Saturday, September 21, 2013

Getting Personal


Learning new things is fun.  And scary.  Sometimes it forces us to look at ourselves more clearly--and put what we’ve learned down on paper…..


Hope Wallace Karney’s class, “Layers of Thoughts” is doing just that for me.  Besides learning new tricks & styles {guided by Hope’s lovely personal journaling style}, I’m figuring out new ways to extract bits of my life and put it into a Moleskine book {one of my favorite things!} that will be mine to keep…

This particular exercise turned out very much like Hope’s—with the exception of my thoughts and pictures, of course—but the layout is much like hers…


Here, elements of style and substance—what we show on the outside and what we are on the inside…


What guides our personal style?  Never really thought of myself as having a “style”, but perhaps I do, in my own way…


What makes up the core of us—the heart of us?


I’m finding great joy in this journey—the staring at a blank couple of pages for a few moments {or minutes~or hours!}, pen in hand, and seeing what comes pouring out…


Sometimes, it’s a bit of a surprise!


Haven’t you been in love with the gorgeous full moon this week?  What a beautiful, heavenly gift…

See you soon with something new.