Thursday, February 28, 2013



A bit of time for some journaling this last week…pages already painted and pictures pasted were all ready for the thoughts that come while sitting and thinking…


…from those crazy days when we feel like we’re swinging from one trapeze to another…

Moon angel_edited-1

…to peaceful, soft and lovely poetry from William Blake.

adjust _edited-1

Thoughts of self-improvement and progression can’t help but pop up in your mind as you reflect on a page just waiting for such thoughts to come out…


Bright colors painted and stamped just begged for words of cheerfulness…and Joseph Addison perfectly provided the quote required…

the past_edited-1

Sometimes the lovely faces I choose to illustrate my pages remind me of things about myself that my inner self knows, but my outer self sometimes forgets in the mad rush of days…

I have always felt very, very connected to the past.  And that, I suppose, is what this little blog of mine is all about--

That connection.

See you soon with something new…



  1. Julie, I always always love your journal pages. Your handwriting is beautiful. Love all your thoughts and ideas. You are a really amazingly talented creative person! Love you to bits! xoxoxo

  2. Dear Julie, Your journaling is top notch . . . I am loving every single page :)
    Elegant charm, that is how I would describe your pages.
    Thank you for sharing:)
    Your blogging sister, Connie

  3. Hello Julie It's always nice to stop by and see what you have been doing. Your journaling is beautiful I really admire your hand writing. I really like the quote by J.A. I thought I recognised his name so checked on wiki (very useful) but what a sad end to a life filled with service.

    How has all the scraping going? not seen any LOs for a while. Love Dxx

  4. Very cool journaling, Julie. You are always up to something neat and interesting! I quote William Blake to my dog: "Little lamb who made thee?" and then I tell her, of course that our Great Big Wonderful God did.... **Smiles**

    Hope you have a very joyful weekend!

  5. Oh, I always enjoy seeing your beautiful journal pages Julie. The colors and words are so happy and inspiring.

  6. Julie, I love looking at your pages!


  7. Beautiful pages... Love the quote on "Would the girl".