Wednesday, August 28, 2013



There’s a certain sense of grace in old images—those beautiful, old Victorian etchings that I love so much…graciousness from a bygone era that seems to be so lacking in the world today…


There’s a beautiful grace to the little kindnesses we do for each other every day.  A smile.  The gentle tone of your voice.  Holding a hand that needs holding.  Helping someone who carries a heavy burden…just a little thing for us, perhaps—but to others, it is a great thing, indeed.


There’s a graciousness in kind words…telling someone you care for them.  That they’re just right


There’s a beautiful grace to be found in our homes…no matter how big or how small, home is home.  And there’s no place like it.

DSC04042_edited-1 {vintage flash cards used as flaps to reveal further journaling}


There’s a graciousness to old things kept through the years…things to be loved and cherished once again, and used in ways, perhaps, not thought of when they were first made…

DSC04048_edited-1 {pages from magazines ripped and used—those used in this post became inspiration rather than merely background}


And one of the loveliest graces of all—my very own.  My youngest daughter…named for the gracefulness that she personifies…Anna Grace-- her 17th birthday just celebrated.

Hard for this mother to believe…

Annie, Aug. 20, 2013_edited-1 {taken in an old courtyard in beautiful Monterey}

Wishing you a day filled with beauty and grace.