Thursday, August 16, 2012

Journal Musings…


One of the things I love best about art journaling, I think, is that there are no rules--the sky’s the limit.  Whatever you imagine, whatever you dream & think, whatever you doodle or paint or glue or sketch…it’s your art.


In this case, a beautiful graphic found on Pinterest led to a bit of childhood musing for me…remembering the joy of make believe in my everyday life…I really haven’t grown up too much in that way, actually…


I made this page, focusing on this beautiful, old photograph, long before I decided what to write on it…

I never use the originals of my own old family photos in my work, only copies…which made using this original photo a real treat. Given to me by a lovely blogger & expert art journaler, I loved the thickness and texture it added to my page…


…and the photo made me think that this quote from Mr. Emerson was quite perfect for her…I wonder what this young girl grew up to contribute to the lives of those around her?

I sincerely hope she was happy with the life she led………I hope I’ll be happy with mine, too, at the end of it…..


Two more pages in my art journal journey…can’t tell you how wonderfully liberating it all is…..