Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Fairies’ Dance


The fairies wouldn’t stop dancing around in my head this week…fairy-themed projects I couldn’t quite get out of my mind…

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…I tried to stop them, I really tried!

“After Christmas”, I told them…”I’ve got too much to do!” 

DSC07296_edited-1  {one of the many piles of Christmas waiting to be organized at my house!}

…decorating, gifts to finish, Christmas projects, baking……………..


They still wouldn’t stop.

The only way I’ve found to stop the dancing is to listen to the fairies…

DSC07254_edited-1 {one fairy properly captured…do you know how very, very hard it is to photograph something under glass?  VERY!}

…so I did.

A couple of little fairy projects made this weekend…

DSC07256_edited-1 {a vintage mason jar I acquired this spring…I LOVE those heavy, old lids!}

DSC07263_edited-1 {sweet little girl with her dolly found online.  Wings courtesy of Crafty Secrets}

And then we have little cutie:


A pretty piece of vintage sheet music found online, beautiful paper, and some lovely flowers…that’s about all it takes to make this little fairy happy…

DSC07312_edited-1 {fairy girl, crown & wings found on Crafty Secrets’ “Altered Fairies” Creative Scraps}

…maybe now I can finish decorating!


So don’t forget to listen to the fairies…maybe they’ll actually help me with all my decorating now!



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