Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Fun


Hello, my friends!

It was my turn to share a few projects over at Vintage Street Market this week, so I thought I’d share them with you here, as well…

Summer is here!  Isn’t that a wonderful thing?!  In thinking up my projects, I thought of all that June brings…no more school, lazy days at the beach, Father’s Day, weddings…so many things!


A day at the beach inspired this miniature sand bucket piece.  A sweet little paper doll girl  perched on a vintage-inspired Bingo card…


…a layer of “sand” at the bottom made by scrunching up brown crepe paper and sprinkling it with chunky, clear German glass glitter—and shells & pearls, of course!

Then there’s Father’s Day…


This Dapper Dad paper doll was just the thing for this long, tall card—reminiscent of all the over-sized ones I’ve seen before from days gone by…


Wouldn’t you just LOVE to have a car like this now?!  I would!  {I think all I’d do all day is drive around in it…maybe it’s a good thing I just have a minivan!}  My Dad did have one very similar to this one…ah, the good old days!


And I just had to add another page to my growing art journal…this one featuring a favorite quote of mine from Audrey Hepburn…perfectly illustrated by this lovely, young 1950s girl…


It’s true, isn’t it?  

A pretty little border at the bottom finishes it off—a paper measuring tape, some lace & a few feminine touches, and that’s about it!


Wishing you many wonderful, lazy & inspiring summer days ahead…


{All products & images used in these projects are by the wonderful Vintage Street Market and can be found here.}