Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Visit to Grandma's House

I'm tired tonight! Flew to Utah today to stay with my folks for a week and get my oldest daughter, Chelsea, settled in her new apartment & make sure she's got everything she need for school--her sophomore year in college....seems incredible to me since she was just born! Time flies WAAAAAAAY too quickly, doesn't it?

I've got plans while I'm here. I'm going to introduce you all to my mother. She's amazing. She is a doll maker--not just any dolls--but incredible, original creations. She actually has sold her dolls internationally. A German toy company asked her to design one of her dolls for their Christmas catalog cover--cool, huh? I'm going to be taking pictures of her dolls & other things while I'm here & share them with you--you'll just love her!

Her creative genes, thank heavens, have passed on to my daughter, Sarah--the redhead in the family photos--she's a pretty amazing dollmaker in her own right. When I get home I'll share a bit of her work, as well.

No cards for me this week, sadly. I always have withdrawals when I can't play & get all inky! But I WILL be hitting up some wonderful shops with Mom--she knows where all the really great stuff is, and loading up on some wonderful glitters, buttons, ribbons, trim, etc., to use on my projects.

I'm also really excited about the new Crafty Secrets' challenge coming up this Monday, Aug. 31st, that the wonderful owner, Sandy Redburn, announced today. She's also giving away a fabulous Halloween collection of vintage goodness on Monday! You don't want to miss a chance to win! So hurry over and check it all out here:

(Well, apparently I can't seem to figure out how to link properly yet--but here's the address! I've got soooo much to learn--sorry!)

Well, that's all for tonight. And a big thank-you to my Splitcoast friends who are so sweet & supportive. I wish I could see you all and give you each an enormous hug--you're all just the best!

Good-night from the Rocky Mountains!