Monday, September 14, 2009

Creative Time with Grandma

We were so lucky to have my parents here this week! I have 5 other siblings and we all want the folks to visit, so we don't get them very often! (Plus, though they live in Utah, Dad still commutes each week to L.A.--his boss won't let him quit! Pretty amazing at age 72!!!)

We had a wonderful time together, but the best part was time that my two younger daughters had to learn from Grandma. My Mom is famous for her cinnamon rolls, and she took an evening to teach my girls--they LOVED it!

My girls have also really been wanting to learn to sew--and again, Mom stepped up to the plate. This is not my strong point, so I would have been a terrible teacher! They made some adorable things, which I may post later, but they really caught on and enjoyed every minute!

While all this girl stuff is going on, my Dad just loves to sit out back and gaze at the mountains--he loves California, and really appreciates the beauty here. I just love walking by the windows & seeing him soaking it all in!

Thanks for enduring more about my family--I'll have more cards & things up later today. But since this week was all about family, just thought I'd share a few moments of it with you....thanks for checking in!