Friday, September 3, 2010

Traveling the World in Style…


Good afternoon, my friends!

Here we are again…another weekend ahead of us.  What will you be doing this holiday weekend? 

We have a fairly quiet time in store for us for a change…then a beach party in Monterey on Monday to top it off…sounds pretty good to me!

I’ve got another wonderful woman to tell you about today…I haven’t introduced you to many of the people on my husband’s side of the family yet, so it’s about time I do.


Melvina Adell Howard Campbell, known all her life as Vie, was a pretty amazing personality.  Born in 1848 in Wisconsin, she lived all of her life surrounded by farming.

Involved in many social causes, she did much good in her community, and indeed for women in the world at large….more stories for another day…

She loved to entertain, as is evidenced by her handwritten calling card from around the turn of the century:

Vie's calling card 

In 1910, just two years after the death of her husband, Henry, she embarked, along with her daughter Pearl, on a grand adventure….

Pearl Campbell with hat

Pearl, who would never marry, was quite an adventurer herself, and a prolific writer.  We’re fortunate to have many of her stories…

We’re so lucky to have Vie’s handwritten journal of their European cruise and adventure….

hpqscan0001_edited-1 (In Pearl’s handwriting, decades later, it says “Horace (her nephew), “you needn’t return.  Pearl.”)

In her handwriting, it says…

“A Journal of a trip of several months, beginning with the leaving of home, February 11, at 9:05 a.m.  1910.”

                         Vie Howard Campbell

                                            Evansville, Wisconsin

She continues on the first page:


“It seems most fitting that the first entry made in this journal should record the locking of the door of the dear home at Evansville, because it seemed to me a moment of grave importance, although it was the beginning of a trip across seas and a glimpse of foreign lands which has been in day dreams and deeper dreams at night for many years…”


“…It was not without some misgivings with regard to my ability to make the most of the trip that I said a mental good bye as I stood at the threshold of the home with it’s memories of joy and of sorrow, it’s happy meetings and it’s sad good byes.”

We two, the last members of the household, Pearl and I, to go out in quest of a wider knowledge of the world, in which God has placed us…”

Beautiful words…

They sailed from New York harbor on the S.S. Hamburg…she writes that it was quite luxurious…

hamburg ship 2 

I love this photograph of Vie from this time…

…all bundled up against the chill sea breezes in her wool and furs…isn’t she wonderful?


This photo and her journal inspired yesterday’s project…a small layout that I will either frame or add to my family history scrapbooks…


I LOVE these images…all from Crafty Secrets.  The ladies, representing Vie and Pearl, are from the “Girlfriends” Creative Scraps.


All other images, tickets, etc,. are from the “Travel” Creative Scraps.


I used a beautiful piece of Graphic 45 as background paper, along with a photocopied sheet of Vie’s journal and a European map I found online from that time period…

…some lace, lusciously creamy seam binding, vintage mother-of-pearl buttons, crystal rhinestones, Dazzling Diamonds and platinum Stickles for some sparkle.

I thought I’d add another card I made a couple of months ago, but never posted…


I love this vintage teacup stamp from Unity…one of their originals…


I imagine Vie and Pearl probably enjoyed many tea times with beautiful china on their European cruise…it just seemed fitting…

Just to close up today, I thought I’d show you Vie and Henry Campbell’s house as it looks today…well, ten years ago, anyway…with my three daughters, Vie’s great-great-granddaughters, standing in front of it.

Campbell Farm House 2000_edited-1

We even got to go into every room inside, thanks to the very sweet owners, who are caring for it, and it’s history, very carefully. We are so grateful…

Thank-you for coming along with me on another sentimental journey…my very favorite thing to do.

I hope your weekend is full of every good thing.  Make some wonderful memories…



  1. What a gem, indeed, Julie!
    YOU know how I love history,
    geneology, historical homes...
    strong women...SO naturally,
    I LOVE this post! And how
    special that you were able
    to tour the family home. You
    really translated the feeling
    of Vie and Pearl's trip with
    your cards, too. You are so
    darn talented!
    xx Suzanne

  2. julie,

    Another great story! I have some interesting women in my history and, sadly, some i know nothing about. I am hoping to find out more about one grandmother on this trip.

    Thanks so much. These are treasures! Hope you have a great party.


  3. Vie and Pearl were certainly spunky and brave for the time weren't they. I think it is so amazing that you have so many photos and information about your and your husband's relatives. Great stories!
    Love your project really captures the adventures of Vie and Pearl!
    Have a great long weekend!

  4. Julie, what a lovely present on a Friday afternoon. You know, I can hardly contain myself. The photographs are exquisite in every way. I so enjoy double clicking to enlarge each and every one. The journal is priceless, and a tear came to my eye when Vie Howard Campbell wrote, "We two, the last members of our household, Pearl and I, to go out on our quest of a wider knowledge of the world, in which God has placed us..." That line sends chills down my spine (in a good way.)
    Were you able to get the ship manifest record for their journey? I do know they are often available online at
    Have the very best weekend.

  5. Love that woman-she flies in the face of the l stereotype Victorian lady, always suffering vapours and too delicate to exist without a man to prop her up..we have always been an adventurous lot, and she is the proof..wonderful card! Especially when you know the story...

  6. Thanks for another story about your family. It's great that the old homestead is still there and you were able to visit it! Your cards are beautiful and so vintage perfect. Have a great weekend Julie!!

  7. That actually took me away for a second. Her writing is just superb and yours too actually. Love the card, its beautiful and I hope somehow you put this blog with it. They belong together!!

  8. Oh Julie, I do so love these family memories of yours . . . the pictures, the narrative . . . and this wonderful journal you are blessed enough to have! I wish that my family had been as good at saving things. I hope that you have a lovely weekend this labour day weekend! I hope the sun shines and that you build lots of happy family memories! Love and hugs from afar sweet friend! xxoo

  9. It's so wonderful that you know so much about your and your husband's ancestors and have all those great family treasures, Julie! I'm sure it was rather unusual back then that two women would make such a trip on their own. It must be very exciting for you to read all about it in the journal.
    Your layout is beautiful and I also love your sweet teacup card.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Hi Julie! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your sweet comment! You are so lucky to have access to all of these wonderful photos and information about ancestors. It's all just wonderful. Have a great weekend!
    My Desert Cottage
    Valentine Design

  11. Amazing that you have lots of detail for the history on your DH's side of the family too! Great post and i love the little LO you made, just lovely!

  12. Amazing post, Julie. So great to knowing all this! That vintage teacup stamp is ADORABLE!
    Have a happy Saturday. xxx

  13. Another amazing relative..she looks so stoic in her big fur. I love strong women and she certainly seems to be one of those! :D

  14. Wow, Julie...what an amazing post...and what precious family memories to treasure. And I absolutely LOVE your picture--wow! That is amazing and so is the house that you went to visit...Your posts are so wonderful with so much meaning--I love them.

  15. Oops, I don't know if I invited you to see my spontaneous "art miracle" on my I Owe it All to Him blog...If you get a chance, come and see will surprise you.

  16. This is a fabulous post...I always love to hear stories of the strong women of days gone by and to think that your daughters may have inherited some of these wonderful qualities! The journal is a real treasure!


  17. I LOVED this posting!
    I am from Wisconsin as well, and only about 30 miles from Evansville!
    The story and photos are so inspiring to me especially of course due to the emotional connection we share. It is so funny to find people that surmize Wisconsin is "for farmers".. Yes, considering the MIDWESTERN states are indeed the "crust of the earth",
    we have so much culture here and people loving eachother and yes, strong women and strong men as well. lol.
    I visited Monterey, C.A. and spent time staying at the Green Gables B & B in 2001, However I don't know that it is still there, but we loved it. However the people in Carmel and Monterey wondered why I had a 'tatoo on my ankle' and commented that I was 'very racey coming from Wisconsin!".. Laughing.. what a hoot! I told the girl in Carmel, to come visit us in wisconsin and she said.. "she did not like cheese!"
    What am I saying.. lol.?. I guess my rambling is an attempt to share my travels as well... as we both are sharing familiar/common surroundings!
    Thank you for sharing this meaningful post today.. hugs, Darlene from Wisconsin

  18. Wow Julie! You sure know your geneology. I need to do more of that someday. I have lots of old pictures of relatives, but really don't know that much about them. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Your family is so blessed to have such a rich and well documented history! Thank you for sharing...I really enjoyed the story!


  20. Now I see where you get your writing talents, Julie! How absolutely marvelous! You have such an amazing family. So wonderful that you have her written journal and the pictures are great! Have a nice Sunday! Twyla

  21. Oh, Julie, this was a wonderful post! Beautiful handwriting, photos and memories - and such a treasure for your family.
    Love your sweet creations as well!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  22. How lovely!I just love looking at old pictures and the old hand written note is charming. I love your beautiful artwork too!

  23. Julie! I have seen your name everywhere on comments and I always admired your name...but never visited! SO SORRY! And to think that you came to see me today....thank you. Your encouragement comes as support from the Lord and even though I am a bit nervous about teaching 50 kids (thanks to budget cuts), I can only do one thing at a time, one moment at a time with all the power within me, and that is all. I am planning but all in all, the rest is up to the spirit of the kids, the day and we shall see! You have a GORGEOUS blog...I love all things French, Vintage and Old World. May our paths cross frequently. Enjoy this beautiful day that the Lord has made! Oh! I was born and raised in Los Angeles and lived in Whittier and Pico Rivera!!! I am in the midwest now, however.

    Fondly, Anita

  24. How blessed you are to know the rich history of you and your husbands family! Vie sounds like a firecracker, and you really did do your family justice with your lovely cards.

    Have a wonderful Sunday and Labor Day!

  25. Julie,
    I just love coming here to hear about your family!!!! You have a natural ability to put their lives right in front of me! I so love stories of all of our ancestors.....thank you for another great trip! :)

  26. My Dear Careful Keeper Friend, your soul is a very old one I think because it is filled with the loving memories of so many. You share them so beautifully us, and they come alive with your wonderful art and photographs. To visit here is truly like stepping back to another time. I hope your holiday weekend was lovely. I've shared mine with my daughter and her quickly growing puppy! Elizabeth

  27. Wow Julia!
    How awesome are your girls standing in front of the old house!!!!!! And even more awesome that the house is still in tact and original!!!!
    I've had so much catching up with you this evening :)
    As always, I love hearing about your family and now your husband's family too!!!!
    Lucky you to have so much history :)