Thursday, September 9, 2010

Things My Mothers Taught Me…

Good afternoon, dear friends!


Another week almost over…where does the time go? Another busy week of school, games and everything else…does anyone else feel that time is just flying by?

I made a little card yesterday which got me thinking about the subject for my post today…


This wonderful Mom image is from Crafty Secrets’ “Domestic Goddess” Creative Scraps…one of my favorites!


I love the new scallop stamp from their new “Artsy Banners” stamp set…so many things you can do with it! 

I just added some lovely vintage mother-of-pearl buttons, some crocheted lace, ribbon tinted with Gold Glimmer Mist, platinum Stickles for a bit of sparkle, and that’s it!

I’ve been thinking alot lately about little sayings…platitudes, if you will…little things we as mothers say that are meant to gently remind, teach, or even mildly scold those in our care…where did they start?

My Great-Grandmother, Mary always sad that it was a privilege to do the dishes, and that you shouldn’t do them unless you enjoyed doing it.  (Can’t say I always feel the same, but I’m glad I think of her when I do the dishes!)

Mary West Riggs

I also remember her every time I make a sandwich.  She said to always make them with love, and that the spread should always go to the edges of the bread.

LaPriel in Snowflake, Dec. 1936

My Grandmother, LaPriel instructed her children to always smile before they answered the phone, so that the person on the other end would know they’d reached a happy home.

Velda Ellen Stapley on her mission

My other Grandmother, Velda would tell me to always leave a bathroom looking like you’d never been in it….still have a problem with that one!

What sayings do you use?  What do you remember from your childhood?  Here are a few more classic “Mom-isms”, along with mother and child photos from my family…

Remember who you are!” 

LaPriel with either baby Grant or Clayn

You are the apple of my eye!”

Remember to always act like a lady…” 

Old Family Slides 047_edited-1

A word to the wise is sufficient…” 

Velda with Glenn, Feb. 1945_edited-1

Just one step at a time…” 

The Smith Brothers--Grant & Clayn

Laughter is the best medicine!”

Old Family Slides 551_edited-1

Don’t make that face!  What if your face freezes like that?!” 

LaPriel with baby Diana

You’ll always be my little princess.” 

LaPriel listening to Eric at the piano

Practice makes perfect!”

Look both ways before you cross the street!”

Karen & baby Julie in Allston, Mass., 1963

Don’t forget to wear your hat!” 

Cleanliness is next to Godliness…” 

No running by the pool!”

Shirley with the kids, Roger, 1 yr. old, 1965_edited-1

Wait till your father gets home!” 

Smith (76)_edited-1_edTMP-1

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right!”

DGO2 (99)_edited-1

Don’t go in the water for half an hour after you eat!”

You are what you eat…”

I will always love you…no matter what!”

And that, my friends, is the best one of all.



  1. i truly adore this post! the pics and the quotes made me smile all the way down the line. thank you so much for sharing!blessings, chella

  2. I loved all those sayings...I remember my mom always saying..Now at like a lady! I was such a tomboy! Love the card too :D

  3. I just love reading your blog and your old pictures are amazing.
    My Favourite saying is also "i Will Love You No Matter What"

  4. I remember so many of these sayings. My mother must have had thousands!! Some are funny!!

    Love your card!! Great post!


  5. Oh boy Wait until your father gets home. I sure used that one a lot in my time.

  6. Hi Julie!
    Your cards are always breathtaking...have you ever taught a class or would you consider helping me learn a few of your secrets? I am SO BAD at making cards...the symmetry always throws me!

    Love the family photos!

    paula clare

  7. Great post! Love the card, the family photo's and the Mom-isms!

  8. Cute card!

    I def heard "Because I'm the mom..." and every morning "Goodmorning Sunshine" (said with a hint of sarcasm as I am NOT a morning person : )

  9. Wake up and hit the road with a smile on your face..Wake up and smell the coffee....
    Close the door, were you born in a barn?
    Good thoughts in ..Good thoughts out!!

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  10. What a great post, Jules....really brought back memories and I THINK you just about covered everything I was ever told...verbatim!

  11. "You are what you eat!" Wow I am in big trouble.
    Your cards are lovely! And I love the old photo's.

  12. Thanks for sharing those pictures, I LOVE the swim cap!!!! How funny no one would ever wear those anymore, but that used to be what all the ladies had on at the pool! I love the card, those scallops have my name all over them!

  13. Great post, I do remember alot of those sayings, and I just love the old photo's! Blessings~~~ Daphne

  14. Amazing card, detail perfect and the image, very MAD MEN retro. Thanks for sharing your family pics, they are wonderful. janex

  15. Beautiful card...and lovely story today.


  16. Julie what a beautiful post!! I just loved this, with all the words, and the photos and of course your newest card! How sweet! Loving the new look of your page as well! My momism's that I remember well are these . . . "It takes two to tangle" "If everyone else was jumping off a cliff would you want to as well?" and of course "I will always love you, no matter what."

    I send lots of love and hugs and hope that you have a great weekend! Can't wait to see what you get up to! xxoo

  17. Thank you for bringing back sweet memories today, Julie! Such precious precious post.
    Your card is just perfect!
    Have a lovely weekend. xxx

  18. Oh, how I love that card! Super!
    My grandmother always said when we were eating: "Do your body good, your soul lives in it." Hope I translated it well.

  19. Julie,
    What a fun and poignant post! My maternal grandmother told me (when I was in the throes of teenage grief over losing my first boyfriend), "Men are like streetcars. There will be another along in a second."

    Nana Carol was right!! The perfect one finally came along!


  20. Oh, Julie.. you and I are definitely kindred spirits! I love your posting and all those wonderful and familiar "Mom-isms". How about, "Your table manners are an index to your character." Wow! Now that one will stop you dead in your tracks. Or.. "no fairies on the table".. meaning elbows. LOL Cute, cute posting.
    I love your posting, Maureen! Cute scarf!! lol We wore them too. We were so "fashionable".
    If you have a chance you might be interested to see the lamp my great-grandmother carried with her during the Galveston Hurricane of 1900. It's an old picture, but I was glad I found it!
    Thanks for your sweet comments.
    Ladybug Creek

  21. What fun Julie! My children would tell you, "Remember your P's and Q's". Words they heard every time I would drop them off at a friends house to play. Such fun photos, thanks for the mom memories! Have a great weekend! Elizabeth

  22. What fun, I think I've heard all these at one time or another. And I always love looking at your old pictures. I'm sure I'll be trying to think of other sayings the rest of the day!

    Such a pretty card. :)

  23. You always have the BEST old family photos to share! What a treasure. :-)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  24. Dear Julie!

    Oh how comforting! Your photos and words touched my heart...and made me smile.

    Check out my latest post it's in homage to you and your story about "Callepitters"!

    Take care!


  25. What a sweet post Julie.. I love the one about smile before you answer the phone.. That is one thing I don't like about caller ID.. Love this write up.. My mom always used to tell me "just wait til you have kids of your own" Yikes was she right.. Have a great weekend.. Ready for another DD month???

  26. Great card, love the scallop treatment! Lovley pics and memories too! Advice from mum, huh? "Make a feature of it" (when something went "wrong" with a project) - still use that to this day! Have a great weekend!

  27. "LOVE EVERY PART OF THIS POST"... It is True Love, and I'm LOVIN IT! I had/have an incredible family, and You've covered it all. Although I'm still thinking about Gramma Velda's Bathroom advice, Hmmm, did she mean "Clean up after yourself"? I have NO Problem with the dishes, I am a fanatic about a dirty dish"THEY MUST be cleaned immediately"! I have to always be the LAST person to bed so there will be NO dishes in the sink, hehe!
    This was one of the best posts EVER and Thank you so much for all the smiles and memories. Hugs, Donna

  28. I totally agree my friend ... time is going by WAY TOO FAST!!
    I am always in AWE of the family photos you have ... what a wonderful treasure! This group of snap shots are fantastic and yes, I remember ALL of those quotes and heard several of them repeatedly!! Thanks for the memories!!
    You are an amazing writer ... you should take it up as a "second" job or maybe write a book about your family!! You already have all these amazing photos!! okay ... think about it! TeeHee!
    Hugs to you my friend ... hope you are well and enjoying life! I'll give you a call one of these days and we'll "catch up"!! Hugs!

  29. What an adorable post sweet Julie!!!!! I always love your posts. And the family photos you share are priceless. I don't have a lot of mine so I always enjoy yours so much. Thank you for always sharing. And those sayings... so many so true. I better your weather is turning wonderful this time of year. I'm yearning to come back out. AND WE HAVE TO HOOK UP SOMETIME!!!! I can't wait to meet you in person. HUGS! Charlene

  30. My Mom is the Queen of "the Power of Positive thinking, and if we lost anything and could not find it she would say "say a prayer to St. Anthony.
    I Love my Mom! oxox, Diane

  31. Julie this was an extra lovely post!! Your gorgeous cards,and sharing such wonderful stories and pictures of your family make it perfect! I will have to remember a few. They are surely words from the wise. Also much better than the "Stop doing that. Do you want your face to freeze that way?!"

  32. What an excellent post, Julie! So often I find myself doing something for which my mother's voice reminds me of an important fact. What I wouldn't give for an hour spent once again with that amazing woman who so wisely guided me through life!
    Thank you, dear friend, for this remembrance!

  33. I love your post today my friend...I think it is my favourite so far...amazing.

    Good reminders..thanks for making me smile...see you when I get back from my week away. xoxoxoo

    Thanks for all your sweet comments you leave me.

  34. Julie, You always have the most beautiful cards & wonderful photos to share on your posts! That scalloped border is to die for!

  35. Hi Julie!
    What a wonderful remembrance of my youth!! Thank you for that!
    And thanks for coming by for a visit. I think your friend Koralee and I are going to be roommates!!! How about that! I'll share all my pics when I get back!

  36. I love that mom image!

    Yes, I remember most of those things being said to me and in turn I've said most of them to my daughter!


  37. Nice collection, nice photos! You told a good story which impressed me!

    I've linked your blog URL on my homepage!!

    The Million Dollar Newspaper

  38. Love your gorgeous card! And I adore all of the words of advice! Many of them I had heard when I was growing up! So they brought back memories! : )

  39. Wonderful, heartfelt post, Julie! I never knew my great-grandmother, but I love the story that she always wore her best earrings to do housework - just in case one of her friends called to go downtown for a bite to eat & some shopping. :)

  40. Hi ..I've just come across your blog .. Your post is truly wonderful , i so enjoyed reading it and all your quotes that your grand-mother's and g.grand-mother's used .. Knowiwng about your roots i feel is very important and i am trying to leave things behind me for my grand-children and my future generations to read , your posting has given me inspiration to include other things in my journal ..Many thanks for sharing ...hugs Melita x

  41. Love the stars you've created using the Halloween items from Crafty Secrets! Your blog is too cute! Think it's awesome!