Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Simply Fabulous

Hello, dear friends!

Just a bit to share with you today…a fun girlfriend card–any reason will do–simply to let her know you think she’s just “FABULOUS“!

Almost everything used for the card was taken from the FABULOUS “Dimestore Vogue” Paper Sheets & Tags Kit

Dimestore Vogue

…from Vintage Street Market…one of my favorite things!

“Pattern” pieces cut out from one of the paper sheets, machine-stitched onto some vintage check print paper…

One of the lovely retro girls and the button card punched from the tag sheet…

A fat, simple homemade rosette made with the luscious brown crepe paper sheet included in the kit, edged with my favorite “Platinum” Stickles.  Inside the rosette, “stamens” made with short pieces of “Maraschino” Bakers’ Twine

An edging of lace, pretty Kraft-colored seam binding…topped with a strip and simple bow of “Maraschino” Bakers’ Twine

Finishing off the card, the vintage ruler from one of the paper sheets, topped with “buttons” from the tag sheet…and that’s about it!


Now, since we’re feeling the Fabulous Forties a bit here, how about a couple of family photos?

Shirley Gorrell--2

Here’s my sweet mother-in-law, Shirley, as a teenager in the ‘40’s…

Shirley Gorrell

…and here again…in her self-titled “one and only glamour shot”--I think it’s absolutely beautiful!


My daughter Sarah and I have really been getting interested in vintage patterns from this period lately…think I’m going to make myself some ‘40’s-inspired dresses…

…just bought this one on eBay last night—supposed to be fairly easy…we’ll see!  Isn’t it adorable?!

Here’s a few more I was looking at…LOVE the style of those days…

Well, that’s all for me today…hope your day is lovely…that this crazy spring weather is being kind to you, and that you’re feeling FABULOUS!



  1. Oh, I do love this newest card Julie! I also love the old photos of your MIL and those vintage patterns!! Oh how I wish I had a figure to wear vintage! I love the styles of the 40's and the 50's! I just love visiting your page Julie. It's like a visit with an old and dear friend, and always very exiting! Love you oodles and oodles! xxoo

  2. Darling card...and photo. I love the old patterns and I wish we still dressed like classy! ;D

  3. What a darling friendship card Julie! And look at those darling patterns! Can't wait to see sewn up pretty!


  4. Julie,
    Yep you too are getting bitten by the vintage sewing bug. Don't you just love those lovely vintage clothes for women? So much prettier than the ugly stuff I see on some young girls today. I'm just today making a red satin Chinese blouse trimmed out in black binding. It's a vintage pattern I found at our local Salvation Army store. Even the binding is vintage @ .19 Be sure and post what you make love to see it. Check out my blog roll for a couple vintage sewers who are very young women. There is a large movement out there on the net with sewing vintage and it's young women who are doing it not women my age. I'm just following along with them. Nan

  5. Hi Julie, what a darling girlfriend card!... your mother~in~law's glamor shot is beautiful! The 40's is my very favorite era in time... so many of my family photos are from then, and I love all the beautiful clothes the women wore back then... and their open~toed shoes with ankle straps, sigh... so ladylike back then... I am blessed to have inherited my mama's pattern collection, many from that time period as well as the fifties, sixties and seventies...all of my clothes were handmade by mama when I was growing up... I miss her... but her precious treasures keep her so very close to me... thanks for sharing more of your beautiful family memories... can't wait to see what you sew!... xoxo Julie Marie

  6. Everything is so adorable my friend...I love the card!

    Vintage patterns are so fun...Ii would love to have one of those dresses. Have fun making it! xoxoxo hugs

  7. Julie,
    I really love that card! After I came to your site yesterday, I went and bought two large sheets of stamps and three or four pages of pictures. Oh, I love that store. I finally will have my little cottage!!!

    I can't wait to see your sewing. I am not capable enough to attempt that but my next goal is vintage dress rubber stamps and gingham paper!!! I think that's a good goal (translate...spending more money!)


  8. Love your homemade rosette... especially with the stickles! Your signature color!

    What beautiful photos of your mother-in-law. I just love seeing pictures of your family... they are priceless.

    Can't wait to see how your sewing project turns out...

    Have a great week.

  9. I love your card Julie! So pretty and vintage. The rosette is really pretty!

    Love the vintage patterns too. I think the dresses were so feminine and they have such pretty lines. I can't wait to see what you create!

  10. Hello Julie

    Such lovely work, but you always share such lovely projects and photographs of your family.

    I really love the craft products that are about echoing the old Vogue pattens and styles.

    And fashion in the stores is following a similar line, I saw some gorgeous Hepburn style dresses this week.

    B x

  11. You did a wonderful job! I love this card! I am going to be stuck at home for 2 days this weekend and I'm thinking this might be a great project. Hmmm....but to find that packet of supplies by tomorrow. Might be tough! OH WELL! IMPROVISE if I must!
    LOVE the shot of your MIL. I want to see what you whip together if you get ahold of a pattern from the 40;s. That's so cool. Do you remember...and this is a phonetic spelling of it... "coo lots"?? That was in the 60's when "Maxi's" were in too! Loved them!
    Great post. Kind of took me down memory lane! LOL!
    Have a great day! Karen

  12. That card is 'fabulous' for sure. I just announced a new swap over at Special paper projects. Come check it out. Just go to my blog and click on the sidebar where it says Scrap Stash Swap. I also think your Mom's glamour shot is beautiful! I wish sometimes that photographers still used some of those old

  13. My computer is just so touchy. I was trying to complete my comment and then all of the sudden, it posted. I was saying that I love the old photographers posing skills.

  14. You are fabulous!
    I love the idea of you making some vintage fun!
    Take care Julie!

  15. Your Mother in law's glamor shot IS fabulous. She looks like the 40's movie star's promo photos! Love your idea of making stamens for your little brown crepe flower! Very clever girl!
    Still here and in one piece in Georgia tornado alley!!!

  16. Oh Julie you just have such a talent for creating these beautiful pieces of paper art and bringing your charming family into the story. I love that about your blog. I might have said this before, but it's worth repeating. I love that 1940s look too. Tres chic!

  17. Julie, I love your card...and that you are taking up vintage sewing patterns. Check out for more patterns. My DD wanted to have a special dress for prom, so we got a 1920's formal pattern and made it up. Her friends were so excited that Sr year I made 4 vintage prom dresses! Thanks for bringing up sweet memories.