Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Blustery Day, Some Warm Fuzzies, and an Illuminated Christmas......

Good morning!

Well, it is BLUSTERY here on the central coast! I love it! We don't get "weather" very often here, so our family loves gloomy, rainy, windy days! So exciting--turning on the fire, candles warm & glowing....ahhhhh! Too bad I'm the only one who gets to enjoy it at home today! My husband is at work & the girls are at school...poor things, think I'll make them some cookies!

Something a little different today. I wanted to share something else I love with you---warm, snuggly, fuzzy, nubby, fabulous YARN! I love this stuff! The woolier, nubbier, & more textured the better!

Last year, I started making these scarves with huge knitting needles, and I adore them--can't stop making them! I have them hanging on a wall rack in my entry way, and when people love them, I just give them one! It's fun to see how surprised they are when I do that! They've also been great to have on hand for gifts--even my girls' friends love getting them. So it's just a win-win situation--I LOVE making them, and people like to get them--not bad!

I was just asked to take part in a Holiday Boutique type of thing next month, where I'll be selling some boards I've made with my vinyl lettering business (not a huge business, mind you!), perhaps some of my vintage-style cards, and my scarves. Should be fun! So, I'm pulling out the knitting needles again & working on more! Thought I'd share some with you--just look at all the gorgeous color & texture!

I love mixing 3-5 types of yarn into each scarf--variation is important to them looking good, I think. And those who know me, know that I have to throw a LITTLE bit of sparkle into each one!

I just jumbled a bunch of them together in different color groups. Here we go:

I'm working on a fabulous black one today--thick, soft & nubby! Think I'll turn on one of my favorite Jane Austen movies, sit by the fire & knit today...sounds wonderful!

But before I go, here's a Christmas card to share with you. I did the Color Challenge on SCS this morning. I don't think I've EVER put these colors together--a real stretch for me! As I looked for an image to use with them, this one just felt right.

I love the beautiful, illuminated Medieval manuscripts, and this reminded me of something like that--tried to give it that feel with the rich colors and all the German glass glitter. The image I used is from Crafty Secrets' "Christmas" Images & Journal Notes booklet. The cs--Chocolate Chip, Taken With Teal, and Apricot Appeal. Added some deep chocolatey lace, ChocoChip satin ribbon and Apricot Appeal grosgrain, topped off with a pretty, old button.

Have a wonderful day, whatever your weather!