Sunday, May 18, 2014

Lucky Mom


We recently took advantage of a very dear friend and her talents to photograph  our family during our quickly-closing window of together time before two of my daughters left for school and work…


As you would hope, most of the photos caught moments that were sweet…hangable photos that will grace your walls for years to come.

But our friend also managed to capture some fabulous moments of our family’s reality…and they are my favorites!



I’m thinking that these will have to go on the family room wall, as well!

With all the goofiness, all the goodness, all the personalities—this is my family:


We have mostly regular days…most aren’t captured like this one.  A few are hard, not-so-happy days, but most of our family’s days are really pretty wonderful in normal-wonderful ways…


I’m so grateful for the good, the not-so-good (because we always learn something from them), the serious and the silly…


…because they’re our days.  It’s our family.  And it’s our family forever.


And I AM a very, very lucky Mom.


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