Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Keepers of Pins


They sit on my shelf now.  On a shelf in my pretty china cupboard in the hallway.

I love to reach in and click the little light at night…all my pretty little keepsakes glimmering there so beautifully…


I don’t know who had them before me…I’m sure they traveled around quite a bit.  Their former pincushion bodies long gone…

I know they were all four “born” in Germany around the turn of the century…maybe just a bit before.

Three I purchased in little antique shops here & there…


…but this one I found at a yard sale.  I should say I pounced on it at a yard sale!  The man selling it looked a bit wistful as I asked him his price.  In my mind already, the price didn’t matter.  She was coming home with me. 


“She belonged to my great-grandmother”, he said.  I smiled.  My mind, however, was shouting, “Then why in the world are you selling her?!”  But, on the outside, I just quietly paid the man...

…and she came home with me.


A bit tattered and torn—she’s an old girl, after all.  Old, but beautiful.  Graciousness amid the tatters.  I love her.

She was my first.


The other two half dolls (the name they go by), I asked my mother to make bodies for…I knew she would make them shine once more…


New pin cushion bodies for these lovely vintage ladies…just perfect.


Just one more left—I think I’ll take her to my mother’s house with me next time we make a visit.  I could try to make her a body she’d be proud of, but my mother will do the job much more creditably…and the doll will be all the more precious to me because of it.


These lovely china ladies kept pins for others before they came to live with me…

But I’m so very glad that they sit on my little shelf now…



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