Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Windows

Christmas window 1_edited-1

A budding artist, Karen was given free-reign to create as a child…and create she did!  Clay, fabric, crayons & paint…she experimented with it all and made so many wonderful things!

Christmas window 9_edited-1 

Recognizing her talents, her parents encouraged her in every way they could…especially at Christmas time…

Christmas window 10_edited-1

Large picture windows in the front of their Phoenix home were her canvas at Christmas…decorated for the neighborhood to see!

Christmas window 8_edited-2

Karen was very proud of her work—and so were her parents!  I love the photos I have of her posing in front of her festive masterpieces!

Christmas window 6_edited-1

I know that she would practice her pictures on paper before committing them to glass, because I found one of those paper pictures this summer at my mother’s house…the only one surviving, I would imagine…

Looking through a cupboard with Mom, I found a large, folded piece of thick paper…browned and tattered at the edges…a bit of yellowed tape still remaining on a couple of corners…


…as soon as I carefully opened it up, I recognized it immediately from the many photos I’d seen… “Oh, Mom!  One of your Christmas window paintings!”, I said…she just smiled…

Christmas window 3_edited-1 {sweet little sister, Judy poses in front of Mom’s painting…Judy was blind, and probably would have had this painting very lovingly described to her…}

“Can I take it home with me?”, I asked… “I’d love to hang it up at Christmas time!”

Christmas window 4_edited-1

“Oh, you wouldn’t hang up that old thing”, she smilingly protested…

…but I did!

DSC07558_edited-1 {in my kitchen today with my youngest daughter, Annie, who was about the same age my Mom was when she painted this one…} 

Hanging in my kitchen, a warm reminder of Christmas past, when my mother was given the gift of expressing her talents for all to see by her loving parents…

…a wonderful gift, indeed. 

Christmas window 5_edited-1

Merry Christmas, Mom!

And the happiest of Happy Birthday wishes to my beautiful daughter Chelsea!


How is it possible that I’ve been a mother for 22 years already?!  You are the most amazing young woman and I love you so…