Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Journal



A new journal begun…such a good thing to have a few going at once—different books holding different thoughts & ideas…

DSC01812_edited-1 {no watercoloring in this journal—my other favorite—a Moleskine journal.  Smooth, beautiful pages that make writing on them a joy}

This new one, solely devoted to Christmas.  It may be all filled up this year, or it may spill over to Christmases yet to come…time will tell…


While looking for images, I picked the ones that sparked something in me—be it memory, nostalgia, magical childhood feelings of Christmas joy—or they just made me smile…


And then, I just started writing.  This will be fun—looking forward to the holiday memories it will bring out of me…

For even more Christmas joy, stop over and visit my good friend Meri

She creates vintage wonders like no one else, and she’s giving away two FABULOUS wreaths! 

Wishing you many happy thoughts of Christmas…


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  1. This morning my daughter and I were discussing what little things create the most memories of Christmas, like smells and sound and little ideas. I like your journal I like the idea.

    Hugs Cheryl

  2. Julie is is so amazing how you just capture the spirit in every single situation. What a gift you have!

  3. Dear julie,
    Your new journal, is a wonderful idea, -I love your writing ,your thoughts expressed, and how you write them down, -it looks great,-and will surely, be a treasured journal for years to come-to go on writing inside, or to just open and relive what is told.

  4. Oh wow...what a fantastic idea. Inspirational!

  5. Gosh I love your writing, and that vintage ball wreath. Come see all the vintage crafts we sold at our Boutique last week. There are lots of posts for this. I think you would enjoy! Hope you are having a lovely December friend!

  6. How fun it would be...maybe, just thinking out loud, to carry over your Christmas journal to past and present
    fading into each other.
    I keep thinking of these wonderful treasures you are leaving for your children
    and then Their chilren

  7. Julie
    such a gorgeous journal filled with wonderful memories and heirloom for sure!

  8. What a great idea to fill with Christmas memories! What a treasure!