Monday, February 4, 2013

Hearts A-Flutter


I don’t know about you, but whenever I see a silhouette—especially during Valentine season—my heart goes all pittery-pattery…

DSC02359_edited-1  {don’t you just LOVE glass glitter?!  Red is especially yummy!}

…so I had lots of fun with this one!  Simple to make, but it really makes me happy. 


A little bit of ribbon & some vintage “cherry” buttons finish it off—easy peasy!

If you visit me very often, you know that I’m always inspired by my wonderful Mother…


…and here she is, inspiring me again!  While I was looking through a bunch of old family photos the other day, this sweet little school days photo just jumped out at me—young Karen with HEARTS on her adorable jumper…perfect!

DSC02347_edited-1 {other favorite things…paper doilies, vintage crepe paper borders, writing on bits of old manila paper…yum!}

So, a little card was made with Mom as the focal point—not sure if I’ll be able to part with it or not!

DSC02352_edited-1 {another thing that makes my heart all fluttery?  Vintage millinery flowers…sigh…}

Wishing you a day filled with glittery Valentines,  sweet flowers…and a heart all a-flutter.


{Most of the elements used on these projects can be found at the wonderful Vintage Street Market}


  1. Those are sooo pretty Julie!... I love the one with your mama in her little jumper with the hearts on it... I am sure it is hard to part with... but it seems to be meant just for her!... she will love it so!... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. I LOVE your new card Julie & I don't blame you if you can't part with it. I love how you used the buttons to tie it all together! DARLING! Your Momma must be so proud. HUGS!

  3. so sweet! love your valentines!

  4. absolutely perfect. Do you have a huge SUPPLY of ribbon, buttons and bangels around your place, or do you go out and find them, depending on what you are working on!!!!!

    1. Wendy, I have WAAAAY too much stuff in my craft room! The nice thing is, I usually have what I need whenever I need it {but I'm not very organized!}'s a real pretty mess, though!

  5. I love these elaborate cards, but I am just getting into card making and confused. Do you give these out? And if you do, how do you put them in an envelope? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Lisette!

      I do give them out (sometimes!)--I'll either just get a large mailing envelope if I'm sending it, or if I'm delivering it by hand {or with a package}, I just go without an envelope--nobody ever seems to mind!

  6. Julie, My heart goes pitter patter whenever I visit and see your lovely art. These are both special! I love VSM! Elizabeth

  7. Hi Julie, I was told by Shirley Hatfield of Zetta's Aprons . . . that I should check out your blog. She knew that I would fall in love with your journaling and she was absolutely right.
    Shirley and I are mutual followers and now I'm your newest follower. You are so talented and quite an inspiration :)
    Do come visit, and I hope that you like my blog enough for a follow back . . .
    No pressure :)
    Have a marvelous, art filled day.
    Your new blogging sister, Connie :)

  8. Hi Julie, I just stopped back by to say thank you for following. I am always so excited when I have the opportunity to make a new friend.
    I have put your blog in my front page blog list . . . so that I will not miss any of your lovely posts.
    * also, I want to add, that I love your profile photo . . . any one with a warm smile like yours, has got to be a lovely person inside and out:)
    Stay happy.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  9. For me, silhouettes and Valentines go together because in elementary school our classrooms were always decorated for the month of February with red hearts, white paper doilies and black silhouettes of Washington and Lincoln.
    Your Valentine creations are just lovely.