Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Baby Book for a Baby Boy, Learning from My Mistakes, and Great-Grandmother's Yummy Popcorn

Good evening, all! It's a pretty late post tonight after a fun, busy day! Hope the day was great for all of you!

Lots of pictures to show you tonight--finally finished a project for my sister who had a new baby boy--her first child--last week. I used the new Crafty Secrets' Vintage Postcard Kit--"Baby Boy"--perfect, right?! I decided to make a little book for her to add little pictures, hospital bracelet, whatever she wanted.

This is the "cover" of my little book--each image is just so sweet!

Look at those little pink cheeks!

I finished the back of each chipboard piece with some Crafty Secrets' paper, sponged with Rangers' Vintage Photo ink, then used the adorable little stamps in the mini set included with each Postcard Kit to decorate. I'm just showing the last "page" here--didn't want too many pictures here!

This was just so much fun to do.....but after I was finished, I realized I'd goofed. This is not really an uncommon occurrence for me, sad to say! But this time, instead of ripping everything apart and starting over, I just took a big breath, told myself it was okay, and moved on.

I realized my sister will love it anyway, and I learned something from it--it's not a big lesson, but a lesson learned, nonetheless!

I'm sure this is something you're all very careful about already--but--while carefully finishing the back of something--turning it often to make sure you're not doing the back upside-down, remember that if you're making a little book, you WANT the back to be upside-down so that the pages will be facing the same way! Oh, well--it's still cute! (Just look at that adorable little stork stamp!)

There are six images in each Postcard Kit, along with twelve little images in different shapes, and coordinating pieces of chipboard for finishing each one. I used almost all--saved one image for me, just because I love it so much--I'll show you later (my sister will never know!)

Here's what I did with the other two:

I thought this would be cute to hang on the baby's room door--"Don't wake me, I'll wake you"!

(This is a really pretty brown & cream gingham ribbon, but it looks black & white here!)

Just a little wall hanging for over the cradle--a mini birth announcement with the most adorable man in the moon and cute little cottage below...

It says, "The old moon chuckled and said, 'I know why that house is so happy down there below.'" So sweet...!

Well, I hope they like these little handmade gifts--wish I could deliver them in person and kiss my newest little nephew, Connor.

Now for something sweet! This recipe comes to you from my Great-Grandmother, Anna Ostlund. What a wonderful woman--barely 5 feet tall, and so full of love for everyone! If you've been reading my blog since I started a couple of months ago, the antique doll from the 1890's I talked about was hers when she was a little girl. Here's Anna with her husband, Hjaldermar, and young family about 1910:

Aren't they all just so beautiful? This was a just a year or so before my Grandfather was born. I really love this picture...

Here's Grammie's recipe for, as she called it, "Yummy Popcorn":


1 stick butter
1/2 cup brown sugar
7 large marshmallows
2/3 cup popcorn (un-popped measurement)

Pop corn--(I don't use microwave popcorn for this--just feels better to do it on the stove for an old recipe!)

Combine all ingredients (except the popcorn, of course!) in a heavy-bottomed saucepan. Heat and melt, stirring constantly, until sugar is dissolved and marshmallows are completely melted.

Pour over popped corn, mix and enjoy!

The wonderful thing about this recipe is that it doesn't get all hard & crunchy--it stays soft and gooey--marvellous! Just watch out for any un-popped kernels!!!

Well, that's it for tonight. Have a wonderful sleep, and wish you could all join me in the morning for Apple Pancakes! (I'll share a picture tomorrow...!)

Good night!


  1. Julie, I just adore your work! You have an incredibly talented eye for things. Any new mother would love to receive these beautiful gifts from you! You should sell them. I am sure they would fly out your door like hotcakes!!! Love the old picture of your Great grandmother. Aren't old pictures fun? I have a few and I truly treasure them! Love the popcorn recipe as well. I may give this a try and I can't wait for apple pancakes! yummo!! Sounds delish!

  2. this is just beautiful, your sister will love it!

  3. What a beautiful little book for your sister. She probably won't even notice your "oops", she'll be so busy oohing and aaahing over it!

  4. Sweet little book for your new nephew! I love those little pompoms! They totally finish those pages!

    What a beautiful picture of your great grandmother! The coloring is wonderful!


  5. Hi Julie,

    What a fantiastic new baby book, so much hard work and attention to detail but what a wonderful keepsake.

    B x

  6. wow..what a wonderful gift! makes me want to have another one....uhhh ..NOOOOOO...ooppps.forgot myself there for a minute..

  7. Love the beautiful book and the sweet wall hangings! I goof more often than not, and I rarely tear things up. I'm very much okay with my imperfection! That popcorn looks heavenly!!

  8. There is such a special, lovely vibe to your posts - I could read and enjoy them all day long. That popcorn sounds marvelous, I love the addition of marshmallows, it definitely does sound yummy! :)

    Tons of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  9. That is so beautiful, so creative. It will surely be treasured. Plus yummy popcorn, indeed! ;-)