Friday, September 2, 2011

Just a Spoonful of Sugar…


…or should I say GLITTER?!

Three vintage silver spoons altered this weekend…each with a little personality all it’s own…


{old china doll head and crown images found in Crafty Secrets’ “Altered Fairies” Creative Scraps}

A pile of vintage silverware, found at a yard sale this summer, all tossed and jumbled together…5 dollars for the bunch…so much fun ahead of me!

DSC05594_edited-1 {“Altered” bronze tag from the fabulous Tim Holtz collection}

All three tied with liberally loopy bows of tinted seam binding (thanks to Glimmer Mist!) and crystal rhinestones…this one had the addition of some sweetly pink vintage millinery flowers…


I love how simple these were to make…just choose your main image, Mod Podge it like crazy onto the spoon—a heavy coat under and over…let dry, and let your imagination go!

DSC05598_edited-1 {beautiful vintage rose label found on Crafty Secrets’ “Love Mail” Creative Scraps"}


This one also has millinery flowers…light aqua this time…and some dangling hearts—brass & crystal—to top it off…


Went a little nuts with the glitter on this one!  Covered with a thick coating of real silver shavings glitter, this spoon really sparkles! {and the real silver will eventually tarnish—giving it a very vintage look!}

DSC05606_edited-1 {“Remembrance” image found on Crafty Secrets’ “Vintage  Photos” Creative Scraps}

DSC05620_edited-1 {my grandmother Velda’s jewelry box, beautifully lined with soft aqua velvet, gave my spoons the perfect backdrop today…}

Three little old silver spoons given a brand new life…I think I just may have a new addiction!

See you soon with something new…



  1. these are amazing thanks for sharing

  2. love these spoons! I might try this. I have several old pieces. one is a pretty good size. hmmm... possibilities!
    hope youre having a great week!

  3. Julie, these are absolutely gorgeous! Twyla

  4. The spoons are absolutely beautiful! They would make lovely gifts--I decorated some antique spoons with vintage images and various embellishments and glitter last Christmas and gave them to family members--they were so much fun to make! You've done a wonderful job with these!

  5. You go girl. If anyone can make a spoon pretty, it's you! They can hang on Christmas trees, too! You've done another beautiful transformation, and thank you for sharing them with us.


  6. These are beautiful, love all the glitter.

  7. what a great idea for spoons, I love them!

  8. These are so lovely and sweet. Would make a lovely shower gift for guests. Just don't stir the tea with them!

  9. Those spoons are JUST gorgeous! I LOVE wee teaspoons and have a small collection myself.

  10. so pretty Julie! I love making altered spoons too! Hope you have a wonderful Labor Day!

  11. These spoon are so pretty, Julie! I love all the sugar...I mean glitter! :)
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  12. They are gorgeous! What a fun idea.
    I just told my husband about them as I was reading this and he just shrugged and said: "And then what would you do with them" MEN!! agggggggg!!

    Myself, I'm looking for old spoons :)

  13. They turned out beautiful I have made them into lil bird nest but have not had time to try images!

  14. Julie, how beautiful, they are- and so sweet-love all the "sugar" and "frost" -
    I have never tryed to alter a spoon- but you inspire me- thanks-

  15. Julie I can just see a whole box of these hanging on the was. Seasonal sets too Gorgeous. There is always something to learn here...smiles...Renee

  16. What a cool idea to do with spoons.
    man......there are a lot of creative minds around here (or there...I think mostly there..tee,hee)

  17. Hi Julie,
    These are precious. My husband just brought me back spoons to repurpose, so you are giving me inspiration. YOURS are magnificent!!! Maybe I should put mine in the drawer instead! lol

    Wishing you a happy weekend!

  18. Adorable my friend...hugs for a great long weekend. xoxo

  19. Don't they look lovely, all lined up in a row there!

  20. Julie,
    I'm back from the Cali coast & sad we didn't have time to connect! Oh how I loved it there!!!! I am hoping we will be out there for a month next summer. I think we have found a place to rent for a month to escape the HEAT of Texas. I am sooooooooo over all this heat!

    LOVE your spoons. I too got a BOX of spoons from a sale. Some are really pretty & some NOT!. I have used glitter on a small vintage "Salt" spoon before & love that look (put it in a necklace I designed). But, I've never tried to modge podge an image on one before. THANKS for the ideas! Hope you'll stop by & see some of my vacation posts. HUGS!

  21. Wow Julie, these are gorgeous! Love everyone of these fab spoon makeovers - so creative!! Juliexx

  22. They are all super sweet! We bought a spoon rack a short while ago at a yard sale, those little spoons sure would look cute on our little rack :)

  23. so cool, Especially love the last one, I can imagine they would get addicting, I never would have thought that mod podge would work on metal, tfs!

  24. What a great idea! I have a few spare spoons around the house. Mimi

  25. Thank you for your sweet kind words my always make me smile...hugs .xoxoxxo

  26. Call it glitter, call it sugar, I love both ;) love your idea, sweet Julie.
    Happy hugs for the weekend xxxx

  27. What a fun project! Your spoons are so beautiful!!! I love the images you chose for each.