Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bobby Pin Girl

DSC02517_edited-1 {Photo corners from Crafty Secrets’ new “Photo Studio” stamp set}

A solemn night…but hard for two young cousins to understand the solemnity that brings them together and allows them a sleepover at Grandmother’s house.

Their grandfather had just passed away unexpectedly—at only 54—while away from home, and their parents had gone to help Grandmother bring him home.

DSC02521_edited-1 {lovely seam binding tinted with “Crushed Shells” Glimmer Mist"}

Sitting, talking, giggling late into the night…much too happy to be together to sleep.  Great-Aunt Hazel—the designated caretaker—comes in time and again to quietly tell the cousins it is way too late for such silliness…

Chewing on a bobby pin that had earlier been carefully placed on her young blond head to keep pin curls in place…Karen accidentally swallowed it…

DSC02520_edited-1 {vintage 1947 bobby pins}

The next morning’s trip to the hospital required an x-ray, which showed in great detail a large bobby pin in that little 9-year-old stomach…

“Give her bread and liberal doses of mineral oil”, said the doctor…”watch and wait…”

Sitting at her desk later that morning…butterflies—and a bobby pin in her tummy—wouldn’t her teacher and friends be surprised to hear?!

DSC02519_edited-1 {Journaling image from Crafty Secrets’ “Little Dolls” Images & Journal Notes booklet}

“I swallowed a bobby pin!”, she said excitedly……and no one believed her.  “You did not!”, they said.  “If you did, you’d be dead!”

A bit wilted by this time, Karen stuck to her guns…”I did, and I’m NOT dead!”, she said.

DSC02498_edited-1 {Beautiful flower punch from Stampin’ Up!…vintage button found in the perfect Kraft shade}

Snickering and staring in class, and later while playing on the playground…she heard repeatedly, in sing-song voices…

“Bobby Pin Girl! Bobby Pin Girl!”

…wherever she went…

DSC02506_edited-1 {My favorite scallop edge stamp from Crafty Secrets’ “Artsy Banners” stamp set…Platinum Stickles used for edging}

Karen…my sweet mother…remembers feeling hurt that no one believed her, but she felt how important it was, even at that young age, to tell the truth—even if no one else believes you.

The teasing went on for a few days, then faded away…as childhood teasings usually do…

A new page made yesterday for my heritage scrapbook…


…so satisfying to bring little bits of family history to life in this way.  Small moments of time captured and preserved…to remember and teach those that come later…

This photo on my page shows my mother (in the yellow dress) along with her cousin (in the white hat) and others family members on the day of their grandfather’s funeral.  Mom loves this photo, and reflects that the infamous bobby pin was still snugly resting in her tummy that day!

I had asked my mother if she had any old bobby pins from the ‘40’s that I could use for my project…she searched, but none were found. 

It occurred to me that I could probably find some on eBay…and what do you know…

…I sure did!  This pack—made in 1947—would have been just the kind my mother had in her hair that night in 1949…a bit different than the ones we use now...much flatter…no round, balled tips….

I also bought this pack—a little older than the first—and so beautiful!  How wonderful to find them still intact  on the cards…

While looking at images online, I found these other beauties from the same period…


Such lovely packaging for something so simple…

So glad you stopped by for a visit…how will you bring your history alive today?

DSC02499_edited-1 {on of my favorite ‘40’s era-style scripts…”Sweetheart Script”, available from MyFonts.com}

See you soon with something new…



  1. Hi Julie, another wonderful post about your family memories... I am so glad your mama was ok though, that is quite scary!... My mama always wore those old bobby pins, infact, she used to make "spit curls" in her hair with them to curl it as all the ladies did back then... what precious finds you got on Ebay!... love your family history stories you always share... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. I am so envious that your mother shared so many stories with you about herself. My mother never did, much. She cannot remember them today even if I saked. I love your blog and your beautiful layouts.

  3. What a sweet post, Julie...a charming story, and a wonderful creation! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  4. What a wonderful story, Julie. And I love the layout of your page. Beautiful job. Great memories that you share. Thank you.

  5. What a great story and a memory that will now last. I love the card and the vintage bobby pins are way cute

    Love Dawn xx

  6. Great story and I love the pins you found. The ones called Gayla are the ones I remember from my childhood.

  7. Julie, Loved your page and story of Bobby pin girl. So did everything come out o.k? teeheehee

    great pins, I have some really old ones they are really thin and open wide on the ends.
    hugs Lynn

  8. What a sweet story!!

    I am glad you found the bobby pins!

    Have a great day,

  9. What a wonderful story about your mom that is now documented. I need to have my mom write down some memories as a child so I can preserve them.

    Love your beautiful artwork.

    Have a wonderful week, sweet friend.

  10. Julie,
    This psot brought back a vivid memory of my family packing up in Ohio and heading back to 521 Lake Street in Eau Claire when my Grandpa Harstad died, I remember his necktie always hung at the bottom of the stairs on the last post at the end of the work day and when I commented in a typical 9 year old way that it wasn't there, I was shusshed....it still makes me feel sad to this day....my grandpa was a very important man in my young life.....it was a hard time for everyone, but the children were kind of put to the side for that visit....I guess they didn't realize how sad we were too.....Sandy

  11. Oh my gosh, what an amazing story, Julie and what gorgeous artwork to accompany it! So clever to put the bobby pins in it too...so retro and I LOVE the look of it...

    This is so unbelievable that the experience would happen to your mom at a solemn time like that...It must have stuck in her memory all of her life. This is sure a beautiful piece that you created with such a poignant memory.

    Oh, did you see Sherry's blog? I about fainted when I saw it! lol


  12. What a sweet story about your Mom, Julie! I love that you searched for old bobby pins for your project and how wonderful that you got them. The packages back then were really pretty. You have created another lovely page for your wonderful heritage book!
    Have a great spring day :-)!
    Hugs to you,

  13. I loved this story Julie!
    I also love the graphics on the Sta Rite bobby pins...very glamorous!
    Hope you are having a great week!!

  14. Julie
    what a wonderful and sweet story about your family and Bobby pins! I will never think of them the same. I love the beautiful page you created - such a lovely memory to cherish!

  15. Julie,
    Your page and story are great. I love the story and you always hold my interest with your story-telling skills.

    It reminds me of when my younger brother swallowed three pennies. My brother threw up two and insisted there was another one. My grandmother, hoping to not frighten him, told him that they found all three pennies. The next day they did an x-ray and, sure enough, there was a penny lodged in his throat. He had to have it surgically removed (minor surgery) and we still talk of "when John swallowed the pennies."

    It gives me a feel for all the family lore you have because we don't have that many stories. You have such a treasure in these loving stories. It is so special for you to share them and coordinate them with your work. This page is delightful, with the little pins.

    Thanks, thanks, thanks. You keep me hanging on!


  16. i loved this story
    your mama is so sweet
    i'm trying to see
    her shoes in that pic
    it looks like a dainty
    strap around the ankle!
    love the layout :D
    beautiful as always...

  17. Another wonderful heritage album page and didn't you do well to find genuine pins from the era?! DH's sons both swallowed coins when they were tiny - I won't bore you with the details but it's a story that gets told to illustrate the difference in parents' behviour (and time/ability to observe!) between child number one and subsequent arrivals!

  18. what an amazing story... i want to read on... you need to write a book!
    (i am serious!) xx pam

  19. I absolutely love this post and the paper project that you made for it. I would sure love to email you sometime. Mine is ask@comnett.net. I would love it if I could swap with you and be your penpal too!

  20. Oh my goodness.. I just loved reading this post.
    It brought a smile to my face.. such a wonderful story.. And you write so well.. Thanks so much for sharing with us..

    Hugs, Linda

  21. i always enjoy coming over and reading what you have posted. love the story.

  22. Oh my goodness, what a story! Such a tragic time, with a little girl having a drama all her own right in the middle of it. A beautiful album page, again, and what an amazing ebay find to add the embellishment! Do they make your mom a little queasy just looking at them, LOL? Thanks for sharing, Julie - always such a pleasure to come a visit. :)

  23. I love this post! I really enjoy reading about your mom. Maybe it's because we are both "Karens"! What a wonderful page you have made.
    And the Bobby pins. Wow! It's amazing to me to think that the only ones in my home are probably the ones I saved from my mother's dressing room drawers. Great memories!!
    Ladybug Creek

  24. You my friend always have the best stories...I love your blog! What wonderful packages of pins you found...we have oooooodles of them..my daughter dances but not any lovely vintage packages. oxoxoxxo hugs

  25. Sweet Julie you ALWAYS have the best stories to go with your wonderful creations! I LOVE the bobby pins too! Great finds. Wishing you well!

  26. Another wonderful family story! Oh, how I enjoy reading your family history! I assume the bobby pin passed safely and your mother was not harmed. Your memory book is fabulous! Twyla

  27. Stumbled across your blog WOW will have to come back later when I have more time, looks gorgeous.

  28. Hi Julie, congrats on your wonderful win from Junkin Gypsies. Wow! You received such a fabulous treasure box of goodies to create with. Your family stories are just the best and I love how you are so beautifully documenting it all. I was just thinking yesterday of all the writings and pottery and such from hundreds of thousands of years that we unearth now. Will everything in this digital age be here hundreds of years from now? We all know how computers can crash and the internet is not always reliable. You are making use of both worlds ... creating by hand and documenting digitally. Thanks for sharing such wonderful memories and your lovely layouts. Best wishes, Tammy

  29. What a great story! It's so wonderful how this can be recreated and shared, beautiful artwork.

  30. I love your family stories...and I always love the endings! My Mom ALWAYS curled her hair with bobby pins! Don't remember the card they came on, but I can still remember the sound of each pin being dropped one by one into her "pin cup"!

  31. Another beautiful page for your memory book Julie!! Another wonderful story to share with us as well, I enjoy all of your stories so very much, and the fabulous photos you share with us as well. I remember those old bobby pins and how they hurt the head going in with those sharp edges!! Mind you they really gripped though, unlike the ones of today! What a lovely find you have there in the ones you were able to get! I wish you and your family a very Happy and Blessed Easter! Sent with lots of love and hugs from across the sea! xxoo

  32. Hi
    I was so absorded in this story and keen to know what the outcome was. Thank you for sharing this and I am in such admiration, that your mother, as a child, stuck to her guns even though her classmates were taunting her. Such a valuable lesson to always tell the truth no matter how people react.
    Such a beautiful layout.

  33. What a darling card and what a cute story about your mom! I just loved it. Have a great Easter my friend. :D

  34. Easter Blessings Julie! More than anything I hope many are inspired by your beautiful pages and stories to create their own Heritage Pages. It is such a thrill to need yet another new story with characters we now feel we know very well. Thank you also for your Vintage Street post. I have loved the kits I have gotten there by discovering them through your posts. Thank you for stopping by and offering your good wishes. I am very very much behind the scenes, which is the perfectly perfect place for me to be! Elizabeth

  35. That story just made me SMILE. And how cool that you were able to find those old bobby pins.

    I remember once I stuck a piece of carrot up my sisters nose, got a knife to try and dig it out, but kept pushing it in further. It , well, um....made it's way through her nasal passages. That could be an interesting scrapbook page.

  36. What a sweet sweet
    story and just the
    kind that I would
    expect you to remember
    and pass on in true
    Julie style. A fun
    read from beginning
    to end. What a beautiful
    page you made, too!
    Happy Easter, Julie!
    xx Suzanne

  37. hi julie,

    what a story and what a story so well told and full of detail! how amazing to have the photo of everyone to correspond with your words.

    you have a short story here! i wish i knew as much about my family on either side. someday i'd like to do ancestry.com. fascinating!


  38. what an amazing and meaningful project! i had to introduce myself... i keep running into your sweet blog via vicki chrisman and koralee and maybe fptfy too? newest follower... happy weekend! malia

  39. Hi Julie,
    Such a sweet project. Thank you so much for sharing your family history in such an amazing way. I love reading the stories as much as seeing the layouts! I've enjoyed your blog for a while now and just realized that I wasn't an official "follower"...well, I corrected that and I am now! ;-)