Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Birthday Thoughts

Julie's First Birthday 1_edited-1 

I always remember wishing, when I was a young girl, that my birthday had been just one day later…

Vintage birthday candle holders!

One’s birthday is a magical thing, isn’t it?  That month, that date…always carries a sweet music to your soul, doesn’t it?

Your own very special day.

A darling vintage birthday greeting card. #vintage #birthday #card #cute

The day after my birthday had just as much of that sweet music to me as mine did…

Baby Rudger Grant Smith, 1910

My grandpa, Rudger, was born January 31, 1910.  He would be 103 tomorrow…

Birth announcement for Rudger Grant Smith, 1910

To announce his long-anticipated  birth, his beautiful mother, Pauline, sent out postcards.  Beautiful, Edwardian, gilded postcards--and we have one of them…


“Mother & son doing fine—son sends love to Aunt Pearl”, it says, in Pauline’s lovely hand…

Rudger grew up to be a wonderful son, a wonderful brother…

Rudger & Andrew, 1915

…a wonderful husband, a wonderful father.  And best of all?  A very wonderful grandfather…

Rudger G. Smith

I think one of the reasons he was so special to me—the reason I was always so thrilled to have my birthday the very day before his—was that he never failed to let me know how very much he loved me.

 Rudger with birthday cake

And that’s a very wonderful thing.

So on this birthday of mine—one year short of the age he was when I was born--I’ll  be thinking about that wonderful grandfather of mine as I enjoy the day with my family.  Think I’ll make sure they all know how very much I love them…

Julie's First Birthday 2_edited-1

…and then I’ll jump right into that birthday cake!

Wishing you all magical, wonderful birthdays—whenever they may be!


{birthday candles, vintage card & candle holder images found on Pinterest}

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  1. Happy Happy Birthday to you sweet Julie!... and to your precious grandpa too!... I know he is right there with you, always in your heart and I know how very much you love your family, as I do mine... nothing is more important in life... enjoy your special days... today AND tomorrow... I hope ALL of your birthday wishes come true my friend!... much love, xoxo Julie Marie

  2. PS I want to dive right into that cake too!!!

  3. Happy, happy birthday lovely lady... may all your dreams and wishes come true. Today is my youngest daughter's birthday, too. She's my stepdaughter, but she's mine all the same and she turns 17 today. Have a wondrous birthday, and many, many more.


  4. Happy Birthday! It might not be the exact day, but at least you are close to your Grandpa's!

  5. Stort tillykke med fødselsdagen Julie, må du få en rigtig dejlig dag med kage og mange gaver. knus morkaren. dejligt vintage billede af din bedstefar.

  6. Happy Birthday Julie! what a little doll you were! (are).. but seriously at first glance I thought you were a real doll! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and I bet your grandpa was singing happy birthday to you today along with everyone else!

  7. You are so blessed to have these treasured memories of your grandfather. Sweet photos of you! Happy birthday.

  8. Happy birthday Kiddo! Your Grandpa was a good looking man! Happy birthday and happy memories...hope your day is full of fun!

  9. I really loved that photo of you in the high chair with your car. Priceless.
    Tha is so neat that you still have that vintage post card. I love it.
    Sometimes, I don't think I use the adjectives I am looking for to describe how cool all your stuff is...see "cool". that's like old school eh

  10. What sweet sweet memories! Happy Birthday my friend! I hope you had lots of yummy cake and a special day! Sweet hugs, Diane

  11. Popped over to wish you a very magical birthday! xoxox

  12. That look on your face in the chair is so darn cute and you still look like that I could tell it was you!! Happy Birthday.

  13. Julie,
    What a sweet photo of you in that highchair...and your grandpa looked like he was a wonderful person! Have a wonderful birthday weekend! :):)

  14. Julie - What a wonderful "valentine" to your grandpa on his birthday. My grandpa, too, was born on this day long ago. He was wonderful, fun, loving and would have been 106 y.o. today. He's been gone 11 years now. My thoughts had been on wonderful memories of him, when I opened your email. I was touched.

  15. Oh what a wonderful post Julie - I loved every jot and tittle about it. Happy Birthday kid!!

  16. Happy birthday and thank you for sharing your precious memories with us. I always enjoy reading about your family and looking at your photos.

  17. HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY, JULIE! Such a sweet photo of you enjoying your birthday cake. Like your grandfather, my Mammaw was also born on January 31st and would have been 109 this year. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy