Friday, September 23, 2011

All Things British


Although I’m eternally grateful that my colonial ancestors won their independence from Mother England, I always have—and always will—LOVE all things British…

DSC06136_edited-1 {a couple of images of British coins featuring Queen Victoria, found online}

Being about 3/4 British myself, it’s no wonder, I suppose…most of my ancestors came here from England in the early part of the 1600’s…the rest in the mid-1800’s…


{a pub we visited for dinner on night…built LONG before my ancestors came to America!}

I have only been to England once in my life, but it was a dream come true…during my college years, just two weeks after meeting my husband-to-be on our college campus…I flew of to Jolly Old England with my roommate and her very kind parents…

DSC06144_edited-1  {Stamps from Artistic Outpost’s “London Underground” set}

I’ll never forget our first night in London.  We’d just arrived that afternoon…still a little wonky time-wise…

DSC06145_edited-1 {vintage stamp images found online}

Being later on a Sunday night, the city was relatively quiet…not to many people out and about…we felt like we had the place to ourselves…


{found this adorable toy bus image online, too—don’t you just love it?!}

…we decided to take a ride on the Underground to see where it would take us…

DSC06135_edited-1 {it’s partly because of my love for England that my oldest daughter is Chelsea…sets used: “Loverly London” & “London Underground”}

…as we exited the tunnel in the center of London, my first wish was to see Big Ben…how would we find it?, I wondered…

hpqscan0009_edited-1 {the picture I took of Big Ben right at that moment of discovery…a bit grainy, but what a memory!}

…then, I looked up—right in front of my nose—Big Ben, in all it’s late night splendor! 

hpqscan0007_edited-1 {me on the tour bus…my roommate was always laughing at me because I was constantly taking notes!}

We visited so many wonderful places during our stay…the Cotswolds, the Lake District…

Julie at Windemere, England, 1986


…Bath, Stonehenge, Shakespeare’s home town…

hpqscan0002_edited-1 {another moment I will never forget…Stonehenge was sufficiently gray, gloomy & mysterious that day…perfect!}

hpqscan0005_edited-1 {in front of Shakespeare’s birth house…my, what a poser I was!}

hpqscan0003_edited-1 {Anne Hathaway’s lovely cottage…}

…but your first time in London is really special…


{of course, being women…the very first visit we made on our very first day in London…Harrod’s, of course!}

…a scrapbook page made this week—a fabulous jumble of iconic British images…all in remembrance of that wonderful time in my life…


Stamps FINALLY purchased from Artistic Outpost…I’ve long admired them, but hadn’t purchased any until now…it won’t be my last purchase!


{Just about my favorite sign of all times—so glad to have it in stamp form! From “London Underground” set}

And just as a little extra…a small card to remind a friend in need—if needed—to KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON…


Someday, I'll visit that magical place again…this time with my husband and three daughters…someday…


{Windsor Castle…the Queen was “at home” that day…see the flag flying?}

See you soon with something new.


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