Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Beautiful Moon

I love clear nights when the moon is full. We live on a gorgeous little spot in the middle of a bunch of farmland. There's nothing commercial behind our house--just a large farm, then nothing but nature--the beautiful, rolling hills of Central California. Nothing will ever be built there--permanent grazing land--and I love knowing that. The view we have is amazing--although my camera & photography skills are not--I'm working on that! But here is what I saw when I stepped outside last night...lured by the Man in the Moon.........

While I was taking the picture, I heard a little rustle, looked out and saw a tiny baby opossum staring at me--shiny, unblinking eyes--he just froze in place when he realized I was there. Didn't play dead--maybe he hasn't learned that yet! I didn't hang around long...mama opossoms are not very nice!

The full moon was perfect last night as I had just finished a card for the Crafty Secrets' challenge over on Paper Craft Planet, hosted by the lovely Darlene. I guess I just had moon on the brain last night......!