Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Very Kitschy Chistmas To You!

Good evening, everyone! Hope you've had a lovely Sunday...restful after this Thanksgiving week...

I've got a few things to share with you tonight...first off--I said I would post about my Thanksgiving Casserole yesterday, and the day just got away from me, so I didn't get that done---but here it is, now! Hopefully you still have some Thanksgiving leftovers so you can give this a try--I know I do! It's quick, easy, and oh, so delicious!

I came up with this about 5 or 6 years ago, family would almost rather just go straight to this casserole and forget the original dinner!

Look at all those yummy layers of Thanksgiving goodness just bubbling together in the pan...!

This is all you do...shred up a BUNCH of turkey--white meat is our that with the gravy--seeps in and around the turkey--yum! Next, a layer of potatoes--make it thick! On top of that goes a delicious garnet-red layer of cranberry sauce...and the best of all...a thick layer of stuffing! Stick in a 350 degree oven for 40 to 45 minutes, until the stuffing is a little browner and crispy and the rest is bubbling and ready! Serve it up with some left over green beans, and you're ready for dinner!

This is really a great way to get rid of all the separate little dishes of leftovers in the fridge--consolidated into one baking pan...if it lasts long enough to get back into the fridge! Enjoy!!!

I started listening to Christmas music just before Thanksgiving this year...I usually wait till the day after, but I've just been in the mood early this year! One of my favorite groups is from the 1950's...I remember listening to these albums all the while I was growing up in the 1960's and '70's...I think my grandparents gave these albums to my folks, and I would lay on the floor by the Christmas tree in the living room, and replay these albums over and over again. To me, they are the best of Christmas music and will always remind me of my childhood Christmases...

...Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians...anyone else listen to this lovely group?

You can check them out on iTunes or Amazon if you're not familiar with them--I SO recommend it--you'll feel like a kid again! At least, I do!

While listening to my Christmas music today, of course I was making a Christmas card to share with you.....and it is VERY kitschy today--an image straight out of the '50's! This is from Crafty Secrets' new "Christmas" Creative Scraps--so many fabulous images!

Love this image of Santa! This is classic Santa to me...just like the pictures I loved when I was a girl...

I went seriously overboard on the trims for this card...but isn't that what kitschy is all about?! A bunch of silver glitter, some buttons, and that's it!

Now, to round out the classic, kitschy Christmas theme for the day, I found some photos of my creative mother, Karen, when she was a girl at Christmas time in the '50's...I've told you before how talented she is, and she's had that gift since she was born, I think!

These photos are of her Christmas window paintings she did on the family house...what a wonderful way to decorate...and what confidence her parents had in her skills, right?! These are from a couple of different'll see the difference in my Mom...(she may not thank me for posting these...oh, well!)

Sorry some of these are so dark, but when it's all you've got, you just love it anyway! Here's my mom with her younger brother, Glenn...

Don't you love her pinned-up hair???

The proud artist!

I need to ask her how she did that beautiful gold on the package.....Hope you still love me, Mom!

Before I close for the night, I need to share such a lovely gift I received from Maureen at Celestial Charms--

I won two beautiful vintage aprons in her blog giveaway a couple of weeks ago, and was so surprised to find added to the box, three beautiful spools of ribbon, a booklet of vellum baby sayings, and a stack of amazingly adorable vintage baby cards! Oh, my--what a treat!!! Thank-you, Maureen, for your generous heart! Guess what I'm going to be doing with those lovely cards.....!

Lastly, hopefully by now you've discovered the fabulous magazine "Where Women Create"...Jo Packham, the amazing editor of the magazine, now has a lovely blog...and starting December 1st, she will be hosting a great giveaway celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas...go check it out here!

Well, that's it for tonight! Sometimes I just have too much to share--thanks for bearing with me! May you have a lovely Sunday night with your family, and lovely kitschy dreams!


  1. Julie,
    So glad you liked the package. Wish I had time to iron the aprons ;)
    I must make your turkey cassarole dish as I'm salivating already. Your Santa Christmas card is adorable...I just want to pinch his cheeks!
    I'm looking forward to checking out Fred Waring and the Pennsylvannians. I love undiscovered oldies. As for your Mom, well, we now see where you get your talent from. Love those photos.

  2. OMG Julie...that was a big deal if your parents actually LET you paint on the house!! whoa! she sure was talented! You must get your talent from her! Love the card and the YUMMY dish! :)

  3. Where to begin... should be a food stylist!

    2...I LOVE Christmas music from that same era!

    3...So love those cards...the more glitter the better...especially with vintage!

    4...Did you transfer your old photos onto something digital? They are so fabulous...mine are all photos, curling up after coming off that famous 'disc' camera

    5...I am SO jealous of that blog candy!

    6...Isn't Where Women Create phenomenal? Thanks for the tip! Christmas music officially kicks off when the first ornaments are placed on the tree. I have created my own quirky tradition of playing Elton John's 'Step into Christmas' as my first tune and then I go to Donny Osmond's 'I've Been Looking for Christmas'. From there, I give my husband a pick or two! : )

  4. The casserole sounds great...a perfect way to use up the leftovers.

  5. Love the card and the recipe, Julie! And, I love Fred Waring, having grown up in eastern Pennsylvania - I still have a 'Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians Song Book' for Christmas. His wife was a vintage button collector, and my mom managed to score a part of the collection at their estate auction - VERY cool :) Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I posted my scan of the vintage bingo card you asked about... you can see my edited post on my blog (same post you commented on). Thanks for visiting!

  6. So much goodness here for me to read this morning Julie, and to oggle and drool over!! First of all that casserole looks to die for! WE like the leftovers more than the actual dinner here as well!!! What a tasty way of presenting them though! Yummo! Loved the pics of your mum and her windows! Clearly talent runs in the family, coz this newest card of yours is absolutely delightful! I just love it!! Also that giveaway you won, how perfectly wonderful!!!! I can't wait to see what you create out of those postcards!!! And I love, LOVE the aprons! Lucky you!!! Have a superdy duperdy Monday dear friend! xxoo

  7. Julie, you must be one great cook! I always read your posts and want to get a snack! Wonderful idea for the leftovers. Your latest card is so kitchy-cute. I can't wait to see what you do with the new elf card that we just shared with you. Your mom is so cute and very talented! Have a great week! Twyla

  8. Your blog is such an inpsiring way to start the day! The casserole looks delicious, the card is adorable, and those photos of your mum and her paintings are true treasures!

    Wishing you a lovely day!

  9. Love the pictures of your mom and the nostalgic remembrance of Fred Waring and group! So many sweet Christmas memories and new ideas as well! Your Thanksgiving leftovers recipe sounds great! And congratulations on winning that amazing giveaway with aprons and those stunning vintage greeting cards! All wonderful! Thanks for sharing and have a great day! Hugs, Coralie

    P.S. Love your new background!

  10. Wow, everything in yur post is fantastic (as usual!) Your Mum did wonderful windows, your card is so nostalgic, and that casserole looks mouthwateringly special - just the thing my DH will love, thanks for sharing. x x x

  11. Julie, that casserole looks sooo good!!! It is only 9:30 am and I want some, lol! I love the way you described the food, that made me even hungrier, lol!
    Love your new card, you are so talented! Thank you for sharing the pics of your mom and the beautiful windows!

  12. What a lovely post! That recipe looks and sounds delicious!...I loved your Christmas card, what a sweet old fashioned Santa! You must get your talents from your wonderfully artistic mom!... Maureen's gift is just lovely!
    Hugs, Paulette ;)

  13. So we can now see where your talent came from - there's definitely something genetic going on! Love your mom's Christmas windows and your kitsch card looks fab! Congrats on your blog candy win - have fun with those!

  14. What beautiful cards! I think the more color and sparkle, the better. It seems you inherited the art gene from your mother.

  15. Wow, your mom is so talented! I just started getting out my Christmas decorations yesterday and found some kitschy stuff of my own! lol Love the happy mail you got!

  16. Oh duh, and your card is awesome! Love that Santa image and the embellishments are perfect! :D

  17. Well, it seems as though you come from a very talented family. Love the photos of your Mom in front of her masterpieces. I too find delight in the fact that her parents allowed her this freedom. She looks so proud and so she should be. My stomach growled when it encountered your Thanksgiving casserole recipe...just might have to try this at Christmas. Your Christmas card is spectacular....lucky people on your list.

  18. Great way to use up that turkey and leftovers! My mom did something similar when we were tired of turkey sandwiches. :D

    Cute card! The image is very reminiscent of the window paintings. What fun memories!!

    Thanks for stopping by today...seems like I took the weekend off even though I was really busy! :D

  19. That post is one the most comforting ones I have read. It is beautiful to see your old photos and the nostalgia they embody. I send you joy and thanks for showing us these memories and comforts. Blessings.

  20. Your casserole sounds fabulous! If I had any leftovers I would give it a try! I'll keep the idea for Christmas and maybe do sweet potatoes.

    The aprons are so cute and love the card!


  21. Hi Julie,
    Yes, you were right on target. I was born on 20JUN63, and my brother was born on 01JUN63. My Mom had her hands quite full. We were what used to be called "Irish Twins." Irish and Irish American families, were well known to have their children one right after eachother.

  22. That casserole looks to die for! Kind of making something similiar tonight but w/o the cranberry....cranberry on the side instead! Love the perky Santa Card! Love the photos...priceless!
    Mama Holli

  23. That dish is too scrumptious looking for absolute words. I think I've always enjoyed the leftovers from big holiday meals even more the the actual first time you dig in, because usually at that point you're so exhausted from cooking that you can't fully savour your culinary handiwork.

    (On a different note...)Thank you very much for recently entering my giveaway for a beautiful set of Jessie Willcox Smith art prints, Julie. The lucky winner is going to drawn at random and announced on Chronically Vintage later today. I really appreciate your support of this giveaway and wish you the best of luck!

    Have a splendid Tuesday, honey - tons of hugs!
    ♥ Jessica

  24. What a beautiful Christmas post. Thank you for posting your vintage records, the only way to listen! Your photos are just too charming for words, your casserole I'm still thinking over. I just can't imagine the cranberry layer. I'm going to trust you though and give this one a try! Happy Holidays to you! Elizabeth

  25. Girlfriend ... you should work for a magazine!! Your write-ups are awesome and your addition of photos ... PERFECT!!! I can certainly see where you got your creative talents .. these images your Mom did are AMAZING!!! WOWZA!! Keep 'em coming girlfriend .. you are certainly rockin' blogland with your postings!!