Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Domestic Goddess...

Good afternoon, everyone!

Another, how the week flies!

Just a couple of  quick things to share with you today...I've been having fun with some new products from Crafty Secrets...I'll have more to share later this week--so much fun!

I made another shadowbox card featuring the wonderful images from the newly revised "Domestic Goddess" Creative it is:

I can't tell you how much I love these shadowbox frames--Vicki Chrisman's amazing idea--thanks, Vicki!  These are available through Crafty Secrets...I just have so much fun putting them together!  Can't wait till Vicki's next big idea.....!

The revised Creative Scraps have images on the back now...Here's what they look like:

...more to choose from!

Some lace, aqua rick-rack trim, lots of silver glitter, some Dazzling Diamonds, and gorgeous red crystal rhinestones...

And some fun crystal cherry rhinestone charms...


You all know by now that everything I make reminds me of something in my family's is no exception, of course!  I couldn't get this image out of my mind today...

I realize this photo isn't taken in the kitchen....but just look at my Grandmother, Velda on the she a domestic goddess, or what?!  A little family ice cream-making time on the back patio...

My grandfather was a fairly prominent banker in the Phoenix area in the '50's, and this photo was taken for a newspaper article on their wondered why they were so perfectly posed, didn't you?!  That's my mother, Karen, on the left...don't you just love her dress?  (My Mom just added that she designed and made that dress she's wearing...yet another domestic goddess!)

My mom's brother and sister, Glenn and Judy, are also there...Judy was to die just a few years later at age 7 due to cancer...a sad but sweet story for another day...

Well, that's all I have for you to my daughter's softball game and my youngest daughter's soccer practice...don't you just love the days when everything overlaps?  Wish I really was a domestic goddess and could be everywhere at once!  (And have dinner hot and ready when we get home!!!)

Have a wonderful night!


  1. Thats easy...thats why I love my crock pot! I love your cards..these are so cute! I just keep thinking about them in those dresses, did they have to wear nylons everyday too? I would hate that! Love the pic of your mom's family..she looks like Sandra Dee tight out of Tammy! :D

  2. I love, LOVE the red/aqua shadow box! How completely perfect! I NEED! I NEED! lol Crafty secrets have THE BEST stamp sets ... EVER!

  3. That's such a great shadowbox. Love all those colors together and you have such a knack for combining all those elements.

    Always love your stories and this picture is just the quintessential picture of 1950s family life. But pictures don't always show the whole story - sorry about your mom's sister.

  4. I love those vintage kitchen images, and especially what you do with them. That photo of your mom's family is wonderful, I wonder what was in the bucket? It kind of looks like a giant ice cream maker.

  5. I love the first picture with those pink appliances. Reminds me of little kitchen set I had as a child. Wonderful!

  6. I love your shadow box cards, great images, but you made them perfect!

    I thought your family looked a little "posed", but that's a great picture, so perfectly 50's. We still use an ice cream maker just like that!

  7. That family picture looks like something from the old "House of the Future" at Disneyland! I love it!

  8. Julie, your shadow box cards are beautiful! Love the 50's photo!


  9. Oh JUlie, I love your domestic goddess cards most of all. I did try to get some of those Crafty Secrets scrap packs, but they are always out of stock. I'll just have to keep trying. I love them so! You always do such a fabulous job of putting them together into such wonderfully creative cards! You are soooo talented at this! I love that old family picture as well, perfectly posed or not. What a gem!! I send love and hugs in abundance to you today sweet friend!! XXOO

  10. That photo is fantastic! Such a great photo to have:) Love your art as always. I need to find one of these shadowbox frames and try myself.

    Have a wonderful weekend Julie!
    Hugs Hanne

  11. I really like this it's just YUMMY!

    Love Dawn xx

  12. Love your shadow box, Julie! So many great little details to it, and the color scheme is so warm & homey too. Thank you, as always, for the inspiration!

  13. Love, love, love the cards...I mean I really like them!! They are just so dang cute!!

    So glad to know your Mom's family was posing for that picture!! I thought...really they are that dressed up while making homemade ice-cream!! My how times have changed. Some things never change though, homemade ice-cream is sounding like a GREAT idea!! :-)

  14. Hi Julie! I love the family photo at the end of your beautiful post! There are a few vintage ice cream makers at the shop right now ~ one might just be coming home with me!! Thanks for stopping by ~ have a great weekend!

  15. Julie, the shadowbox is beautiful! ... and the photo, and the dress of your mum ... :)
    Have a nice weekend!

  16. Love your shadowbox and the domestic goddess creative scraps!!

  17. YOU are a goddess of many things darling!!!! Paper crafting to be one! AMAZING! All of them are wonderful. But, my fav is the one with the aprons. CUTE! I wish I could whip these up like you do! Have a great weekend. HUGS! Charlene

  18. I just got those Domestic Godess images from Crafty Secrets, aren't they great?!

    Your Grandmother and Mother both look amazing! Love the pictures.

    We're off to soccer, too, but I think you knew that from my post today :) 7pm soccer? Geesh :)

    Hope you and your family have a lovely weekend!

  19. Hi Julie!

    You always have the coolest family photos to share! So cute!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  20. What a fabulous photo. I DID wonder how and why they were so perfectly posed. Question answered! xx

  21. Hi Julie! Your shadowbox card is so gorgeous! I can just imagine all the work that went into making that little beauty!...I loved the picture of your mom's family, and the story that went with it...I wish I had one of those ice cream makers! Have a fun weekend! xo Paulette

  22. Julie, I was wondering how a family could look so beautiful making ice cream. I laughed that the answer was they were posed for a newspaper article. They look like characters from favorite old black and white television shows. What a treasure! Your work recalling this time is always my favorite. I adore your use of vintage images in your work and all the small details that take them over the top. Sigh, another beautiful creation! Have a great weekend! E

  23. Your shadowbox is fantastic, Julie! I'm adding the new Domestic Goddess scraps to my Wish List.

    I had to laugh at the first commentor.... Not only did the women wear nylons everyday in the 50's, but generally a girdle and slip!! This photo is very 1950's "Father Knows Best" looking. How fortunate you are to have these photos still preserved and available!