Thursday, September 9, 2010

Things My Mothers Taught Me…

Good afternoon, dear friends!


Another week almost over…where does the time go? Another busy week of school, games and everything else…does anyone else feel that time is just flying by?

I made a little card yesterday which got me thinking about the subject for my post today…


This wonderful Mom image is from Crafty Secrets’ “Domestic Goddess” Creative Scraps…one of my favorites!


I love the new scallop stamp from their new “Artsy Banners” stamp set…so many things you can do with it! 

I just added some lovely vintage mother-of-pearl buttons, some crocheted lace, ribbon tinted with Gold Glimmer Mist, platinum Stickles for a bit of sparkle, and that’s it!

I’ve been thinking alot lately about little sayings…platitudes, if you will…little things we as mothers say that are meant to gently remind, teach, or even mildly scold those in our care…where did they start?

My Great-Grandmother, Mary always sad that it was a privilege to do the dishes, and that you shouldn’t do them unless you enjoyed doing it.  (Can’t say I always feel the same, but I’m glad I think of her when I do the dishes!)

Mary West Riggs

I also remember her every time I make a sandwich.  She said to always make them with love, and that the spread should always go to the edges of the bread.

LaPriel in Snowflake, Dec. 1936

My Grandmother, LaPriel instructed her children to always smile before they answered the phone, so that the person on the other end would know they’d reached a happy home.

Velda Ellen Stapley on her mission

My other Grandmother, Velda would tell me to always leave a bathroom looking like you’d never been in it….still have a problem with that one!

What sayings do you use?  What do you remember from your childhood?  Here are a few more classic “Mom-isms”, along with mother and child photos from my family…

Remember who you are!” 

LaPriel with either baby Grant or Clayn

You are the apple of my eye!”

Remember to always act like a lady…” 

Old Family Slides 047_edited-1

A word to the wise is sufficient…” 

Velda with Glenn, Feb. 1945_edited-1

Just one step at a time…” 

The Smith Brothers--Grant & Clayn

Laughter is the best medicine!”

Old Family Slides 551_edited-1

Don’t make that face!  What if your face freezes like that?!” 

LaPriel with baby Diana

You’ll always be my little princess.” 

LaPriel listening to Eric at the piano

Practice makes perfect!”

Look both ways before you cross the street!”

Karen & baby Julie in Allston, Mass., 1963

Don’t forget to wear your hat!” 

Cleanliness is next to Godliness…” 

No running by the pool!”

Shirley with the kids, Roger, 1 yr. old, 1965_edited-1

Wait till your father gets home!” 

Smith (76)_edited-1_edTMP-1

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right!”

DGO2 (99)_edited-1

Don’t go in the water for half an hour after you eat!”

You are what you eat…”

I will always love you…no matter what!”

And that, my friends, is the best one of all.