Monday, June 27, 2011

Crafty Secrets DT Challenge—Childhood



I had an enchanted childhood…I really did…Sometimes I feel like I’m still having one!


My amazing mother made sure my younger years were filled with every childhood joy…every magical experience that could be had was had…

She continues to give her grandchildren that beautiful type of childhood—no matter how old they are!  Her home is an enchanted place to be…for young and old alike…I always feel like a child again when I return home…


This month’s Crafty Secrets Design Team Challenge celebrates CHILDHOOD—what a fun thing to do!

For my project, I chose to do a layout of some of my favorite childhood photos…


I love making copies of favorite family photos and cutting the people out silhouette or “paper doll” style…makes them really “live” for me!



As I cut these images of my childhood self out and placed them here and there on my layout, I kept finding myself giggling…the little girl in me coming out as I played with my very own personal paper dolls…


The sweetly delightful paper I used for my layout comes from Crafty Secrets’ new “Vintage Paper Patterns” CD…you will LOVE using this!

I printed the transparent “Swiss Dots” print twice—once on a soft pink & once on white cardstock…I cut out the center of the white piece, leaving the adorable scalloped  border intact—which I used to frame my piece…easy peasy!


What is about vintage millinery flowers that makes me feel like a little girl when I see them? I found these delightful flocked ones at a yard sale last week—bunches of them tucked into an old sewing box…what a wonderful treasure found…


This sweet vintage childhood image and journaling sheet were taken from Crafty Secrets’ “Childhood” Images & Journal Notes booklet…

I found the most wonderful old story about childhood the other day that I wanted to share with you—It was written by a man named Arthur Gordon and I believe it took place in the 1940’s…

“When I was around thirteen and my brother ten, Father had promised to take us to the circus.  But at lunchtime, there was a phone call; some urgent business required his attention downtown.

“We braced ourselves for disappointment….then we heard him say (into the phone), ‘No, I won’t be down.  It’ll have to wait.’

“When he came back to the table, Mother smiled and said, ‘The circus keeps coming back, you know…’

“’I know,’ said Father, ‘but childhood doesn’t.”

With that wonderful example to learn from, I’m attempting to enjoy every moment of the summer right now with my sweet daughters, nieces, nephews and even the old “kids”…there won’t be much blogging for me for a couple more weeks—childhood won’t wait…

…but I’ll be back very soon!


I’m so glad you stopped by today!  Please take a few minutes and visit the other ladies on the Crafty Secrets Design Team—you’ll be inspired, I promise!

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Julie Campbell—me!

And a BIG welcome to our new DT members!

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  1. Julie...this is just PURE CUTE-NESS!

  2. Found your site via Crafty Secrets. I've been strolling thru older posts, and really appreciate the stories you share through your photos and your art. Love the typewriter story! Hugs from Toronto, Canada.

  3. Hi Julie! Just a little stop by this morning to say "hello"! You were such a precious little girl, and like always your stories always bring a smile. I haven't been around at all lately...we're adding a second floor onto our home so my mom can come live with us, so there's been lots going on over here. Enjoy the rest of your summer, Sweetie, and I'll check back in from time to time when I can. I miss all my bloggy friends! xo Paulette :D

  4. Awww Julie, I love your LO. Love seeing your pictures scattered around, so sweet!

  5. What a CUTIE PIE! Super cute card Julie!

  6. Always fun to see your awesome cards.

  7. How lovely you can look back on such a wonderful childhood and your children are now enjoying the same!

  8. What a sweet post and the story from the book about the circus is so poignant yes, childhood is very fleeting and that Father was right.

  9. Oh Julie-I think this is one of the cutest projects you've ever done. You were a cutie pie for sure...and you're still beautiful, inside and out! I also loved your typewriter story...quite a score. Enjoy your goes much too quickly! I can't believe this is the last week of June already.

  10. I love this project...and you are so right childhood won't wait.

  11. What a sweet post! And what an adorable child you were! Cheers to you and to a wonderful week ahead.

  12. Julie, I always enjoy studying your beautiful projects. So many details to see. And your writing?...So eloquent. Linda S. in NE

  13. JULIE! There is so much beauty here dearest! But of course, childhood holds the potential for such magic...and adulthood as well. Blessings to you today! Anita

  14. Julie,
    You are adorable! I love the pictures of you and the new wonderful paper. I just got mine in the mail fact, I got two!!!! I love Crafty Secrets and my collection is growing!!! Now if we could get our printer going again!!!

    Maybe I should have a give-away instead of sending it back...


  15. Fabulous Julie! Enjoy your family...I know you are worth the wait! :)

  16. Julie those are the cutest photos...I love how you work with these older photos and not just recent ones. Every detail is just perfect...smiles...Renee

  17. So So true...can't be blogging when there are "summer fun things" to be doing.
    Can't pass up those opportunities to be a WITH a child...or ACT like a child.

    Looks like you had fun indeed with these scrap book pages.

  18. Oh Julie, this is just sooo adorable!!! If you get a chance, hop over to my blog!!!

  19. Soooo cute Julie! Love your Mary Janes. You got the deal of the year on that old typewriter. I have one like your mil's. It was my mothers. A gift to her from her parents when she graduated from San Luis Obispo Jr College back in 1941. (Which is now Cuesta) Have a good break with your family. They grow up too fast. Enjoy them while you can. Mimi

  20. Now you were such a cute little one! That smile looks great then and today!

  21. What a sweetie you were ... and still are! Enjoy family time to the hilt. Blessings, Tammy

  22. Julie, this layout is awesome. And I love the millinery flowers you found!

  23. Hi Julie! What a cute and fun post! Enjoy your day! Twyla

  24. Julie, it is always, always such a pleasure to stop by! Your talent is amazing and your blogging friendly and inviting!

  25. Love your LO! So cute and cheerful! I like the polka dots printed on the two different backgrounds.
    Love the story!
    Thank you for sharing! :)

  26. Love the sweet pictures of you as a child. Childhood doesn't wait! Thanks for the reminder.

    Have a wonderful time with your kiddos!

  27. Love this Julie. You write from the heart every time and that just makes what you create even more special! You were such a little cutie pie! Enjoy this summer with your children, big, small and in between. Sending lots of love your way from sunny and warm (for a change) UK! xxoo

  28. What an adorable sweetpea you were..and still are..Happy 4th of July to you. xoxo

  29. Your childhood pics are adorable! I love your sweet composition and colors. xxoo Heidi

  30. So
    Happy Fourth of July : )
    xx Suzanne

  31. Hi Julie! I just discovered your blog, and ust love it. Congrats!.
    The photos are awsome!. Lovely...
    If you like romantic jewels, take a look to the things I make...I think you´ll like them.
    Besos from spain!. I´ll follow you.

  32. Usted escribe desde el corazón todo el tiempo y que sólo hace lo que usted crea aún más especial! Eras como un pastel de poco cutie!

  33. Not sure how I missed this post, but glad I found it now. LOVE those cute photos of you as a child. Cutting them out really does make them look alive. I must try that! Lovely all.