Thursday, May 19, 2011

Just Bee-ing Happy!



Hello, dear friends!

Another beautiful day…hope all the rain we’ve had stays away for awhile…I love the rain, but…..!

Lots to share with you today!  A definite theme, too, thanks to a wonderful gift from a dear blog friend…


A couple of months ago, I won a lovely giveaway from the very talented Meri of Imagimeri

I was able to choose from a number of adorable springtime images that she would then transform into a sculpture…

This is the one I chose—I just loved it!

And here…

{I used Meri’s photos today—it was so gloomy here, that mine didn’t turn out very well!  Thanks, Meri!}

…is what she turned that little vintage image into!

Isn’t she amazing???

Make sure you click here to see her fabulous tutorial on how she creates her sculptures…featuring my sweet honey bee, of course! And don’t forget to visit her Etsy shop—so many beautiful creations to see there! (She also makes the most wonderful shadowboxes!)

Thank-you so much, Meri!  I will treasure him always!

One of the reasons I chose the  bee for my sculpture is that we’ve had bees on our minds quite a lot this last year….


This is what’s going on in our courtyard wall…BEES!  Yep—we have an enormous hive living inside our outer courtyard wall!  Wish I could have gotten a picture of them swarming, but they’re rather quiet today, since it’s so  gloomy…


We had some bee keepers come out some months ago—they were so excited!  They said—at that time—that we probably had 10 feet of honeycomb in there…we need to lure them out and clean out all the honey, etc….it just hasn’t happened yet!

They don’t ever bother us, and we’ve rather gotten used to them being around & have learned quite a lot about them…they’re pretty fascinating to watch…but I really do want them out of there, trust me!

Well, back to Meri…her beautiful gift inspired my project for the day…


A card using one of my very favorite stamp sets, from the amazing original artwork of Hope Wallace Kearney…

*Queens Ink Rubber Stamps QUEEN BEE Paper Relics

…you can find her stamps at Paper Relics


…images stamped multiple times, lightly colored, layered…a bit of sparkle here and there…


The Queen Bee at our house last night was our youngest daughter, Annie…


…who came home from the Sports Banquet with all these medals from her Freshman season on the track team…


…that’s a pretty good reason to BEE happy!

And here’s another one:


I always feel like Susie Homemaker when I’ve got my four loaves of bread rising on the counter in my kitchen…


My Mom gave me a fabulous bread recipe some months ago, and I haven’t bought a loaf of bread since!  I make this at least once a week, and we all just LOVE it!

Twenty-five short minutes after the dough has risen nice and high, we have this…




I make my daughters’ sandwiches with this bread every day, and it caused quite a ruckus among their friends at first—apparently they don’t see a lot of homemade bread!


I couldn’t wait very long before I had to cut into it…(sorry about the messy kitchen in the background!)


And how’s this for the ultimate little slice of happiness?!  A nice, warm, thick piece of bread with a little bit of butter…and a whole LOT of honey!  Oh, what bliss!

Well, that’s it for me today…hope you all find some lovely reasons to *bee* happy today!

See you soon with something new…


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