Wednesday, October 12, 2011



1940’s Phoenix…a hot afternoon walk home…


…a young boy, happy to be done with classes for the day—thinking of the delicious afterschool snack that will be waiting for him in the kitchen when he gets home…

DSC06334_edited-1 {cute little pocket included in the “Family Fun” kit…love that little boy “stamp”, too!}

Just before he gets to his house, he sees them--a few neighborhood bullies--standing between him and home…

Knowing he doesn’t have far to run—and perhaps feeling a little bit braver that day—he taunts the bullies…just a little bit…thinking he might just be a little bit faster than them today…


He runs—and they run—faster and faster…

…as he gets near the front yard gate, they’ve gained on him…”I’m a goner!”, he thinks to himself as he reaches his hand for the latch on the gate…

 DSC06329_edited-1 {a few perfectly colored vintage buttons and some “Linen” Tinted Tape help to finish off the vintage look here…}

Seemingly out of nowhere, his  big brother appears—opens the gate to let him through—then stands there in the gate opening…arms crossed…daring those bullies to get past him to his little brother…

…they didn’t dare.


My father has told me this story many times, and I never tire of hearing it…especially when accompanied by the little boy twinkle in his eye as he remembers… and thinks of his big brother that saved his skin that day…

Ruby Lapriel Riggs Smith, and her two boys, Grant & Clayn {I love this photo of my father with his big brother, Grant and beautiful mother, LaPriel…}

A new page made this weekend for my heritage album...


I love these  new papers and images from Vintage Street Market…they make it so easy to re-create a little boy’s long-ago memory…

Clayn & Grant portrait, 1948

See you soon with something new…




  1. I love it!! And once again, love the story behind the sweet page LO. I can almost see your father's wink (!) the way you tell the story!

  2. Thank goodness for big your heritage page :)

  3. as the mom of 2 boys, this post makes my eyes twinkle.

    what handsome boys!

    beautiful storytelling, as always, my friend.


  4. Oh this is adorable..never had a brother..wish I did...your storytelling is lovely. Thank you once again...have a great new week xoxo

  5. Hi Julie,
    Sweet remembrances from your handsome Father! Love the photographs, and of course your heritage page. Your heritage album is coming along fabulously!

  6. What a touching story! Your layout is a perfect memory holder of the event. All the details are fab as well.

  7. Precious! This sure pulls at my heart~strings Julie! You are creating such treasured memories.

    Bug hugs,

  8. Opps! BIG hugs, but bug hugs might not be to bad! LOL! xox

  9. Aloha Julie,
    What a wonderful post and great photo layouts. I always enjoy your stories Julie, thanks so much for sharing.
    Warm hugs--

  10. A beautiful post in every way. I love the photos of those handsome brothers and the story is very touching. Your page is a great celebration of such an important relationship. penny

  11. So cute, sweet -real-boyes --looking a bit naughty and fresch -love the photoes, dear Julie.

  12. Hi Julie, loved your sweet story and your darling artwork. Hope your having a great week!!!
    Hugs~~~ Daphne

  13. This is cute and I can just see it playing out. I had a brother just older than me and when I got picked on at the play ground, all I had to do was yell.."Johnny"..and he came on the run. He still does. ;D

  14. Purely gorgeous, Julie--WOW!!! and I LOVE the rescue story!!!

  15. Julie, I just love your family stories! So many precious stories that you are recording for generations to come. Love your heritage page!

    Have a wonderful week, dear friends.

  16. Julie, this is too stinkin cute!!!!!!!! And a great story. My hubby had one similar (do all little boys?). Not where his brother saved him but, on a walk home from school he sees bullies beating up on another boy. He walks up & says "Hey, don't beat up on him. He's a lot smaller than you". They stopped beating the other boy & busted Hubby's nose!
    Have a wonderful week. HUGS!

  17. wonderful pictures Julie. You are sooo lucky to have all these pictures! Have a great day!

  18. Something told me one of these cute boys would be your father. I love that's where the story led as I could picture your father telling this favorite tale again and again. Wonderful! Elizabeth

  19. Love this, Julie. I have four brothers, no sisters. We are in France right now...truly a dream trip. Jud has done so well and is feeling pretty good. I am grateful for that!
    Big hugs,
    (pics on the blog)

  20. What a fabulous story Julie! I loved it and I love what you have created. I was the eldest in my family, but oddly enough my younger sister was always my protecter. I was too shy and she was much bolder than I!!! xxoo