Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Fun and Vintage Beauties...

Good morning, everyone!

Still at my parents' house in Utah...still surrounded by oh, so many family members from around the country...still having a marvelous time!

...Still not having much time to visit you all, and I'm so sorry about that!  Will get back to normal when I get home, but I'll sure miss being here!

A few things to share with you today, then we're all off on another adventure!  I'll be more pictures than words today...but, as they say, a picture's worth a thousand words, right?!

So here we go!

First, a couple of cards I've sneakily made in a few stolen moments in my Mom's craft room...

I love this lacy card!  The sweet garden image is from Crafty Secrets' "Garden" Creative Scraps.  I used a Martha Stewart punch for the eyelet lace border, some pink buttons, pink grosgrain and black & white gingham ribbon, LOTS of platinum Stickles everywhere, and a smattering of Dazzling Diamonds on the image.


These images are also Crafty Secrets--the beautiful vintage lady is from their "Divine" image booklet, and the garden collage behind it is from their "Garden" Creative Scraps.  Some lovely chocolate satin ribbon from PTI, a luscious Prima flower, some beautiful crystal rhinestones from Moms' stash...

...Dazzling Diamonds, of course, and a bit more platinum Stickles.  Can't get enough of those little items!

And now for a bit of what I've been doing here...

First, my VERY favorite place to eat when I'm in the Salt Lake area...

The Red Iguana....ahhhh...what can I say?!  A fabulously quirky restaurant on the outside...tons of Mexican kitschiness on the inside...

Here's Mom with the menu...I always think I'm going to order something new when I return there (sadly, only once a year!)...but it ALWAYS comes down to this simply amazing dish...

Enchiladas Poblanas!  They make the most amazing sauce--I can't describe it!  I've duplicated it the best that I can, but...cheese enchiladas, the sauce, sour cream, avacados....simple and divine!

This place has been featured on "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives", which tells you something!

Another favorite stop when I'm here...Gardner Village...

Gorgeous shops, gorgeous surroundings...

...a beautiful day!

And last of all....cupshakes!  Just a milkshake with a cupcake (and frosting!) added to the mix...Fantastically fantastic!!!

Here's my sister-in-law, Malinda, my college daughter, Chelsea, my sister, Becky, and my sister-in-law, Karen....I warned them I'd be posting this photo, so they thought they'd pose in  retro-ish happy housewife ways...thanks, girls!

Family time is magic time...hope you're all busy making magic memories with your families...

Well, that's it for this addition of my summer vacation...I'll be back soon with something new!


  1. Your cards are wonderful as always and the tour was so great, I enlarged to catch the details. We met your mom and relatives all such good looking women !!

  2. How nice you took time out from all of your fun to visit "us". Very nice posting.
    Enjoy your time with such wonderful women!
    Ladybug Creek

  3. Your Mom must have a well equipped and fabulous craftroom. Your new creations are so wonderful. Its so fantastic to spend time with family. Food looks yummy and the town looks like a perfect place.

  4. what a cute picture! glad you are having a blast.

  5. I love your creations...I was just at Gardners Village too...and I ate at the same it, such good Mexican food! Too bad we didn't bump into each other! LOL :D

  6. So glad you are having a wonderful time. I love Mexican food and that looked very good... Yum. I have a question about your cards. You trim around different things with a gold or silver looking glitter. What is that? You may have said in your blog, but for the inexperienced scrapper, I'm not sure what that is.

  7. Loved the tour and your beautiful cards. I'm hungry now for some cheese enchiladas!!

  8. What a fun post! How nice of you to take us along!
    And how cool is that - your Mom has a craft room too! Now we know where you get your talent from! Your cards are just adorable.
    Funny . . . I'm having a sudden craving for Mexican food . . .
    :) Karen ~ Some days are diamonds

  9. So glad you are having a wonderful time with family and friends. And those places you are visiting. GREAT! I hope you are feeling good while you are there, I will be sending positive thoughts so you will. I am doing fine. In fact, I don't know when I have been feeling so well. Haven't even taken my Humeria since the middle of May. I'm just not hurting, THANK GOD!~
    Your work is awsome as usual, LOVE that lady in the big hat. That is really gorgeous.
    Keep having a good time and enjoying the family.
    Hugs, Pat

  10. Sounds like you are having such a blast! Your cards are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing the link to Crafty Secrets :0)

  11. Awesome creations girl! yummy looking Mexi food is making me hungry! That last photo of the girls is DARLING! You must scrap that!

  12. How cute your sneaky cards are! That restaurant looks so yummy. So glad you're having such wonderful family time.

  13. Two of my favorite places in Utah too. We live up in Kaysville but try to visit the Red Iguana when we're in Salt Lake. Mimi

  14. Great cards Julie and it looks like you're having a fun-fuelled time, thanks for sharing the pics!

  15. Oh Julie, I am so glad to see you and your family having such a good time together! Enjoy each day to the fullest! Thanks for sharing the good times. Twyla

  16. Beautiful cards! So glad you're having fun with your family. I've never been to SLC--someday, maybe!

  17. What a lovely post and so much fun. I love those cards and that garden shop. Happy weekend.

  18. Lovely cards and a lovely tour, such a pretty place! I just have to say, my husband teases me because I always order #12 at our favorite Mexican restaurant, enchiladas of course! Have a wonderful time on the rest of your trip!

  19. Looks like you are having a wonderful time. Nothing like being with the ones you love. Love that picture of your mom. Is she hiding?

  20. Julie,
    How lovely to be back in blogland, and enjoying your lovely post today. That Mexican restaurant looks to die for. Wow, I'm salivating right now. So nice that you are visiting with family. Have lots of fun.

  21. Oh Julie your two pieces are pure eye candy, yummy yum yum!
    It looks like your having the time of your life, family, food and fun. Is there anything better? nope! keep enjoying yourself!
    hugs Lynn

  22. Family time is Magical!!! It looks like you are having a wonderful time, and visiting so many fun places.

  23. What a fun post. Your family looks like they are a blast to be with. I love the pictures of the store fronts.

  24. I can't believe you had time to craft cards while on your vacation!! You're amazing!

    I jealous of all the fun things you're doing while in Utah. Looks like lots of fun!! Enjoy!!

  25. Love your cards! Looks like you had a great time!

  26. I hope you are having a FABULOUS vacation. You are a card genius! I LOVE these!! Thank you so much for your sweet visits!!

  27. What fun you are having!!! Cupshakes...amazing know me and cupcakes so this is one I just got to try. xoxoxooxSending you more Happy times my friend. xoxo

  28. It's so nice to *meet* you too! Your blog is just beautiful. I will be back often. The enchiladas look and sound delicious. My hubby and I watch that diners show while we work out. Ha! Quite funny I know.

    Have a blessed Sunday.
    ~Warmly, Melissa :)

  29. What lovely old fashion fave type! Glad you are having so much fun with your is the best time enjoying things with those you love! Hugs, cherry

  30. It looks like you are having a wonderful time! We just got back yesterday from the in laws' 50th Anniversary extravaganza, and it was so much fun!

    I love the cards, it looks like you know your way around your mom's stamp room!!

  31. Hi Julie! I am out and about visiting today and am really enjoying your post about your family. A cupshake? I might have to give that one a try! It is as sweet as can be that you have created in your mother's space. What a treasure! So happy for your long family visit! Elizabeth

  32. Sounds like memories are in the making, Julie!
    I'm the same way with restaurants....If I've had something that I love once, I almost always go back to the same thing! What a fun time for
    you....I'm wondering how your parents liked their book? xx Suzanne

  33. Sounds like you're having a fabulous time, Julie!! So glad you got to get a bit of crafting in, too.... the cards are so romantic and Victorian and beautiful!

  34. Both cards have such a romantic air to them - just divine! Lynne M