Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gifts of Love


Hello, dear friends!

A new day, a new year…so much to be grateful for!

My parents are safely back home, my college girl back in class this morning…a quiet house…time for reflecting on a most beautiful gift given by a loving Mother…

Before Christmas, I made a request of my mother.  I would love nothing more than a family heirloom she could part with as my gift from her to me…so much better than any shiny, new thing…

As soon as she arrived, a couple of days before Christmas, she gave me one of her gifts of love…a gift too joyful and precious to be wrapped…she couldn’t wait!


A scrapbook of my grandmother Velda’s engagement, bridal showers and weddingthe old, wooden cover gone, the spine still attached with a leather tie…(please forgive my gloomy-lighted photos from a gloomy day!)


…lovingly handmade by the  happy bride-to be…


…thick, beautifully aged paper,


which carefully kept page upon page of well-preserved newspaper articles, sweet wishes from loved ones…


…loving letters and telegrams sent…


…gift cards and lovely vintage images…



…a carefully preserved bunch of flowers, lace & ribbons, pressed between pages at the back…


On Christmas morning…more vintage treasures lovingly wrapped…


…I squealed with delight when I lifted this doll from the tissue…I’d been with Mom in an antique shop this summer when she purchased this beautiful Frozen Charlotte-type doll head…price reduced a little, as it was broken at the base…no stumbling block for a brilliant dollmaker…


Each item used on the doll, a thing filled with meaning and history…


…one of grandmother Velda’s hand-embroidered handkerchief, and an old lace panel from Velda’s fabric collection…


…a very old pin belonging to my great-grandmother Estella…


…and the body—amazingly constructed using a very old leather lady’s glove…only one left of the pair…what a creative and perfect way to use it.


And carefully nestled next to the doll…


…a beautiful, very old necklace belonging to my great-great-grandmother Sarah…completely made of dark brown mother-of-pearl buttons…


…isn’t it wonderful?  It moves so fluidly and feels so lovely around my neck…my Sarah loves it and says it’s hers…someday, Sarah.

Yesterday, a keepsake made to represent all these beautiful gifts of love from my mother…


…another scrapbook page for my on-going heritage book…the beautiful black & white damask print will soon be available on Crafty Secrets’ new vintage “Designing with Vintage” CD, and the blue gingham print is from their “Earthy” paper pack…


Velda’s luminous wedding photo to represent her hand-made scrapbook…a bit of iridescent glitter on her bouquet…


…a beautiful frozen Charlotte doll head and musical wings from Crafty Secrets’ “Altered Fairy” Creative Scraps to represent my lovely doll…a strip of a gorgeous handwritten calligraphy—a gift for the new couple written by a friend, included in the scrapbook…


…and a sweet floral embellishment from Recollections along the side of the page…


…a bridal silhouette copied from a sweet little bridal shower card in Velda’s scrapbook…the veil and flowers now shimmering with glitter…along with a description of the bridal bouquet, written in Velda’s own lovely handwriting…

“White Roses and Lily-of-the-Valley

tied with wide white satin

Ribbon and Shower Ribbons”


…a sweet “Remembrance” card, adorned with forget-me-nots, from Crafty Secrets’ “Vintage Photos” Creative Scraps…a few beautiful, dark brown mother-of-pearl buttons from my stash to represent my button necklace, and some lovely blue lace—part of a sweet Christmas surprise from a dear friend (thank-you, Vicki!)…


Sweet gifts from the heart…thank-you, Mom.

I love you.



  1. What wonderful treasures from your Mother, Julie! The book with all of the original momentos, the doll made with all of the personal items....Priceless!! The page you made is a fitting tribute to this most treasured gift. Thank you for letting us see it, too.
    Happy New Year to you!

  2. Oooh Julie, I love your gifts from the heart! What beautiful treasures your mama gave you... I love reading your posts about family and family heirlooms, as I feel the very same way you do about these precious things from yesteryear... so many memories there, I am sure you will spend hours pouring over each and every page. Your doll is wonderful too... nothing is more important in life than our family, those who have gone before us and those with us today... love everything!... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. WOW!! Absolutely priceless gifts!! How fun for you!

    Happy New Year! :-)

  4. Wow! What a memorable and special Christmas! Your mother is so talented! That doll is amazing and so precious with all the heirlooms she put into it! Enjoy and thank you for sharing!

  5. What a truely precious gift!! I would love to have something like that from my grandmother's , who are both gone to be with the Lord. I am sure you will treasure it always.

  6. Your mother is just the sweetest. Everything is so lovely, you must have been in tears!


  7. Julie, what wonderful, amazing treasure! No wonder you were so thrilled to receive them. What a sweet thing for your Mom to hand down. I know you will be looking through that scrapbook over and over again. Have a great week, Nan

  8. Hi Julie,
    Oh, how precious are these treasures? You must have been thrilled!!
    Wishing you a beautiful and blessed New Year!!!! And thank you for your friendship!

  9. What wonderful treasures! Kiss the lady!

  10. Julie,
    Those are the most incredible gifts I have even seen! They are beautiful un themselves ( your mom is an incredible artist) and they are infused with history and love. You and your mom are amazing! Thank you for sharing your gifts!

  11. wow Julie.. what wonderful gifts. I actually had tears well up in my eyes! not a crier really.. so a bit surprising! you are a very lucky person to have such sweet treasures!
    lucky indeed.

  12. Wow, Julie! It gave me goosebumps looking at the pictures of your grandmother's scrapbook. Your family is so special. I am thrilled for you that you now own this and the doll is AMAZING!!! Have a wonderful week, Julie! Twyla

  13. Oh my goodness, such lovely treasures! It sounds like you and your Mom are so very close and that is a treasure in itself.:)

    Be sure to stop by and enter my giveaway, Julie!:) Lori

  14. Julie,
    Love the pages of your heritage journal and all your treasures.
    Congrats on Vintage Street Market DT, too!!!!

  15. What beautiful treasures you have!! Such a lasting legacy that you will now be able to pass to your children...... : )

  16. What priceless and treasure gifts your Loving mom bestowed on you! These are the best kind of gifts. Love your layout... beautiful!

  17. These are so magical...what a blessing to have all of these..That scrapbook is amazing.

    Thank you for sharing all you JOY!

    hugs my sweet friend. xo

  18. Oh my - simply breathtaking. Such treasures to be sure.

  19. Julie,
    Such a beautiful gift to truly a beautiful person. What a wonderful treasure she gave to you. She loves her little girl You are blessed my friend!
    Love, Holli

  20. Such beautiful treasures!
    ★ Happy New Year ! ★
    May all your dreams come true!

  21. Oh Julie, what lovely treasures. I adore them all. You are so blessed to have these beautiful legacies to enjoy from your ancestors, you truly are. I adore the doll that your mother made. How very beautiful she is. What a treasure and the new page for your heritage page is so lovely. The necklace . . . I don't know where to start. . . it's so very beautiful also. You inspire me. I send lots of love from the UK on a cold, wet winter's day! xxoo

  22. Such beautiful gifts!
    Happy New Year Julie!
    Hugs Hanne

  23. You are so lucky Julie...everything is just beautiful!

  24. Beautiful, wonderful gifts! It is so obvious that creativity and talent run in your family. Here you are today making your own scrapbooks and cards and your foremothers were doing it well before you. That scrapbook is absolutely amazing! And the doll made by your mother is so wonderful. Love your pages to commemorate and honor these treasured gifts. Best wishes to you, Tammy

  25. My heart just melted, this has got to be one of the best gifts! What a woderful keepsake and such a treasure! Xoxoxo

  26. Oh my goodness that scrapbook is amazing! You are so LUCKY to have something like that! How I would love to have something like that of my grandmothers.
    Really beautiful doll too!

  27. Dear Julie, such precius gifts from your mom.And how beautifull she made the doll-the necklace is wonderfull----and so is your scrapbook page , sweet is gorgeus-love all the blue items, you used to match the dolls dress.
    So lovely all.

  28. What an amazing gift! I worry about all the emails that fly around....will we have precious notes saved, beautiful ribbons, sweet pieces of lace or a dried flower to pass on to a grand-child or grand niece. I hope so. xoxoxo Happy New Year

  29. Hi, thank you so much for visiting my newly started blog.
    These gifts are gorgeous, such a wonderful thing to get and something that can be truly cherished.
    I love your blogs, they are inspiring.
    Happy new year


  30. How lovely! Your post today really moved me.
    Happy New Year! Some people just don't "get" the past, but it's really intriguing. How can anyone not be interested in what essentially makes them?
    Love Anne X

  31. You are so blessed, you have more treasures than anyone I have ever seen! I love the old scrapbook and the doll is beyond precious! :D

  32. I can't think of
    a better recipient
    for a gift like this
    than you, Julie! Love
    that bride silhouette!
    And how your mom made
    that sweet doll from so
    many sentimental pieces.
    xx Suzanne

  33. I am at a loss for words! All I can say is WOW ... just beautiful and what an amazing gift! You are the perfect person to now have this in your possession because with your 'old soul' you will treasure each little piece and pass it down through the generations via your beautiful girls who will in time share it with even more ladies who can appreciate it's beauty!

  34. Julie, What a wonderful gift you have received. Thanks for sharing. I am awestruck at the tenderness and love that went into making this old book. I can imagine a young bride, happily looking forward to the life ahead of her, capturing each memory with care for future generations to see. What an incredible gift! Creativity must run in your family!

  35. You mum knows you'll treasure those things Julie, what lovely gifts to have and your keepsake page to celebrate them all looks fabulous!

  36. Hi Julie, what a very special gift from your mother.... I know that you will treasure it always! I love the keepsake you made for your heritage book, it's so beautiful... your so talented my friend!
    Many blessings~~~ Daphne

  37. Julie, Truly the gift you share with us is the gift of your family. I can sense they are close by you at all times and weave themselves into your every day. To not be forgotten is a very special thing, and this you have done for them beautifully.
    What joy to be found here!

  38. I see where you get some of your sweetness from, Julie. You and your mother are so much a like. What beautiful gifts you received. I am so overwhelmed with some of the items I acquired from my mother both before she passed away as well as later. As time passes these possessions become even more meaningful.
    You've give me an idea for a posting I should make in the future. I have my grandmother's high school photo album. I love looking at it. While it is not as fancy as yours it is still full of wonderful pictures and recollections.
    Have a wonderful day!!
    Ladybug Creek

  39. Oh what wonderful treasures so so wonderful and love that your mum made a doll form a head she found (clever woman) she is defo a keeper lol looks like you have all been crafty too love your G'mothers wedding scrapbook and the page you made to celebrate all this history

    Love Dawn xx

  40. Talent runs in the family!! What a FABULOUS family heirloom! I would treasure it too. I am so glad your mom gave you a gift that touched you so! I have missed your wonderful art and stories!!

  41. Wow! This is a beautiful post. So sentimental and beautiful. The glove is my absolute favorite, what a creative use! Amazing.

  42. Hey Girl. I'm catching up! And the minute I saw that album my heart stopped. My Mom made the same album! It must've been the era - she saved every little gift card, every little newspaper clipping, dried flowers - al of it - from her bridal shower and wedding. It is just wonderful and I love going through it occasionally.
    And your DOLL! OMG! one word - perfect.
    I am so glad you had a wonderful Christmas and sweet precious time with your parents and family.
    Big hugs! Karen

  43. Wow, what amazing and precious treasures! I always marvel at how well your family has preserved its heritage, its sentimental treasures, especially from a time when the struggle just to survive in this new, untamed country would have been practically all-consuming for most people. So happy for you that you can share all of this with your mom. Thanks for sharing it with us, too. ;)

  44. Wow- an amazing album! How lucky you are to have it to treasure. A love of paper crafts must run in your family!

  45. Julie, These are such wonderful gifts from your Mom! She obviously had put lots of thoughts and love into her gifts! The scrapbook holds great memories and the doll is so precious and such a fantastic heirloom too.
    Your heritage book is a treasure and this new page is another beautiful addition!