bloom as blooming sweet and lovely as you.  Grant.'  Another, 'Merry Mother's Day, Mother Mine.'  Then another sign said, "I hope these will grow, but they never will grow as beautiful as you, Mother Dear.  Clayn.'  (my Dad!)  I cried--couldn't help it!  I wonder so often how I happened to be so lucky to have such love as I have....A lovely Mother's Day..."

Sometimes when I'm too busy, I think of another time in her journal when her boys really wanted her to go to town and see a movie with them, and she did, writing that she hoped they always would want her to go with them like that...precious moments that fly away too soon!  I'm so grateful for that wise lesson from my Grandmother...

Her daughter, my Aunt Diana said that she always said, "Remember to smile before you answer the phone...a happy voice on the phone means you've reached a happy home." More good advice! 

She told me that once a man had called their home once mistakenly, and that my Grandmother sounded so cheerful, he called back later, "just to hear a pleasant voice on the phone"!

I need to remember that more often!

I asked my Mom what typified her the most--how could I characterize her--in the small space of a card--in the best way?  So many thoughts came to her mind, and my Dad's...in the end, I found inspiration in these words...and I just feel that it's something she would say to me right now if she could...

...so those are my words to you, today, as well...Believe in Yourself...

...and have a most wonderful day!


  1. I LOVE, love, love all of the cards!! Once again another priceless family story. Your grandmother was gorgeous and wise!!

    Thanks for sharing! :-)

  2. Sweet cards and sweet memories!!

  3. Loveliest color combination, I totally agree!

    HAve a happy Tuesday, Julie. xx

  4. What a beautiful post Julie. I love your pink and blue cupcake card...the icing on that cupcake look good enough to swipe a finger through! The piece for your Grandmother is lovely, too. I think it's great that you have so many stories about your family...interesting reading!

  5. So, so sweet and such good advice! Thanks for always inspiring us to be better people! You sure know how to make me *Think* and *Appreciate*.
    Hope to catch you by phone another day! Enjoy your sunshine!!

  6. Beautiful card, as was your grandmother and I've loved reading through her memoirs - how lucky you are to have them!! Juliex

  7. These cards are truly beautiful. I adore the story of your grandmother and her journal. Sweet memories! ~ Angela

  8. This is such a beautiful post Julie. I do enjoy your creations so much and your grandmother was so beautiful the card is perfect. She was so loved by her boys wasn't she what a wonderful memory.

  9. All I can say is Beautiful. What lovely memories you have shared. You have brought tears to my eyes.
    Happy Mother's day to you.
    Enjoy, Dana

  10. Julie, your cards are so beautiful...i love that you have your grandmother's journal...she sounds like she was a wonderful woman...and a smart cookie to boot!!!

  11. Beautiful cards and precious memories.

  12. These are stunning cards and I love your story about your LaPriel... your love has come shining through on your card. WOW!

  13. what a treasure to have your grandma's journal- wow! Thanks for sharing these- I love their rich sugary, sparkly goodness!!!

  14. Julie, I think what you've been doing....preserving your families history through your art is just wonderful!

    Your children and their children are going to have beautiful keepsakes to cherish forever!

    I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!


  15. Julie, You are your grandmother's twin! Her sweetness is yours. I absolutely love her telephone advice. What a sweet story. We are all so lucky that you share these memories with us. Happy day! Elizabeth

  16. I too love that pinky colours on the cupcake card. Sweet.

  17. what a women. such beauty inside and all the way to her heart and soul. its no wonder you still have special memories of her :)
    she is worth remembering.

  18. Gorgeous cards, as always!! I have some Pink Persimmon stamps and love them! Thanks for sharing your beautiful projects!

  19. Julie, Its always such a joy to see your lovely work!
    best of luck in my giveaway!
    hugs Lynn

  20. Beautiful cards Julie, both are gorgeous but I think my favourite is the pretty cupcake card.
    Lesley x

  21. Wonderful cards, Julie! I really appreciate when you share your family stories too. Wishing you a lovely day, my friend!

  22. Oh Julie, what a lovely post for Mother's Day. I just love reading your stories about your lovely family (and of course I love your cards too!!). What lovely names your family has. I just adore them, so unsual! I have never heard the name La Priel before. How beautiful! I just loved reading that Mother's Day memory from her journal. Oh how loved she was and is. You could write a book Julie, just filled with these fabulous family memories and your lovely cards. It would be a best seller for sure. I'd buy it!! Love you loads. Hugs from England! xxoo

  23. So much sweet sentiment - your cards are beautiful but I always find your family stories to be so inspiring. Your grandmother was quite a lovely woman. Brought tears to my eyes.

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  25. I love visiting your blog Julie. Your art and your words always makes me smile. Really lovely!!!!

    Have a wonderful day!
    Hugs Hanne

  26. Hi Julie. First, THANK YOU for your kind and caring words on my recent post about Sasha. It really means the world to have my blogging neighbors reach out with kindness. Next, I just LOVE this post and the words of wisdom from your grandma AND the creative and meaningful way that you have put it all together! I am home sick today and will use the down time to make my own dear mom a card with your inspiration in mind. xx P&H

  27. Hi Julie, oooh I am in tears as I am reading this... but they are happy tears... your Grandmother LaPriel was (is) such a beautiful lady! I still refer to my loved ones who have passed on in the present tense... they have not changed... your grandmother still IS a beautiful lady... how lucky you are to have her journal, that must be so very precious to you... grandmothers are such special souls... I am sure she is looking down happily at what you have posted, and I love the little phrase "Believe in Yourself"... too many times we forget that... I also love that the man called her back just to hear her pleasant voice on the telephone... so sweet! xoxo Julie Marie

  28. Lovely cupcake card and what a fabulous tribute to your grandmother! How lovely to have her journal, too. I wonder if it every occurred to her that she was not "lucky" to have the love she had, she was simply getting back what she gave out to others? Bless her!

  29. Hi Julie,

    Thank you for sharing your heartfelt memories of your grandmother with us - share that same memory of mine, and I SO enjoyed your beautiful art!

    I have become a follower and added you to my Inspiration link list at Create With Joy. Please stop by when you can - I'm hosting a collage sheet giveaway all month (would be perfect for your lovely art!) and it would be a delight to welcome you to my family of Kindred Spirits!


  30. Oh JUlie! The story of your sweet boys about made me cry to!! Isn't that about as good as it gets? Beautiful cards...as always :) Do have a Happy Mother's Day..you're off to a good start!!

  31. What a Beautiful Creation for a Beautiful & Very Wise Woman ~

  32. So, so beautiful! I just love the cupcake, that is so adorable.
    The flower pots waiting for your Grandmother on Mother's Day, and then the plants outside with the notes...I could just see this unfolding in my mind..what a precious memory to share, thank you :)

  33. Awwwwwwe, I love it!
    Julie...you are just going to have to adopt me. I love your family. You have so much history and again...I'm going to tell you how lucky you are that you have so much documentation, journals and photos...you just have to adopt me. please?

    Yes girl...you were one of the runner ups but that's okay :)
    What means the most to me is I love your visits ALL THE TIME!!!!! :)))))

    It's almost the weekend and I hope you have a Wonderful Mother's Day. I hope you journal it just as Lapriel did...so beautifully!!!!!

    LOVE those cards! Those colors ARE gorgeous!

    So, are you going to even think about the adoption? ;)

  34. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Nice to meet you.
    What a lovely photo of your grandmother and how wonderful to have a journal of hers. That's so special. xx

  35. What a sweet journal entry! I love how you have so much family history and that you always share with us, it is a good reminder for me to leave my family beautiful things to ponder!

    If I don't get to it later as I have a very busy week and weekend, I wish you the best Mother's Day ever!

  36. Hi Julie!

    Even though I had already commented on this post, I wanted to head back over to say thank you for your sweet comments on my last post, they meant a lot to me!

    All the best,

  37. What a wonder....to have your Grandma's journal. What she wrote was very sweet. My favorite of all your cards is the Birthday card on this post. love it.

  38. Julie,
    Your cards are lovely. I love the one of your grandmother. She is beautiful and from what you wrote and shared from her diary , she was beautiful on the inside too. and such great words of wisdom. I loved the story of her boys planting flowers for her.... what a wonderful gift.
    Blessings always

  39. It's so nice to hear other stories of Grandma since I didn't know her. I never knew her favorite colors! Thanks for sharing!