Friday, March 8, 2013



The mind is a funny thing.  So much swirling around in there…things to do, people to see, words to say…the past, the present, the future—all combined in our head.

No wonder it’s hard to focus sometimes!


I think that’s one of the reasons I’ve come to love journaling so much…


…not only does it fulfill my creative needs—painting, pasting, writing, getting messy--but it gives my thoughts and memories have a place to spill out.  Organize.  Imagine.  Play.


Memories of those I’ve loved, things I’ve done, thoughts I’ve had…


…combined with the thoughts and ideas of those much, much wiser than myself.  Thoughts which then become part of me.

DSC02649_edited-1 {the  purple heart illustrates what happens to a jumbled mind: my pen decided the quote was by Louisa May Alcott, when in fact Miss Jane Austen said it.  Purple heart takes care of that…}

All these words, images & messes jumble out together on page after page.

And they make me very, very happy.


See you soon with something new…


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