Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Confectionary


Classically trained to the level of masters in the art of baking in their homeland of Switzerland, Theodore and Marie dreamed of opening a bakery of their own…

Coming to America to begin life anew, they settled in the wild west…a small town found, perfect for their growing family, and growing plans…

Theodore & Marie E. Naegeli Brandley, Utah 1

They worked hard—never complaining.  While Theodore had many civic and church duties to tend to, Marie tended her babes and stayed up late into the night sewing all the clothes for her children…

DSC09031_edited-1 {beautiful vintage “buttons” from the CD}

…baking for all—bread each and every night…cookies and sweets…not much sleep was had for the hard-working Marie.

She also made beautiful wedding cakes to order…25 cents a cake. 

image             {fancy Victorian cakes found online}

And she was grateful for each and every penny…

After years of planning and saving, the time was right.  A building built in the center of town.  New bakery equipment and ovens were installed in the confectionary, as they would call it…a new home for the family built in the back—their dreams, at last, were coming true!


One evening, just before the shop was to open, a heavy-hearted Marie came to her husband… “I’m so sorry, Theodore…you will have to do this alone.  I won’t be there to help you.” 

A feeling?  A premonition?  We will never know…

Shocked, Theodore immediately called for the local doctor, who hurried over to the Brandley house to care for Marie.  The patient he left to answer the urgent call had typhoid…and the doctor did not wash his hands afterwards…they just didn’t understand this simple safeguard yet…


Marie was delivered that night of a miscarriage…and contracted typhoid herself.  After a few weeks of suffering, she passed away…

Her daughter, my beloved great-grandmother, Anna, remembers it as a time of unspeakable sorrow for their little family…

The Brandley Children--Anna & her brothers {my great-grandmother, Anna, the only girl…just a couple of years before her mother’s death}

“I was 10 years old”, she writes, “just when I needed my mother the most…Everything now seemed lost.  How could we go on without her love, courage, and the wonderful mother she was?”

The ovens and equipment were sold.  The plans were given up for other things…and life DID go on.  Marie’s love, teaching and example continued to help and bless the lives of her family, even after she was gone…

DSC09026_edited-1 {the newest page for my family heritage book…sweet Marie}

I knew her daughter, and saw evidence of Marie’s love and teachings myself.  A far sweeter legacy than a confectionary could ever be….



{all papers & images on my heritage page (except for the Victorian hand brooch) found on Crafty Secrets’ “Creating with Vintage Illustrations” CD}


  1. Gorgeous colors...another beautiful story. Smiles..Renee

  2. A mother's sweetness, teachings and love; echo on into future generations! Wow! wonderful story!

  3. I just love your family stories. Each one so precious and priceless. Love the vintage feel of your beautiful scrapbook page.

  4. Gosh, what an incredible story. I think, many of us...through your stories, your family history.....find a similarity of strength and sacrifice and loss in our Own family stories.I Never get tired of hearing these.

  5. Wow what a story - how heartbreaking, it's amazing how they found the strength to go on and inspiring that they did
    Mary x

  6. Bittersweet and beautiful! Can you imagine a buying a cake for .25 cents? Wow! Your family history is amazing. Best wishes, Tammy

  7. I was just off to bed and saw your msg.Julie, so I had to pop by. I am so glad I did. What an inspirational story. How lucky you are to have these memories of past members of the family, and the journal is coming on beautifully.

    Love all your work Dawn xx

  8. Another wonderful story Julie. You are going to have the most gorgeous heritage album. What a treasured family heirloom that will be.

  9. Ahh....our roots! We should stay true to them and honour them!
    Your pages are wonderful....and......

    Your blog is so scrappy pretty looking too! I love the torn paper edges and the fresh spring colours! Just thought you should know! lol

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  10. Your charm of story telling and preserving family history is wonderful my friend. This is an amazing story...sending you ooodles of love my friend. xo

  11. What a tender and beautiful post Julie. I love all that you share with us about your family history. What a fabulous legacy you have had and you are creating for those who will follow. Just beautiful. xxoo

  12. Wow, qué una historia - la forma desgarradora, es increíble la forma en que encontró la fuerza para seguir adelante e inspiradora que hizo