Monday, March 18, 2013

Best Foot Forward


A quick trip this last week—a need to spend a few days alone with my parents long on my mind…


Not one to be able to stay away from creating for very long {thanks to genes inherited from my mother!}, I brought along my art journal and a few pens—an easy thing to do when traveling light…


A little journaling about my week there—attempting to capture just a bit of our time together…


…finishing a few pages already painted & pasted that were just waiting for the right words, while we watched favorite movies together late at night…


“Be your very best self”.  Something those very same parents taught me all of my life.  I always knew they didn’t expect me to be perfect.  I always knew they didn’t expect me to be like someone else—just me.  Myself.  The best me I could be.

Something they’re still trying to teach me.


And I am doing my very best to do so…


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