Thursday, September 17, 2009

When Holidays Collide.....

I guess I've just been in a holiday mood this week--DIFFERENT holidays! I made two cards so far this week--Christmas & Halloween. This is my first Christmas project of the year, and I had soooo much fun with it! Used 2 new products I picked up this week--"The Essential Glue Pad" and DecoArt "Snow-Tex"--both were fabulous!!!

The Essential Glue Pad allows you to stamp your image WITH the glue and then apply fine glitter, mica, flocking, etc., WITHOUT using a heat tool--is that cool or what?

The Snow-Tex is white TEXTURED paint--very thick, which you can (and I did) thin with a little water. You then just use a paintbrush and apply. I put a little in a bowl and added a bit of glitter, of course! This stuff is so great! I'll be using it quite a lot, I can tell!

If you click on the photo of my Christmas card, you can see the texture of the paint a bit better...

So here are my cards--both use Crafty Secrets products...the Christmas card uses the "Vintage Christmas" stamp set, and the Halloween card uses the "Halloween" stamp set. I love paper piecing to get a greater depth of color and I love raising bits of the image, so that's what I do...

Doing these two different holiday cards this week reminded me of a couple of pictures I took at my Mom's house a couple of weeks ago. Down in her craft/workroom, she also keeps her holiday decorations. She has bins FULL of holiday stuff just waiting to be displayed all over her house--she's a wonderful decorator! On top of the shelves, are the un-boxed holiday items, just all sitting together in a big holiday mish-mash:

That's all for today--just getting excited about the upcoming holiday season--obviously! This is the time of year I just start to feel alive--fall is magical, and that's how it's always felt to me--enjoy!


  1. WOWSA ... both cards are amazing!! I clicked on each one for a closer look and was so glad I did!! You sure are good with that "sparkly stuff"!! I am NOT ... it ends up EVERYWHERE! I can't choose which card I like best so I'll just leave it at you can send me which ever one you'd like, LOL!!!
    Beautiful work my friend ... you always inspire me! With the holiday coming I guess I'll have to try and use a little more glitter ... oh boy!!!

  2. JULIE!!! You are amazing and talented and SOOOO much like your mom with all this creativeness. I have such great memories of sitting upstairs with your mom learning to sew things. btw, does she give out her cinnamon roll recipe????

    Is card making your forte or do you do other stuff?

  3. Julie, the detail in your cards is amazing! I bet it's wonderful to be so good at something and love doing it too. Thanks for sharing! (BTW, if you don't remember who I am, I'm your lil' sister Becky's friend.)